Snapshot 46
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Snapshot 46

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I was gonna say it’s been a while, but it’s only been a couple of weeks. And the sporadic-ness did come with a warning last time. They get one more outing after this one and then they are gone until May for now. (I am gonna stop being ambiguous about why soon.) I’m done talking now. Enjoy!

‘Right Elizabeth I think it’s time we had a little talk.’ Mel said as she dropped onto the other end of the sofa and curled her legs up underneath her.

‘About what exactly Melanie?’ She smiled, shutting her book and resting it on the arm of the sofa.

‘Take a guess?’

‘Yeah, but what about it?’ She nodded and started twisting her hair around her finger.

‘When am I gonna meet the dude?’ She asked bluntly.

‘When so you want to meet him?’ Lizzy let go of her hair.

‘For the last two months.’ She deadpanned.

‘And you’ve only just brought it up? Babe.’

‘Shush. I was waiting for you to be like “hey Mel meet the guy I’ve been exclusively having sex with for the past 14 months.”‘

‘Has it really been 14 months?’ Lizzy paused.

‘It’s been 16 now actually.’ Mel responded.

‘Shit.’ She whispered, running a hand through her hair.

‘Focus Liz. I wanna meet him. I wanna meet the guy responsible for you being this happy.’ She poked at her knee gently.

‘Okay, let me give him a call.’ Lizzy picked up her phone and unlocked it.

‘I don’t mean now.’ Mel sat up slightly.

‘And why not?’ Her hand hovered over the screen.

‘I am not dressed to meet Ryan Fucking Haines.’ She said incredulously.

‘He lives 40 minutes away on the Tube. If I call him now and he’s free you’ll have like an hour to make yourself look however you deem fit to meet another person. I know you Mel, you can do a lot in an hour.’

‘Could you really get him here in an hour?’ She asked, sounding impressed.

‘If he’s free, then yeah.’ She nodded.

‘Well if I had known it was gonna be that easy I would have asked weeks ago.’ She joked.

‘No you wouldn’t have.’

‘Okay fine, I wouldn’t, but still.’

‘So am I calling him?’ She raised an eyebrow.

‘Yeah sure.’ She shrugged opened her contacts and called Ryan.

”Lo?’ He answered.

‘Hey, you busy?’

‘If busy is lying on the sofa and debating whether or not to order pizza or cook, then yeah I am super busy.’ He responded dryly.

‘You wanna come over? Mel wants to put a physical face to the name and I’m making toad in the hole tonight.’ She bargained.

‘You want me to move?’ He faux despaired.

‘Do whatever you want, the offer is there.’

‘No I’ll come. I miss you anyway.’

‘Don’t pretend you’re not doing it for the food.’ She smiled and Mel raised her eyebrow at her.

‘I might be a little bit.’

‘Uh huh. See you soon.’

‘I’ll be about an hour.’



‘Did you have to make me sound so desperate?” Mel joked as Lizzy threw her phone down on the sofa.

‘I didn’t. And even if I did, he is very good with fans.’

‘Not a fan.’

‘You have an hour.’

‘To do what?’ She shook her head in confusion.

‘Sorry, were you not part of the conversation we had 5 minutes ago about how you weren’t dressed to meet Ryan Fucking Haines for the first time?”

‘Oh yeah, no I’m good. I mean he’s been with you for 16 months, I doubt he’s gonna be phased by my wearing of an elephant onesie.’

‘Yeah, when did you get that one by the way?’ She leant over and flicked one of the ears on the hood.

‘Couple of days ago. It was on sale, it was the last one in my size. It was practically fate.’

‘I really like it.’ She eyed it up and Mel laughed.

‘It’s in retaliation to your lion one.’

‘I have misplaced that.’ She refocused.

‘It’s probably at lover boy’s.’ Mel joked.

‘You been talking to Dylan?’

‘Weekly. Yes, before you ask, he is the reason for the lover boy thing.’

‘Thought so.’ She nodded.

‘How is your research coming on?’ Mel asked, changing the subject.

‘It’s not to be honest.’ She admitted.


‘There are better things to do on the internet than research bloody Shakespeare.’

‘Maybe narrow your search.’ She tentatively suggested.

‘You mean typing William Shakespeare into Google isn’t the best way to find out very specific information?’ Lizzy drawled back.

‘Oh yeah no, that will get you super far in your research.’

‘I spent 3 hours this morning reading about conspiracies surrounding the validity of Shakespeare’s authorship.’

‘You hate that shit!’

‘It’s so well argued though. I can see where they are coming from.’

‘Don’t imagine it’s very useful given what you’re Masters is gonna be on.’

‘Not in the slightest. Have you started packing yet?’ She asked sadly.

‘What my life up?’

‘That’s the one.’

‘Have you seen the state of this house? Does it look like I’ve started packing up for my new life?’

‘This place is always messy, I don’t know what this place would like if you were packing.’ She cried.

‘Well it’s gonna look like a bomb hit it soon.’ She warned.

‘Are we gonna have to go through everything and declare an owner?’ Lizzy realised.

‘No, god no. We are aren’t we? Are we gonna have arguments about lamps?’

‘We’ve had arguments about everything else.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘True. Although I am declaring that lamp by the TV as mine.’ Mel pointed at it definitively.

‘You are welcome to it.’

‘What are you gonna do when you’re all alone in this house?’ She asked pensively.

‘Throw nightly raging parties.’ Lizzy deadpanned.

‘The neighbours are gonna love you.’

‘That cat from next door already does.’

‘That cat hates everyone. But seriously what are you gonna do?’ She poked at Lizzy’s knee.

‘I haven’t really thought about it. I mean Mum wants me to think about renting your room out to someone but I don’t think I wanna live with a stranger.’ She mused.

‘What about Lola?’

‘I don’t know if we’re at the stage where we could live together and not kill each other. Plus I don’t think Mum would appreciate if I just left her here for days on end on her own.’ Lizzy smiled slightly.

‘You did with me!’ Mel cried in response.

‘No, I didn’t. No more than you did me. And also, no matter how much we fight, we have gotten along for over 15 years, not a matter of months. Us living together was easy, still would be if you weren’t leaving me.’ She scoffed.

‘Hey, I was just doing it to you before you did it to me.’ She defended.

‘Not true.’ She weakly denied.

‘So, if not here and I’m assuming not with Dylan, where is Lola gonna live?’

‘The apartment just outside the city.’ Lizzy responded simply.

‘What she not trusted enough to stay in the city?”

‘We live in zone 5. Some would say we don’t either.’ Lizzy pointed out.

‘We are barely in Zone 5, but alright then.’ Mel shrugged.

‘And Mum and Dad worry about Lola more than they do Dyl and I.’ Lizzy continued.


‘We have each other. Always have.’

‘Makes sense. So you’re gonna live in this big house on your own?’ Mel let worry bleed into her tone.

‘Not that big. And yeah, for the rest of the year probably. Finish my Masters up, figure my shit out then.’ Lizzy started picking at a stray thread on her jogging bottoms.

‘I am envious of the time you bought yourself with this whole Masters thing.’

‘Why do you think I did it?’

‘Because you fucking love Shakespeare.’ She laughed.

‘That too.’

‘I will never understand that.’

‘I will never understand why you thought…accountant.’ She waved her hands around to illustrate her point.

‘There is no wrong answer in Maths, it’s comfortable.’

‘Alright Cady.’

‘I’m gonna miss this.’ Mel sadly after a shirt pause.

‘What?’ Lizzy asked, yanking the thread out.

‘Coming home to you. Chatting shit on this sofa. Watching Friends and quoting along to it. Pizza Saturdays and Ice Cream Sundays. Waffle brunches once a month. Your stupid brother. Just us. This is never gonna be the same again.’ She smiled weakly.

‘No, it’s not. But we probably won’t argue as much either.’ Lizzy tried to joke.

‘That would be nice.’ She laughed in response.

‘And hey, we can still have Pizza Saturdays and waffle brunches. They’ll just be all the sweeter.’

‘You can even bring lover boy along to them now.’ Mel teased.

‘I think Pizza Saturdays should stay a girls night exclusively.’ Lizzy suggested.

‘Oh goodie. Now I know I said I didn’t care but I am gonna go put on non-onesie clothes.’ Mel went to stand up but Lizzy tugged at her wrist.

‘Oooorrrr we could finish The Last Five Years.’

‘Fine. That’s a much better idea.’ Mel fell back down and twisted to the side, resting her head on Lizzy’s thigh while Lizzy pressed play.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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