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Snapshot 43

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Happy Hump Day! I’m gonna keep the talking to a minimum today and just get on with it.

Lizzy and Ryan were lying in the late afternoon sun on his bed. Lizzy’s leg was propped up and the other was acting as a body pillow for Ryan, who’s head was resting on her stomach. He was tracing his fingers absent-mindedly along her bare skin and humming quietly.

‘Why do you have a butterfly tattoo?’ Ryan almost whispered into her skin.

‘I ate my way to becoming a beautiful butterfly and I wanted to commemorate such an occasion.’

‘Really?’ He scoffed gently.

‘I really want to say that I am joking but I fucking loved that book as a kid and I accidentally ended up designing this thing. One day, before I knew it I had it inked on my skin forever.’ She looked down at her torso and watched Ryan’s fingers moving along the black marks on her tanned skin.

‘Did it hurt?’ His breath raised goosebumps against her skin.

‘Not as much as some people say it does.’ She shrugged looking away from his fingers.

‘Scale of 1 to 10.’

‘Like a 4 maybe.’

‘Zach cried when he got his rib tattoo.’

‘We all handle pain differently.’ She defended.

‘Ain’t that the truth.’

‘While we are in the ballpark of speaking of hungry, I think I’m at that stage now.’ She mused.

‘What do you want?’ His fingers stilled on her stomach.

‘What I really want is waffles, bacon and maple syrup…’

‘I have to go out for syrup but I can make that happen.’ He pushed himself up and away from Lizzy’s side slightly.

‘You are not going out just so I can have maple syrup. That’s so much effort.’

‘It’s really not hon. I just need to get dressed and I’m good to go.’

‘What do you already have here?’ She protested.

‘Do you want waffles, bacon and maple syrup?’

‘Yes, but…’

‘But nothing. I need to leave the house and get some air anyway.’ He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

‘Let people know you’re still around.’ She joked back.

‘Yuh huh and that. Mainly the need for the Vitamin D shot I need.’ Lizzy closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

‘So much scope for a joke. So much scope.’ She muttered, loudly enough to be heard.

‘You are being very mature about this whole situation.’

‘Clearly I am exhausted.’ She opened her eyes again and looked at him.

‘So much scope for a joke.’

‘Ha. Ha.’

‘Right I’m gonna go and get your maple syrup.’ Ryan pushed himself up and off the bed and looked back at Lizzy who was pouting at the full loss of him.

‘None of that. I’ll be back before you know it.’ He fell forward and planted a kiss on her forehead before he pulled on some clothes and disappointed out of the room.

Lizzy stretched her hand to the bedside table, yanked her phone out of its charger and opened up her emails. After a few minutes it started ringing and a flashing picture of her and Dylan came up.

‘Heya love.’ She answered chipperly.

‘Oh, so you do know how to answer your phone?’ His slightly surprised response came back.

‘Yeah, course I do.’ She scoffed.

‘Only when lover boy goes on shop runs though.’ He joked.

‘Take his bloody name off Google alert.’

‘But it’s so much fun for me.’

‘He left less than 10 minutes ago. How is it even possible that you know that?’

‘The internet moves quickly.’

‘Why are you calling me anyway?’

‘Because I haven’t spoken to you in days and I know your boyfriend isn’t around.’ He admitted freely.

‘Awww are you missing me?’

‘I am not ashamed to admit that I am. Are you coming back to the real world anytime soon?’

‘Given that just as you called me I was trawling through all the unanswered, unread emails about my dissertation, I would say I am already there.’ She groaned.

‘Oooh, when’s the deadline?’

‘Well I have a meeting at the end of the week about it.’

‘What a way to end the honeymoon period.’

‘I have not spent the last four days just having sex dude.’

‘He hasn’t been seen for 4 days, what have you been doing? On a different note do you know whether he has Nurofen in the house.’ He tacked the last sentence on almost as an afterthought.

‘Seriously, quit with the Google alerts. And last time I checked he did.’

‘Well now I miss you even more.’

‘No, you miss waffles and bacon.’

‘They happen once every new moon and now I don’t even know when I’ll next get one.’ Lizzy smiled as she pictured a pouting Dylan.

‘You’ll get the next one.’

‘Lover boy can come too. It’s about time we met anyway.’

‘It’s about time you met in a month?’ She asked, slightly confused.

‘Yeah basically.’

‘Probably right.’ Lizzy admitted.


‘Why do you sound so damn surprised. You literally just suggested the exact same thing.’

‘Because you’ve been so protective of him. And I get it, I do, but like I wanna meet him for real though.’

‘You don’t have to sound so whiny about it.’ She smiled.

‘I am not whining about it.’

‘You busy now?” She cut in.

‘No, not real…wait are you suggesting what I think you are?’

‘Lord knows why, but yeah I am.’

‘Are you sure?’ He asked tentatively.

‘Use the car, the code is 45619 right now and you will be papped because…’

‘Someone needed maple syrup.’ He joked.


‘I’ll be there in half an hour. Love you.’

‘Yeah, love love.’


Five minutes later Lizzy was walking into the kitchen as she heard the front door close.

‘Liz!’ Ryan’s voice called.

‘Kitchen.’ She called back.

‘Not gonna lie was kinda hoping you’d still be in bed.’ He smiled as he walked into the kitchen.

‘I invited Dylan over.’ She said quickly and directly to the counter.

‘What, to here?’

‘Yeah, is that okay?’ She looked up at him quickly.

‘I mean, yeah, it’s fine, but Dylan?’

‘Yes, my brother Dylan.’ She quirked an eyebrow.

‘But, like, Dylan?’

‘Yes, what’s difficult about that word?’

‘Your brother is like your best friend, no?’

‘I mean, yeah…’ She shrugged, clearly confused.

‘So this matters then, shit.’

‘Oh my god, you’re gonna be fine. He’s gonna love you.’ She smiled.

‘And if he doesn’t?’

‘Then this has been fun.’ She deadpanned, a serious look falling over her face.


‘Sorry, wrong time to joke. He will. You’re gonna be fine.’ She started walking around to him.

‘But what if it’s not?’ He pouted.

‘Feeding him will put you in his good books.’ She smiled.

‘Similar to his sister then?’

‘Oh yeah, you’re gonna get on annoyingly well.’ She laughed and pressed a kiss on his forehead.

See you tomorrow!

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