Snapshot 3
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Snapshot 3

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I am writing this probably lengthier than usual intro on a cold, cloudy Sunday afternoon listening to Fleetwood Mac because it is that kind of day.

This week I have been to Cambridge and spent my time there browsing clothes and drinking coffee and making some groundwork in Life of Pi while my brother went to an audition for uni. I have consumed my fair share of brownies and shall continue to do so until further notice. I have got a little bit of writing done to try and work through the little bit of writer’s block that I have encountered recently (I feel like the last two months of 2014 where I had so many ideas has finally dried up for a little bit, so I’m working on that). I have acquired three more books to read and moved to the top of my too read list, because they have technically been there for years but I never owned them until this week. I have googled jobs a lot and started thinking about sorting out cover letters for them so I can get them sent off. I saw Wicked on Saturday night for the fourth time and continue to love it (and by dragging them along on the family outing got my dad and brother to love it too, so successful week there). I’ve had a free hot chocolate that warmed me up on the train home as it continues to be ridiculously cold. I’ve treated myself to some things because ’tis the season. And yes, I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but last week I also entered a year which can now be soundtracked by a Taylor Swift song, so it is a season of sorts for me.

Onto the next in my little series. This is mainly showing up now because it came to my attention that it is set around Christmas time and, well we are kind still a little bit close to it (it was only a month ago, in my head I am scraping by with getting away with this.) I kind of also feel like it might be a little important  in learning some more about the family relationships and therefore I can’t wait 11 months. (Although through this series’ very nature maybe I could, but I’m not, sorry, Grinchy over here has made a temporary disappearance, normal service will soon be resumed). Parts 1 and 2 are all linked and clickable, so enough of my rambling, on with the show.


‘Elizabeth darling. How are you? Where is Ryan?’ Summer asked, smugness lacing the tone of her voice.

‘Hi Summer, I’m great thanks, you?’ Lizzy responded with false chipperness and a manic smile.

‘I’m very well, Ryan?’

‘He’s in New York I think.’ Lizzy maintained eye contact and watched for her reaction.

‘You think?’ Summer scoffed.

‘Yeah, I don’t really keep track of him these days.’ Lizzy shrugged and ran a hand through her hair, finally looking away from her.

‘Oh really? Why is that?’ Summer spoke with a fake concern that gave light to an element of happiness.

‘He moves around between cities so much that it seems kind of pointless.’  Lizzy shrugged again and smiled sweetly as Summer’s face dropped.

‘Is he staying here this year then or is he…travelling?’

‘No he’s here this year, gets in on Christmas Eve.’ Lizzy nodded.

‘Oh, that’s nice.’ Summer smiled again.

‘Mmmhmmm.’ Lizzy hummed and Summer stormed out into the kitchen.

‘She will not be happy until you either get a ring on your finger or you’re crying into a perfect cup of coffee about how you’re no longer together.’ Dylan laughed as he came into the room and sat on the cushion next to Lizzy.

‘You know at this point I think she is hoping for the latter.’ Lizzy replied.

‘Oh yeah definitely. By the way he is in Chicago.’

‘Why is he there?’ Lizzy raised her left eyebrow.

‘Funnily enough Liz, I don’t know why your boyfriend is in Chicago. I do know that he was seen at Tiffany’s two days ago though.’ Dylan nudged Lizzy’s arm and winked.

‘His mum wanted a pair of earrings.’ Lizzy murmured.

‘So what is he getting you then?’ Dylan rested his head on her shoulder and crossed his arms over his stomach.

‘I dunno. I cheesily only care that he is gonna be home because he has been gone for like 3 months now. What about you, what is Tom getting you?’ Lizzy tilted her head to rest against Dylan’s.

‘A watch hopefully. I have heavily hinted at that, but honestly he could get me bin liners and the reason would be so poetic that I would fall in love with him all over again.’ Dylan laughed and a smile slowly spread across her face.

‘And people say me and Ryan are gross.’ Lizzy whispered.

‘Oh no, you two are way worse than anyone could imagine.’

‘That’s a lie!’ Lizzy exclaimed tilting her head to look at down at him.

‘I read his GQ interview when we were driving out here and he was asked a couple of questions about you. Even in print you can see his shiny heart eyes and hear his fond slow voice. It’s sickening. You two continue to find ways to sicken me.’

‘Are you talking about GQ?’ Dylan nodded while Lola fell into the cushion on Lizzy’s right and rested her head on Lizzy’s lap.

‘He looked so good. And that shirtless one caused me pain. I forgot he was that inked up.’ Lola gushed staring at the ceiling.

‘Alright love. You need to take a deep breath.’ Lizzy chuckled looking down at her and stroking her hair.

‘Yeah you really do Lols. But she may have a point, he looked incredibly good.’ Dylan hummed looking up at Lizzy briefly and then closing his eyes.

‘It did not escape my attention that he was attractive people. I have been with him for 7 years now.’

‘He didn’t look like that 7 years ago! I refuse to believe he looked that good even a few months ago.’ Lola exclaimed.

‘He has toned up a little bit more recently but I can tell you both that he has looked like that for over a year now.’ Lizzy clarified.

‘And you’ve been holding out on us!’ Lola cried sitting up and shaking her head.

‘Who is us? You and Dyl? What am I supposed to do, call you up and be like “hey Ryan’s abs are the most defined they’ve ever been and he is all tanned skin contrasted with black ink and deep V lines”. I’m sorry but I have more important things to do in those moments.’

‘Oh yeah, like what?’ Dylan asked.

‘Like fucking his brains out.’ Lizzy stated matter of factedly.

‘Who’s brains are we fucking out?’ A deep voice came from the living room door and Lola immediately answered ‘yours’ before double checking who was standing there. Lola shifted slightly so that Lizzy could rush over and wrap Ryan up in a hug. Dylan dropped to the sofa in a huff as he was dislodged.

‘I thought you were getting here on Christmas Eve?’ Lola asked dropping her legs to the floor and throwing a hair band in her hair. Ryan shifted so his mouth was no longer caught up in Lizzy’s hair and answered.

‘Yeah I was but we got finished up early, so I came home.’

‘Ugh. No. Stop. Now.’ Dylan groaned. Lizzy pulled out of the hug slightly and turned to look back over at them.

‘What on earth have we done in less than a minute?’

‘Nothing really. I just wanted to stop you both before you started having sex in the living room.’

‘We have self-control. And you told me he was in Chicago!’ Dylan shrugged.

‘I made it up, just picked a city he could feasibly have been in. Using the fact that you don’t pay attention to my advantage blah blah blah.’

‘Well as long as you weren’t in on this, I forgive you.’ Lizzy scoffed.

‘I wasn’t.’ Dylan clarified as he stood up and left the room. He passed Summer in the doorway and smiled gently.

‘Girls? Dinner is ready…oh Ryan, you’re here. Elizabeth told me you weren’t getting here until the 24th.’ Summer’s voice turned sickly sweet and forced mid-sentence and Lizzy refrained from openly rolling her eyes.

‘That was the plan, but I got the chance to get back home earlier. So here I am.’ Ryan squeezed Lizzy into his side a bit more and she placed a kiss on his chest.

‘Ah, how lovely for you both.’ She smiled and then turned out of the room.

‘You know I struggle to see how her and mum and sisters. She is so passive aggressively awful.’ Lola commented as she stood up.

‘I am with you Lols. I am with you.’ Lizzy laughed and the three of them walked towards the dining room.


‘Ryan, honey! I thought you were getting here on Christmas Eve?’ Amelia exclaimed when they walked in, pulling him into a hug and away from Lizzy.

‘Nice to see you Mia. I was but there was a slight change of plan so I thought I would surprise Liz.’ Ryan said as he was released from the hug and went to sit next to Lizzy at the table.

‘How lovely. Nice that all the family is together a bit earlier.’ Amelia smiled broadly and looked around the table as Summer went to settle into the seat on the left of Lola, opposite Lizzy and Ryan.

‘Not all quite official family around the table yet Amelia.’ Lizzy did roll her eyes this time, as did Lola. Amelia went to the cabinet in the room and pulled another plate out, handing it to Ryan and taking her own seat at the table before she responded.

‘Oh please Summer of course everyone here is officially family, what else would they be?’

‘I’m merely pointing out…’

‘That Lizzy and Ryan are unmarried. Yes, thank you Summer, we are all well aware of that but if you honestly think that affects the way I view Ryan than you are ridiculous. The same goes for Tom. For as long as the men in my children’s lives continue to love and support them they are family. Now let’s eat, Ryan there are peppers in the pasta other than that the rest is good.’ Amelia smiled and the table went to start serving up dinner.

Parentheses count: 4. See you next week!

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