Snapshot 37
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Snapshot 37

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I honestly was not joking when I said that these things might crop up on a weekly basis. So onto the next one.

Lola and Dylan both checked the time on the dull illumination of their phone screens to double check that time was ticking past 19:15.

‘I mean it is definitely today right?’ Lola asked tentatively as the digits of her clock faded to black.

‘If it’s not then we both have the wrong date which seems unlikely.’ Dylan laughed.

‘Are you sure she didn’t text you?’ Lola prompted.

‘Obviously I’m sure,’ Dylan scoffed, ‘I’ve, like, quadruple checked. I even got Mum to send me a text to check I had signal and everything.’ He continued.

‘So…she’s late?’ Lola said in slight disbelief.

‘That is what her lack of presence at the table would suggest.’ Dylan nodded.

‘Has she ever been late to anything ever?’

‘She was late to her birth.’ Dylan remembered.


‘She was born nearly 3 weeks late.’ Lola rolled her eyes.

‘But other than that?’

‘You know her, she’s always been annoyingly prompt or early.’

‘Do you think she’s okay?’ Concern bled into her voice and her hands hovered over her phone.

‘I mean I know as much as you do here.’ Dylan pointed out, checking the time again. 19:19.

‘Are we early?’ Lola mused aloud.

‘No Lols. 7pm every last Wednesday of the month for the past 3 years. She is definitely late.’

‘Have you tried Ryan?’

‘He’s on the other side of the world, so why would he know?’ Ryan shrugged.

‘Are you sure he’s on the other side?’

‘Liz said he was yesterday at lunch.’ Lola shrugged and picked up her phone. She opened Google and carefully typed Ryan Haines into the search bar.

‘Aha! Here you go. “Ryan Haines was spotted early this morning arriving back in the country. Him and his band Sign to Sign have been touring Australia and New Zealand for the last few weeks, and his bandmates are still out there as far as we are aware. Ryan’s only destination was the house that he shares with his long term girlfriend, Lizzy Maxwell who cryptically tweeted ‘All is well'”. Blah, blah, blah. Ryan’s back.’ She said happily and dropped her phone back on the table.

‘Yeah I got that. That was poorly written, but I got it.’

‘Should we call her?’

‘No need, I’m here. Sorry I’m late. I took a nap, overslept.’ Lizzy rushed in and dropped down into the chair next to Dylan in a flurry of black.

‘Why were you napping in the middle of the day?’ Lola asked knowingly with a raised eyebrow.

‘Why are you pretending like you don’t know why?’ Lizzy shot back as she draped her jacket over the back of her chair.

‘When did he get back?’ Lola asked instead of answering her question.

They all got back at 6am this morning.’


‘I thought someone was breaking in, it was terrifying.’ Lizzy laughed as she folded her arms over where they rested on the table.

‘Who unlocks the front door when they break into a house?’ Dylan interjected.

‘I was half asleep, all noises make me paranoid when I’m on my own and I’m pretty sure that could happen anyway.’  Lizzy said defensively.

‘Sleep more.’ Lola stated sincerely.

‘Alright mum.’

‘So how is lover boy?’ Lola rested her head

‘Do you call him that when I’m not around?’ Lizzy shifted her gaze between her siblings.

‘Not usually.’ Dylan shrugged.

‘Well, he’s fine I guess. Tanned, a lot more envy inducing photos on his camera. The usual.’

‘Is that all?

‘All I am willing to say now, yes.’

‘For which I am grateful.’ Dylan commented.

‘Alright fine. I’ll move on. Any other news?’ Lola conceded.

‘No, I have been incredibly boring since we last spoke. I work in bed and watch re-runs of ANTM.’

‘How’s that coming?’

‘Almost finished the first draft then I send the thing off to Sally and wait.’

‘Cool. Is it just me or has that come about really quickly?’

‘It’s been 7 months, so I guess.’ Lizzy ran a quick hand through her hair.

‘You wrote how many words in 7 months?’

‘75,000 nearly, aiming for another 10 or so.’ She reeled off casually.

‘Ummmm what?’ Lola’s hand smacked down accidentally on the table.

‘Yeah I guess. I mean it’s shaping up to be one of the shorter ones that I’ve done. I dunno, I know what I’m saying and what I need people to do, just a case of getting it down. Done now. Anyone else?’ Lizzy said hastily and cast her gaze around the restaurant.

‘Set a date for the wedding.’ Lola started.

‘When?’ Dylan asked.

‘November 8th.’

‘I thought you wanted a spring wedding?’

‘No, his whole family wanted cherry blossoms and blue skies and sun and warmth and all that jazz. But it’s like, come on, we live in fucking England, you can’t guarantee that kind of weather. Ever.’

‘So how do they feel about their son’s winter wedding?’ Dylan asked, somewhat sarcastically.

‘Is it bad that I don’t care?’ Lola’s face scrunched up a little.

‘Not overly I suppose.’

‘It’s just November’s kind of our month you know? It makes sense that we would get married then.’ Lola continued defending.

‘Hey, you don’t have to justify it to us.’

‘Sorry I’m just in that mode, I have to defend every decision I make in relation to the big event.’

‘How shitty.’

‘Yeah well, what can you do? Anyway, that’s me done. Dyl?’

‘A whole fat load of nothing. Oh except I planned our holiday.’ He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms.

‘Who’s the “our” there?’ Lizzy asked, mirroring his position.

‘Oh shit yeah. The family are going on holiday.’

‘Define “family”.’

‘The five of us.’


‘First week of September. Which turns out is accidentally perfect because it means you still have plenty of time for that whole wedding thing. It’s just before Ryan is due back from tour, Mum checked that. And yeah, I decided we’re going to St Lucia.’ He finished nervously.

‘Ugh yes! Good shout Dyl.’ Lizzy poked his shoulder playfully.

‘I’m a little sad that we have to wait until September. I’ve spent ages researching and shit and made myself proper crave a beach.’ Dylan laughed.

‘Well that sucks. Having said that I’m living with someone who has spent the last 10 hours complaining about the fucking weather which might suck a little bit more.’ Lizzy reassured.

‘Is it not winter over there?’ Dylan asked, confused.

‘My point exactly! I think a small part of him is hoping I’ll cave and just say we can go out to LA soon, because sun..’

‘Ummmmm, no you can’t do that. I need you here Lizzy.’ Lola pouted.

‘We probably won’t. He’ll stop complaining about it soon enough. Then you won’t be able to pry him way from the house.’

‘Good. I cannot do this wedding planning thing on my own.’ Lola almost whined.

‘You won’t have to.’ Lizzy reassured.

‘Oh no wait, I have other news. I got stuck having lunch with Summer the other day.’ Dylan exclaimed, leaning forward onto the table.

‘Where was the mention of this yesterday?’ Lizzy protested.

‘I literally only just remembered that it actually happened and I hadn’t had a terrible nightmare.’

‘Well that answers my first question as to how it went.’ Lizzy almost muttered.

‘Well first of all Mum was supposed to be there, but she cancelled on us when we were both already sat at the fucking table.’

‘Oh god no.’ Lizzy breathed out.

‘Oh god yes, Liz. Oh god yes. So we both just sat there and then she’s like “well we might as well eat now we’re here”. And I ordered a burger because I was hungry and craving one like you wouldn’t believe and that started an interesting discussion.’

‘Oh gosh, do I wanna know?’ Lizzy asked tentatively.

‘Don’t care, I wanna know.’ Lola cut in excitedly.

‘She started with, and I quote, “here I thought we could have a civilised, cutlery based meal with Elizabeth not being here”.’

‘Fuck.’ Lizzy whispered.

‘Mmmhmmmm. Naturally she then asks how you are and I’m all “oh she’s great, writing yadda yadda yadda”. That kept her satisfied for all of 30 seconds.’

‘Then came the Ryan questions.’ Lizzy interuppted exasperatedly.

‘Apparently he’s been a “naughty boy”. Her words, not mine.’ Dylan looked over at Lizzy as he spoke.

‘He called Max a twat on stage, mic picked it up, about the long and short of it. Unless she was referring to that “unidentified” red head he was seen coming out of a club with, which is actually Danny’s fiance. Either way, he has done nothing wrong.’

‘She takes everything at face value Liz, you’re forgetting that.’ Dylan sighed.

‘Of course. Continue.’ She gestured vaguely.

‘Well I mean she went on about how awful he was being to you and how I should look out for you better. Then said I should really figure out if you saw marriage in your future with him because if no…’

‘Then I should call it a day.’ Lizzy finished.

‘Yeah, she’s still all about it being unfair that your younger sister is marrying before you.’

‘What must it be like in her head?’ Lizzy asked, mostly to herself.

‘Strange. Carry on.’ Lola stated.

‘Well then she moved on to asking about how the wedding planning was going and I answered accordingly and then the food arrived and we sat in silence for a long while. Which was an incredibly awkward end to an already painful experience.’

‘God that sounds awful.’ Lola sympathised.

‘It was. Mum owes me so bad.’

‘Poor you.’ Lizzy pulled Dylan into a semi-one armed hug.

‘Was there a reason you two weren’t there?’

‘I didn’t want to go.’ Lizzy answered bluntly.

‘I had a food tasting for the wedding.’ Lola shrugged.

‘I need a job so that I can get out of things like that again if necessary.’

‘Just lie. Or tell the truth. Either would work just as well as employment.’ Lizzy said.

‘I’ll remember that next time.’ Dylan nodded and crossed his arms on his chest.

‘Remind me one day to tell you about the time Summer gatecrashed mine and Mum’s shopping date. Trying on clothes was a new experience. And no Lola, I will not tell you now because I am not in the headspace for that shit right now.’ Lizzy said as she finally took notice of the menu in front of her.

‘You cannot trail a tale like that.’ Lola exclaimed.

‘And yet I just did.’

‘Is that it? Are we big newsed out?’ Dylan checked.

‘We’re getting a dog soon.’ Lizzy slipped out.

‘Ugh I can’t wait until we’re settled enough to get a dog.’ Lola pouted again.

‘You can’t be that far off surely?’

‘Post wedding.’

‘Right well are we done now?’ Dylan asked again.

‘I think so, yeah.’ Lizzy nodded, as did Lola.

‘Excellent. Let’s order.’ He picked up his menu and started studying it in a way that would suggest he didn’t already know exactly what he was ordering. His sisters did the same.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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