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Last week was Part A to this B and well I finished it up over the course of the week and can come at you with something that is complete. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it. I can also say that as it stands today this will be the last appearance of these characters for this year…which if you think about it isn’t that long a time. I am also subject to change my mind but for now that’s my plan.

Done talking now, just gonna get on with it.

The Haines/Maxwell duo were designed for red carpets. They wear clothes so very well. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought this, their several Brits and that one Oscars appearance over the years should show you why, but last night they were all anyone could talk about in the fashion stakes/

The premiere to ‘Locker’, the film adaptation of the book of the same name, took place in Leicester Square and Lizzy Maxwell shined. In a change of pace for her Lizzy walked part of the red carpet on her own and was joined by her boyfriend as she answered press questions and made her way into the cinema.

Their joint journey down the carpet revealed one thing. These two are in love. In vibrant red and the deepest of greys they gravitated to each other all night. Ryan oozed pride every time someone mentioned the fact that Maxwell wrote the screenplay for her own film adaptation and it was adorable. And just what they needed in amongst another wave of negativity crashing over them again.

Other stars were of course out in full force last night, including the stellar cast of the film but all in all the night belonged to Lizzy and Ryan. And rightfully so.


Wedding or break up?

The Madeline Vincent rumours are back with a vengeance, for the first time in nearly 4 years, after Ryan Haines was spotted leaving her Malibu home in the early hours of the morning. The pair have been seen together several times over the course of the past two weeks while Haines’ girlfriend Lizzy stays in London on her own.

This strange development comes a few days after Lizzy was spotted going in to a bridal store with her sister Lola. The couple haven’t formally announced an engagement yet but keeping things to themselves isn’t that atypical of this couple. Then again maybe the excursion is just wishful thinking on Lizzy’s part and in reality the couple have to have ANOTHER  reassessment of their relationship…and Madeline’s friendship with Ryan. Because that thing is shady.


The first Maxwell sibling has married. And surprisingly it’s not the one we thought it would be. 

You may remember not that long ago that Lizzy Maxwell and her sister, Lola, were spotted visiting various bridal stores but there was no actual indication as to why this was the case. Until yesterday when Lola made it apparent that she was now a married woman. 

There was only one public picture from the event yesterday and it was posted by the lady in question. It featured a simple shot of Lola’s hand with a new piece of bling (and wow having a famous almost but not quite brother in law really has its benefits) linked with that of another.

Her sister. With a perfect manicure (obviously). 

The photo was simply captioned ‘Could there be a better Maid of Honour?’

Hopefully we’ll get a few more pictures from the event over the next few weeks. And obviously we wish the newlyweds all the best.


There is something about Lizzy.

I mean obviously there has to be because she has kept her grips on Ryan Haines for all these years, but in this instance we are talking about the fact that she can write really good books.

The ‘Locker’ series was just incredible and we are still a little sad that (for now) those doors on that world, but now she is coming out with a new set of books (she promises at least a trilogy) and we only have first three chapters that her brother, sister and boyfriend released last night on Twitter.

But we want more. Now. I have re-read (and I know I am not alone in the office when I say this) the opening three paragraphs so much over the last 16 hours that I probably have them committed to memory by now.

They are beautiful, and perfect. And if they are any indication as to what the whole book is going to be like then I imagine I am going to go a short while without sleep so that I can devour it. Then hate myself for that as I have to wait until the next one.

It’s so good that the feeling of jealousy almost disappears completely. 


Why am I not on a tropical island right now?

Mainly because I feel very much like I need a holiday right now, but also because if I was on one then I would have a greater chance of getting to witness Ryan Haines’ torso in person.

That’s where he is anyway. Joined by his long term girlfriend, who exists only in black bikinis and with a book and cocktail in hand, he has been sunning himself on white sand beaches and frolicking in clear blue water. And generally being bothersome.

Currently on a break from band duties he wasted no time jetting away to the island and taking Lizzy with him. We don’t quite now which island they are on (they are being surprisingly good at keeping that a secret) but Lizzy is serving up semi daily reminders (which she claims are for her parents’ benefit…I mean unlikely but whatever) that she is one of the luckiest women on the planet. Because she gets to see that body walk out of the ocean dripping with water and looking hot af all day every day.

But she would rather just keep her head in a book…


I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t reported there being trouble in ‘paradise’ for a while, so it’s with great surprise that we have been presented with such murmurings this morning.

Three days ago Lizzy Maxwell flew out to join her boyfriend Ryan Haines in LA and then they proceeded to avoid each other for two of those three days. Sources close to the couple have said that they are arguing a lot more and they have finally started to feel the strain of living increasingly separate lives over the past few years (although we would argue that they have been doing that for the duration of their relationship…). One source even said: ‘all the topical island getaways and fleeting trips to different cities to catch a minute with each other have all been a desperate attempt to save their relationship. But they are slowly starting to realise that maybe the relationship is worth saving.’

With Lizzy touching back down in London early this morning and heading straight to her brother’s house and NOT the house she shares with Haines, it might be safe to assume that the relationship is finally drawing to a close.


Unless you have been living under a rock (or I guess don’t follow them on social media) then you will know that the second of the third Maxwell siblings is tying the knot.

And it’s still not Lizzy. Nope, it’s Dylan, her self proclaimed number one partner in crime. And from what we gather, the Maid of Honour. Again. No word yet as to who the best man is although at this point it is safe to assume that it is not a total repeat of their youngest sibling’s wedding where it was Ryan. 

Who is still missing in action. Well not missing, he’s in the US still, having just finished another tour, but he is not where the wedding is happening. Tomorrow.

Which can only suggest one thing, and that is that maybe the rumours are true and time has been called on the pair.


And then there was one.

Unmarried Maxwell sibling that is.

Ryan Maxwell and his boyfriend, Tom, are now husband and husband. And they were a pair of very attractive grooms. Flagged by some very good looking people who belonged to their wedding party. The Maid of Honour, sister Lizzy and the best man who was. Wait for it…Ryan.

Who knows when he got back into the country. But there he was standing right next to Tom donned in a suit and looking dapper as ever. And then seen standing next to the MOH where we were reminded yet again that there is no couple quite as hot as these two right now. Physically speaking. No indication yet as to how the relationship is actually faring right now, some people say good, others say this is their last bow.

Guess we’ll see (someone make a tally of how many times we have said that about this couple. It’s been a lot right)


I know I made a joke the other day on here that involved Ryan Haines and the words ‘last bow’, but I didn’t expect them to ring true for anything. Well maybe I did, but not for the reason that it actually became the case for.

Sign to Sign played their final show for a while. Which they announced after their bows on the stage. The band released a video on their website and all their social media accounts stating that they were taking a break. For how long they didn’t say, but there will be no more new music from them until further notice.

Ryan wasted no time since their show finished and the fans have been left reeling with the news to take off, seen getting off a flight in New Zealand. Wow when he flees, he really flees. Why he has traveled to the other side of the world remains a mystery to us right now, but I imagine we’ll find out soon.

Has anyone seen anyone with the surname Maxwell around about London recently?


At the beginning of last year Ryan and his band, Sign to Sign, announced they were taking a hiatus and a few weeks later Lizzy said she was taking a break from her career.

Then they both promptly fell off the face of the Earth for months. Actual months. Almost two years. They were seen milling around in New Zealand when the news fist broke and then nothing…Until recently when they resurfaced and were thought to have become parents, similar to Ryan’s bandmate Zach and his wife. There was no confirmation of that and we were all left panicky and confused and then suddenly Sign to Sign announced they were working on new material and Lizzy pulled a Beyonce on us and dropped a prequel to her ‘Locker’ series. 

That book stormed bestseller charts worldwide and when Sign to Sign finally dropped their new single everywhere exploded with excitement, and we learned that Ryan and Lizzy were in fact an aunt and uncle and not parents (much to our disappointment). All in all they had a pretty busy run up to their 30th birthday in much sunnier climes than the ones available in London right now.

Joined by their family and friends in Hawaii, and in a manner that is slightly out of character for the couple, there have been a steady stream of pictures from the trip that is making us all very envious.

Lizzy still seems to exist only to flaunt her enviable bikini body to the world and pair that with Ryan’s everything and it all gets a bit too much to deal with. The couple continue to be radiant.

An honourable mention has to go to little Lexi who remains the cutest person ever and looks to be having the best time ever.

Although with company like that it’s not hard to see why.


If you told us 10 years ago that an article would exist where we congratulate Lizzy Maxwell and Ryan Haines on their decade long relationship then we wouldn’t have believed you.

This is a relationship that has been fraught with incessant and continual rumours and I’m pretty sure we’ve had to retract more ‘they’ve broken up’ articles for these two then anybody else. There have been scandals and even a drastic name change for one half of the couple, but here they stand, crossing the 10 year line.

The still unmarried couple were the guests of honour at a party thrown by their parents,complete with more cakes then we would know what to do with.

The day started with the couple being their typical adorable selves on Twitter:

@Ryan_Haines: Largely speaking I’ve spent the last 10 years waking up with hair in my mouth

@Ryan_Haines: How is that even possible?? Love you ocean drop xxx

‘Ocean drop’! A pet name we didn’t even know we wanted to know (for those confused when they met and at various times over the first few years of their relationship Lizzy’s hair was ocean blue/green).

Lizzy followed that up a few minutes later with a baby faced picture of the couple and a message of her own;

@MaxwellLiz: 10 years with this giraffe. That went fast didn’t it?

@MaxwellLiz: You’ve been a great partner in crime babe. Love you xx

Both Lizzy’s siblings, Lola and Dylan also shared their own messages for the unified couple.

@LolaMaxxxxx: Yay to spending the last decade feeling like some kind of voyeur. Ly L&R xx

@DylanMaxwell: Has it really been 10 years since Liz announced she was going on a date??

Then the pictures started. And they were everything. From the name tags, centre pieces, the general decor of the room and the food, it all looked amazing. But that was all nothing compared to how great the happy couple looked themselves. Lizzy unveiled her new midnight blue hair that she paired with perfectly tailored black trousers and a tuxedo jacket of the same colour, she finished the look with her trademark Christian Loubiton court shoes and an oversized hat. Her other half rocked a gorgeous midnight blue shirt (always with the subtle coordination) with his usual black skinnies and boots.

The actual events of the night exists only in stills on Instagram, but we can assume it was a fun night, complete with speeches and everything. All we know is that in every shot that included the couple of honour they looked happy and in love.

Congrats to the couple on 10 years and we leave you with this.

@Ryan_Haines: She wore this hat on out first date, I think that one went well.

(Yeah Ryan, we think so too)

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