Snapshot 38
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Snapshot 38

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means? Yup, yup, they’re back again. So let’s just progress with it shall we.

There have been hints over the last week that Ryan Haines has made his commitment to his girlfriend of over a decade ever more glaringly obvious than the time stamp they hold. Through his evidently favoured way of expression, a tattoo. Upon being in the room with him for all of a minute I can confirm that is true. In a slightly different approach to interviewing this band we get individual interviews this time and I drew the Ryan straw. As always he is very polite and welcoming when I come in the room and as he settles back into his chair he comes across the epitome of someone who is enjoying their life.

TR: So, how are you this morning?

RH: Good. A little bit tired and confused as to what day it is, but good.

TR: It’s Thursday.

RH: (laughs) So I’ve been told. That’s better than what I thought it was. I woke up full on convinced it was Tuesday.

TR: They do start with the same letter of the alphabet.

RH: That’s what Liz said. (laughs)

TR: And how is Lizzy?

RH: Ill right now because she is one of those people that love to get the flu in the middle of summer.

TR: Oh no.

RH: She’s getting better, she’s just in bed a lot right now sleeping it off and eating crackers. She’ll be back to not sleeping and existing hunched over a laptop in no time.

TR: Well send her my best. 

RH: I will do, thanks.

TR: Has she heard this new album?

RH: She’s heard three or four tracks from it. Lola has heard more than her at the moment actually for various reasons. So I still have to do a big unveiling for Liz soon.

TR: Does it have the Lola seal of approval?

RH: I think it might do. She definitely loves some of the tracks an awful lot.

TR: How would you describe this album?

RH: I mean we’re not reinventing the wheel with it or anything. It very much has the feel of being a Sign to Sign album but we’ve played around with things a bit more. You know with the break we took when we come back to the drawing board with all these ideas to work with that had maybe been a bit lacking before and we played around with them and we’re really happy with the result.

TR: Any songs you’re particularly excited about?

RH: There is one, yeah. I’m not allowed to say what it’s called though. But there’s one in particular that means a lot to me that I’m both scared and excited for people to hear.

TR: Are you going to announce your next single soon?

RH: We’re still talking about it. There are a couple that we’re all arguing very good cases for. So we’re at that stage with it. But it’s coming sooner rather than later.

TR: So you’re very much in control of your career choices now?

RH: Oh yeah definitely, I don’t think we could still be doing this if we felt like we were puppets or something. Being fully involved as much as we can be is part of the fun now.

TR: So that’s your key to success then? Fun?

RH: That and a lot of hard work. Getting good at dealing with rejection is useful because that can set you back. Friends and family are crucial. It’s no use having success if you’re on your own and also it’s not always good times and having people you know will be there is everything.

TR: You don’t have contact with some of your family, is that hard?

RH: I still talk to my parents, especially my mum, she’s around a lot. But no, other than that I don’t really have much contact with them. And you know it used to really, really suck and it was hard because I wanted to share it with my family who had been there in the early days. But these things happen and you just have to deal with them and carry on. I have a great bunch of people around me now and they’re all that matters.

TR: Lizzy’s family?

RH: Well yeah, and the other guys and their families and stuff. But God do the Maxwell clan know how to rally. They’re great.

TR: That’s really good for you though. To have that.

RH: I cannot stress to you enough how important they are. Especially Liz, she is a solid foundation I can always rely on.

TR: Is that what prompted our latest tattoo?

RH: (laughs) Look we haven’t exactly hidden that we aren’t getting married but we are 100% committed to each other. I didn’t even plan for it, I just went with Danny because he was getting one on his hand retouched and I called Liz and asked if it was crazy and she said no. So I got it done. It was impulse without really being all that impulsive. Once I thought it I realised that it was kind of inevitable.

TR: What is it exactly?

RH: Oh it’s the letter L with an infinity sign in it.

TR: What did Lizzy saw when she saw it?

RH: She laughed, not in a bad way or anything, just in a ‘god you’re so cheesy’ kind of way. Then she got frustrated because she couldn’t figure out to do it with the letter R in a way that she was happy with.

TR: Has she done that?

RH: Oh yeah, it came to her at 3am a couple of mornings ago.

TR: So another set of matching tattoos then?

RH: Yeah, that makes it 5 now I think. I can’t keep track anymore.

TR: How many do you have in total anyway?

RH: 30 nearly maybe. I have more than Liz and she has 27 on her because we counted them the other day. We were bored (laughs).

TR: It’s cool that you have that with her, man.

RH: I am very lucky, I know.

TR: Well good luck with the new album.

RH: Thanks man. Have a good day.

On that note we shake hands again and I am reminded again of how easy Ryan makes what could otherwise be a rather awkward situation. 

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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