Snapshot 4
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Snapshot 4

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This is gonna be a real test of my ability to differentiate between various things in this blog post because I am an idiot who doesn’t think things through and I am apparently very particular about font colours (although I did update this blog post and there is colour involved for the sake of clarity). In other news though I started daydreaming about that first sip of a hazelnut mocha, my current coffee of choice although it changes a fair amount, that is on my horizon in a week!!! And I’m still working on that whole being unemployed thing. So on with the next installment of the Snapshot Series.



Ryan Haines and his band, Sign to Sign, played a sold out show in Wembley Stadium to close their world tour last night, but there was one person missing from the thousands in attendance. Ryan’s long term girlfriend, Lizzy Maxwell..

The boys have been back in London for three days in preparation for the big show and Ryan has yet to return to the home that he shares with Lizzy, instead opting to stay with his fellow band-mate Zach Norton.

Just days ago Ryan was asked about his relationship with Lizzy and he made it seem like the pair were as happy as ever. So what does his recent avoidance of their house and Lizzy mean now?

Have the pair finally called it quits?

Posted by: Janet Hoxcombe, 19:13pm.


There was a gentle knock on the door and Lizzy groaned loudly and turned over to watch the door creak its way open.

‘I’m officially no longer on tour which means I can finally see you right?’ Ryan stood in the gap and smiled.

‘No, I still don’t want you to get sick.’ Lizzy croaked, pulling the duvet up to her eyes and closing them again.

‘I don’t care. I missed you and I am free of most responsibilities for the next two months, I can afford to get sick now.’

‘No, no, no. You’re a worse sick person than I am and I…’ She was cut off by a violent cough and Ryan walked into the room properly to sit on the edge of the bed.

‘Don’t care. Dylan is sick as well now so he can’t look after you and Lola is refusing to come near you. So, I’m your only hope.’

‘I have parents.’ Lizzy grumbled.

‘Who are in New York as of this morning.’ Ryan laughed.

‘Oh shit, forgot about that.’

‘See? Only hope.’

‘How was it?’ Lizzy whispered and pushed the duvet away to settle around her waist, opening her eyes to look at him.

‘Best show of our lives, still buzzing from it. How are you?’ He rested his hand on her leg and squeezed it reassuringly.

‘Sad I missed it.’ She pouted.

‘And in a general sense?’

‘Generally I feel pretty shitty. My fever broke yesterday and I’ve finally stopped shaking uncontrollably, so that’s good. But my throat is killing me, I have a massive headache and I fear coughing up a lung might be in my future. And I’m really craving lasagna but can’t keep food down so I’m also sad.’

‘Well if your fever’s broken it means you’re getting better.’

‘I don’t feel like I am.’ Lizzy pouted again and Ryan laughed gently

‘Well you are. Now do you think you could go and have a shower?’ She nodded weakly.

‘Okay well you go do that and I’ll get these bed sheets changed and warm you up some soup. Then I can monitor the hacking up a lung thing  while we watch Friends.’ He squeezed her leg again and Lizzy pushed herself up slowly. She waited for her vision to clear when she was upright before she got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.

‘Thank you.’ Lizzy mumbled as she walked past him.


Forty minutes later Lizzy was slowly spooning soup into her mouth and Ryan’s head was resting lightly on her shoulder.

‘This soup is really good.’ Lizzy whispered underneath the laughter coming from the TV.

‘Me and Zach made it yesterday.’ Ryan replied roughly and equally quiet.

‘In the hours before the biggest show of your life you made soup?’ Lizzy laughed before she spooned more soup in her mouth.

‘Yeah basically, it calmed the nerves. Gave us something to focus on that wasn’t performing in front of 80,000 people or a sick girlfriend.’

‘It’s good soup. Your distraction paid off.’

‘It’s chicken and sweetcorn, figured I couldn’t go wrong.’

‘That you can’t.’ Lizzy dropped her spoon in the bowl and discarded it on her bedside table.

‘At least you’re finally eating. I was worried it was worse than the flu by the end of last night.’ Ryan admitted.

‘I told you not to worry. You know when I’m sick I get really sick.’

‘Well I worried anyway.’ Ryan huffed and dropped his hand on her thigh.

‘Good to know that your worry manifests itself in the form of soup.’ Lizzy tilted her head to rest on top of his and closed her eyes.

‘It’s one of the ways, yes.’

‘Is another annoying Dylan?’ Lizzy laughed.

‘Yeah I guess so. I was checking up on you…like every hour before we went on stage. Poor guy was super patient about it though.’ Lizzy laughed again before it morphed into a harsh cough that dislodged Ryan’s head and prompted him to rub a hand between her shoulder blades waiting for it to subside.

‘You said he was sick, how did you know that and I didn’t?’ Lizzy asked scratchily once it had passed.

‘I called him almost as soon as we got off stage, he said you were asleep and that he was going home because he was feeling a bit peaky but you were on the road to getting better. I came straight back, disinfected the house and eventually passed out in Lola’s room.’

‘Well now I feel bad about making Dylan sick.’ Lizzy fell back against the pillows and huffed.

‘He knew what he was getting into when he announced he was going to quarantine you inside the house.’ Ryan pointed out, putting his head back on her shoulder.

‘That was mainly so you wouldn’t come home.’

‘Yeah, yeah I get it you didn’t want to get me sick before Wembley. But that’s done now and I would like a cuddle please.’ Lizzy nodded and slid down the bed. She settled her head on his chest and his arm wrapped around her tightly. Within minutes she was asleep.


When Lizzy woke up Lola was sat where Ryan had been, staring intently at her laptop screen. Lola looked down and smiled when Lizzy groaned out a greeting.

‘I thought you didn’t want to be around me.’ Lizzy asked as she fell onto her back.

‘Dylan failed to mention that he caught a version of what you have when I went to see him earlier, so the infection is already happening. Ryan mentioned that your fever had broken so I figured you were the slighter safer sibling to be around before I am taken by illness.’ Her gaze returned to her screen and she started typing away quickly.

‘Charming as always Lols. Where is he anyway?’

‘Taking Bucket for a walk.’ Lola shrugged and paused her movements for a second.

‘Why don’t you call our dog by his actual name?’ Lizzy groaned again.

‘Because Bucket amuses me. And it’s a better name than Charlie if you ask me. Hey, did you know you’re apparently single again?’ Lola asked suddenly and looked back down at Lizzy.

‘Yeah I guessed I would be.’ Her voice came through stronger and she slowly pushed up to lean against the headboard.

‘Did you also know that Ryan fluffed his lyrics to ‘Alright, Fine’ and then did that thing where he twists his ring around his finger?’ Lola pushed the laptop away and rested her head on Lizzy’s shoulder.

‘I did not know that, no.’ She mumbled.

‘The thing with the ring, significant right? Because he does it a fair amount and I can’t figure it out.’ Lola felt Lizzy nod against the top of her head before she answered.

‘I bought him the ring for his 21st birthday. He hasn’t taken it off since.’

‘So it’s to do with you then? Makes sense.’

‘It’s part nervous habit as well, but yeah to do with me. Anything else I should know?’

‘There is a giant slice of cake in the fridge for you. Ryan is the biggest worrier ever when the words “you” and “sick” are involved. Zach is the king of calming people down. They fucking crushed it on stage. Ryan decided to wear your favourite shirt at the last minute. Max made me laugh until I cried. And Ryan is really damn happy he’s finished touring because he got to come home, but I think you knew that one.’

‘Yeah I did. I didn’t know that Max had that kind of comedy in him though.’ Lizzy smiled.

‘Ah there she is.’ Lola laughed and lifted her head up to look at Lizzy.

‘Yeah, I’m making a comeback.’ At that moment the partially open bedroom door swung open fully and Charlie ran in, jumping on the bed and curling up at Lizzy’s feet. Ryan walked in a minute later and smiled at the girls.

‘Bucket wanted to say hi. I think he missed you.’

‘Stop calling him Bucket!’ Lizzy whined as Lola laughed.

‘But your face gets so adorably grumpy when I do.’

‘I’m ill, stop being mean.’ Lizzy grumbled and Ryan laughed as he sat on the edge of the bed next to Charlie.

‘Okay, fine. I’ll stop calling our dog Bucket.’

‘That’s all I ask babe.’

‘Liz you wanna come help me with some fabric stuff next week?’ Lola interjected, gaze back on the laptop screen.

‘Yeah, sure. I can use it as my first excursion back into the outside world.’ Lizzy nodded gently.

‘Cool I’ll text you about it later, but I’ve gotta head home. Glad you’re feeling better.’

‘Thanks, see you later.’ Lola closed her laptop and got off the bed. She kissed Ryan on the cheek and disappeared out of the room.

‘How are you feeling?’ Ryan asked as their bedroom door quietly clicked shut.

‘Like myself again, just a little less caffeinated and craving cake.’ Lizzy leaned forward and scratched at Charlie’s neck.

‘There’s cake in the fridge.’

‘Lola mentioned that.’ Lizzy looked at him and smiled.

‘Do you want it?’ Ryan prompted but Lizzy shook her head.

‘No, I want a cuddle right now.’

‘I can do that.’ He shuffled over onto his side of the bed and pulled Lizzy against his chest as they settled down and Ryan put Friends back on.


@Ryan_Haines: Had an unexpected nap. Woke up with a mouthful of purple hair. I missed this. #home

@MaxwellLiz: I’m ready to stop napping so much. Flu sucks, but Ryan came back with cake so things are getting better.

Parentheses count: 1. Look at this progress! See you on Wednesday!

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