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Snapshot 45

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s been a whole TEN days since they last featured on this blog…that is like lightyears to me with these characters. Although having said that I am writing these things at a faster rate then my blog schedule is allowing accommodation for. They’ll get one, maybe two, more run outs in the next few weeks and then disappear until at least May…all will become apparent with that one. And now that I have given you a little update that I wasn’t even aware I was gonna give until I started writing this post I am gonna get down to it.

‘Can I ask you a question?’ Ryan asked suddenly into the comfortable silence.

‘Go for it love.’ Lizzy responded quietly, not looking up from her laptop screen.

‘Does it ever bother you?’

‘Does what bother me?’ She flicked her eyes over to him and sighed.

‘You know, like the whole your boyfriend’s a serial shagger thing.’ He shrugged and Lizzy smiled gently, her hands moving across the keyboard as she responded.

‘Are you a serial shagger?’

‘I mean, no.’ He defended.

‘You don’t sound that certain babe.’ She joked.

‘No I’m not sleeping around. I never really have all that much to be honest. But no, I’m not. Just you.’ Ryan ended definitively.

‘Yeah, I know.’ She replied, turning her gaze briefly away from her laptop screen.

‘Know what?’

‘That you’re not a serial shagger.’


‘So no, it doesn’t bother me to answer your original question.’ Her hands moved across her keyboard quicker.

‘Can I be really annoying and ask why?’ Her hands paused, she saved her work, slowly closed her laptop and ran a hand through her hair.

‘Ummmm, because I don’t really feel it if that makes sense.’

‘Not really no.’

‘I just don’t think about it anymore I guess. I don’t feel like I’m supposed to be worried about you going out or anything, even though apparently I should. I don’t really care about who it looks like you’re going home with because I’m cocky enough to just assume wholeheartedly that you’re only coming home to me.’

‘Well I am.’

‘I know.’

‘Okay but, like how can you be so sure of that? Of me? We don’t really know each other all that well if you think about it.’ He protested and Lizzy adjusted her position to face Ryan fully.

‘You’ve met my brother. You’re stuck now. There is no getting out.’ She smiled.

‘I’m being serious.’

‘I know you are.’

‘So?’ Ryan flung his arms in the air and Lizzy rested her elbows on her knees.

‘Because Ryan, I have more faith in you then you seem to have in yourself. Because I don’t think you’re that much of a dick. To spend all this time with me and then to sleep around is just like, the ultimate dick move. And I don’t think you’re capable of that. Many a person will tell me that I’m naive to believe that and maybe I am, but you’ve also never really given me any reason to think you were a colossal knobhead. And if the worse thing about whatever this thing we have right here now is that I have deal with some articles being written by people who make their career by chatting shit about people they don’t know, then so be it.’

‘Shit.’ Ryan huffed out.

‘What?’ She asked self-consciously.

‘Nothing. Or well, everything. I don’t know. You look at everything with such a level head and I’m not used to that.’ She huffed out a laugh and went to tie her hair back in a messy ponytail.

‘You should have grown up in the Maxwell household. Family of realists, very level headed.’

‘What all 5 of you?’ He asked in disbelief.

‘I mean I don’t know about my sister, but my parents, yeah. Dylan is like the most level headed dude I have ever known. Got a problem? Go to him. He’ll have an answer for you and suddenly everything will make sense again.’ Her hands fell heavily into her lap.

‘What all the time?’

‘No, dude don’t be ridiculous. That would be impractical. But like, typically, we assess the situation and look the for most practical solution.’

‘Does that always work though? Being practical?’

‘If it did I wouldn’t be sat here and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.’ She said matter of factedly.

‘Because none of this is practical?’ He asked sadly.

‘None of this is me. It’s just, I go to school, I read, I write essays, I eat pizza. I argue with my flatmate all the time but I swear I love her, I call my parents every Sunday. I see my brother literally every day. I research law and teaching courses in my spare time because I don’t have any idea what I’m doing after my Masters and that terrifies me because that is also so not me. I don’t say yes to dates with popstars and then semi-sneak around with them for nearly 10 months.

‘Do you regret it?’

‘I never said that.’

‘I know, but do you?’

‘Not for a second.’ She stated plainly.

‘Okay, but why? Let’s be honest, this thing is gonna get out eventually if we keep going, so why?’

‘Why are you so focused on questioning it?’ Lizzy shot back, almost harshly.

‘Because people like me don’t get this lucky!’

‘Lucky how?’ She whispered into the newly charged silence.

‘Ask me what I look for in a partner and I’ll say someone understanding of this life, someone funny, someone who is content with sitting still and where no topic is off bounds.’

‘Yeah?’ She shrugged and curled her legs up underneath herself.

‘So what are the chances that I find that and more in a bathroom in a club on a night out I didn’t even want to really be on?’

‘Doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not you’re happy.’

‘I am, are you?’

‘What with us? Yeah I am.’ She nodded definitively.

‘So I should stop worrying?’

‘Not in general no, I mean worry is probably a good thing in some cases. But about us? Yeah you can stop worrying.’ She smiled.

‘Right. Sorry, I’m being stupid.’

‘Hey, you’re not being stupid, you’re never being stupid. I mean if you wanna talk then talk. About anything.’ Ryan smiled widely and caught the cushion that Lizzy threw at him playfully.

See you tomorrow!

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