Snapshot 32
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Snapshot 32

Hi, Hey, Hello!

There is a bit of theme with these last two before the 30th in that they are the closest I am gonna get to writing a wedding reception for Ryan and Lizzy. Onwards…

Amelia stood up and cleared her throat loudly initiating a sudden silence to fall across the room as everyone turned to look at her.

‘Well that was more effective than I anticipated.’ A ripple of laughter spread across the room and Amelia’s eyes dropped down to Lizzy and Ryan who sat next to her, noting how Ryan’s arm was draped across the back of Lizzy’s chair comfortably and how she leant into him slightly.

‘Now I warned Liz I would probably give a speech today because it’s only fair that she gets on when my other two have had them as well and this seems as good an opportunity as any.’ Lizzy rolled her eyes fondly and Lola leant forward on the table, to get a better look at Lizzy, and smiled widely.

‘As I am sure a lot of you have gathered we are having this little shindig…’

‘Who says shindig anymore?’ Lizzy whispered fondly to Ryan underneath Amelia who continued as a smile tugged at her lips.

‘…today to celebrate Liz and Ryan’s 10 year anniversary, which is in many ways hard to believe, but on the other hand seems like no time at all. In fact I think I speak for both Will and myself when I say I don’t remember a time when Ryan wasn’t around.

I do however remember when Liz called me panicking because she had been asked out on an actual date and she didn’t know what to expect or what to do about it. She never did quite tell me how that first date went, but I guess, given that we’re here now all this time later that it went well,’ another laugh went through the room and Lizzy dropped a kiss to Ryan’s shoulder.

‘I also remember how I met Ryan, if I remember correctly he was trying to sneak out of Lizzy’s house because she forgot that I was going to visit her.’ Ryan groaned into the crook of Lizzy’s neck quietly as Lizzy partially hid her face in one of her hands.

‘Naturally I dragged him along to spend the day with us and within minutes of being around the pair of them I forgot that I had ever been wary of his “reputation”. All I saw were two people who cared about each other a great deal. And more importantly for me at least, I saw a less guarded version of my daughter, one that I hadn’t seen in a while. It also became apparent to me pretty quickly over the course of the day that he got on with Dylan, which if you all know Liz and Dyl is a very big deal in this family. Over the last decade I have watched these two soar to heights that maybe even they didn’t know they could reach and it has been an absolute joy to witness. I have seen them navigate their way almost seamlessly through their rough patches and come out stronger on the other side, and more recently I have watched them cement their status as the “cool” aunt and uncle, sorry Lola and Danny.’ Another laugh and cry of ‘liar’ from Lola’s smiling face punctuated her speech.

‘I’m nearly finished, I promise. But finally, Ryan I want to thank you. All you can ever wish for as a parent is that your child is happy and content and back when she was younger I used to annoy Lizzy a lot with the question “are you happy?” Her answer used to be “one day I definitely will be” and then before her first film premiere, five or six years ago, she turned to me after I zipped up her dress and said “that one day came a while ago but I’ve finally reached content with the way things are going”. Now I’m not going to say it was all down to you Ryan, but you’re a factor in that and I am thankful. You’re a great kid and when it comes to Liz I couldn’t think of anyone greater. So here’s to the future.’ Amelia lifted her glass and took a sip while Lizzy stood up and pulled her into a one arm hug.

‘Hi, hey, hello. While you’re all being silent and what not, between the two of us it was decided I should say a few words even though I am terrible at public speaking and the other day Ryan performed in front of 75,000 people. But apparently I’m better with words, so here it goes. Firstly thanks to Mum for those lovely words. Secondly thanks to both our parents for this, as my Mum put it, shindig,’

‘Oh wow, yeah that does sound ridiculous.’ Amelia mumbled and Lizzy flashed a grin at her.

‘Yeah thanks to them for this, sorry it’s not a wedding. Thirdly thanks to all of you for coming to celebrate this thing we have going on here turning 10. Lola, told you were the cool ones. Dyl and Tom thanks for the chance to make that the case in the first place. And now because I am gonna make him look bad for not gushing about how amazing I am, Ryan. Dude, I don’t even really know where to start with you. Thank you for being my, like, third or fourth best friend,’ Ryan barked out a laugh and pushed his tongue between his teeth as he smiled up at her, ‘and for always being my number one cheerleader. I imagine it would have taken me a hell of lot longer to get half of what I’ve done if I didn’t have you by my side. Thank you for holding my hand through the bad times and having really great shoulders to cry on.

Thank you for showing me the world and raising the best damn dog in the universe with me. I did a lot of relatively dumb shit my first two years away from home, but opening a bathroom door and pulling you in to help you escape was not one of them. I love you.’ Ryan stood up and pushed a sloppy kiss to her cheek.

‘You too.’ He mumbled into the hair near her ear before turning to face the room.

‘For the record, she is like the second or third best thing that has ever happened to me.’ A loud chuckle erupted in the room and Ryan pulled Lizzy into a hug.

‘Second or third?’ She whispered.

‘They do say the birth of a child is a great occasion.’ He joked.

‘Charlie?’ She pulled back and slowly arched an eyebrow.

‘Is that not our child?’

‘Well in that case you’re like my fifth best friend.’ She smiled broadly and moved to loop her arms around her neck.

‘I can deal with that.’ He pressed a kiss to her lips as the noise of chatter filled the room again.

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