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Snapshot 44

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Happy Valentine’s Day! In a totally unexpected turn of events they are back on this apparently especially lovey dovey Sunday being very typically them I guess.

‘Hey, are we doing Valentine’s this year?’ Ryan asked as he leaned against the doorjamb holding a plate loosely in his left hand. Lizzy looked up from her screen and over at him.

‘I dunno, did we last year?’ She shrugged.

‘See, I don’t remember that’s why I’m asking.’ He gestured with the plate.

‘Where were we in February last year?’ She flipped her laptop shut.

‘I don’t remember where I was a week ago, I have no clue where I was nearly a year ago.’ Ryan responded in borderline disbelief.

‘You were in Chicago last week. And I’ll check, calendars look back as well as forward.’ Lizzy unlocked her phone and Ryan went to put the plate away as she scrolled away.

‘You were in New York.’ She called out. After a few seconds Ryan reappeared in the door frame.

‘And you were?’ He asked as he walked in to the living room.

‘Innnnnnn New York!’ She cried.

‘So?’ He dropped onto the arm of the sofa.

‘We were together at least.’ Lizzy clarified.

‘Does that mean we made a thing of it though?’ He leant forward slightly and tangled his fingers in the ends of her hair.

‘It means we were together. I’m thinking we probably didn’t do anything more than eat and watch Pretty Woman for the billionth time.’ She leaned into his touch.

‘Does that count?’

‘It can do I guess.’ She shrugged as her eyes slipped shut.

‘Some might call it a regular…?’

‘Thursday. It was a Thursday last year. Does that matter though?’ She cracked open an eye.

‘No, but it doesn’t answer my original question. Is this a yes year?’

‘I don’t think it can be.’ She said, almost sadly.

‘Meaning?’ Ryan stated twisting her hair into a loose plait.

‘You’re in LA. I am not.’

‘Could you be in LA?’ He paused his hand movements.’

‘Not really, book signing.’

‘Can I be here?’

‘You have some album launch things on Saturday before release on Monday.’ She reeled off easily.

‘The logistics of this won’t work will they?’ He asked as he carried on plaiting.

‘It’s a no year.’ Lizzy declared.

‘Is it weird to be a bit bummed about it?’

‘Yeah, a little bit I guess.’ She snapped the hair band off her wrist and handed it wordlessly to Ryan.

‘So, it’s a no year?’

‘As no as we’re gonna get.’

‘Are you sure we didn’t do something last year?’ He tied off the end of the plait and rested his chin on the crown of her head.

‘Honestly cannot remember. But I know we didn’t go out.’

‘What about the flowers, was that last year?’

‘Nope. 3 years ago. Still convinced the house smells like Gardenias FYI.’ She tilted her head back and smiled at him.

‘It doesn’t. But you have just illuminated that last year was a yes year.’ Ryan returned the smile.

‘It’s an actual no year.’

‘When do I go to LA?’ He changed the subject.

‘You have to be there by the 10th, I don’t know when you actually plan on flying out.’ She laughed.

‘I’ll go on the 9th. How long am I there for?’

‘Go to New York on the 17th, back n London by the 25th.’ She listed with ease.

‘When am I done with promo?’



’15th March. Fiji on the 18th.’ She answered properly.

‘Tour starts April 10th.’

‘Correct.’ Lizzy nodded and Ryan slid down off the arm pulling Lizzy back into his chest and the pair closed their eyes.


Almost a month later Lizzy groggily opened the front door after 3 loud, short sharp bursts of the doorbell rang through the quiet house. When she opened it she was greeted by a delivery man holding an ornate bouquet of flowers. She thanked him as he handed them over and kicked the door shut behind her. As she set them down on the kitchen counter a piece of card fell out of the bouquet. Lizzy paused her search for the vase and picked it up.

I know its an official ‘no’ year, so these aren’t Valentine’s flowers…The florist said if looked after properly these flowers can last a while, they rebloom and everything. I think you can guess where this is going…

Love you Lemon Sherbet xxx (why did I ever stop calling you that, it was so good!)

Lizzy laughed to herself, dropped the card back on the counter and resumed her vase search.


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