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Snapshot 47

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And so comes their final outing until probably June. Maybe May. For a while at the very least. For a few reasons, one I have other things coming up in terms of my writing in the coming weeks and two I have taken a semi break from writing things for these characters…which after like 18 months or something of them being omnipresent feels a bit strange. But I’m gonna go with it and get on with it.

The bed dipped ever so gently to the left and Lizzy’s eyes fluttered awake but didn’t open very much. She took note of the fact that Ryan was settling in on his side of the bed and sleepily shuffled over to him, resting her head on his chest. She felt his arm curl around and pull her closer into his side.

‘What time’s it?’ Lizzy mumbled out.

‘4:15.’ Ryan’s clear, but deeper than usual, voice replied.

‘Wassni supposed to pick you up from the airport?’ She mumbled.

‘Yes you were and now you don’t have to.’

‘I set an alarm and everything.’ She rumbled out.

‘I turned it off. Go back to sleep Liz.’ He pressed a kiss onto the crown of her head and smiled gently to himself.

‘You’re really here right?’ Her voice dropped off towards the end and the room fell silent again. Lizzy’s hand felt heavier against his chest and he dropped another kiss to her head as he closed his eyes.


Lizzy woke up when she became aware of a distant thudding in her ears. She startled and pushed herself up quickly, breathing a sigh of relief when she saw Ryan’s sleeping figure lying beside her.

‘Go back to sleep.’ Ryan mumbled, his voice almost inaudible.

‘Go back to sleep Liz.’ He repeated, more clearly when she made no sign of movement.

‘When did you get here?’ She asked, knitting her eyebrows together and scrutinising Ryan’s reclined body.

‘Just after 4 this morning.’ He cracked one of his eyes open.

‘Was I not supposed to go and pick you up from the airport?’ She ran a hand through her hair and looked distractedly at the wall.

‘Yes, you were. But I got in early so just got a cab home.’ He closed his eye and Lizzy’s gaze dropped back down at his face.

‘We’ve already had this conversation haven’t we?’ Ryan nodded his head once and smiled as he opened both eyes and met hers.

‘Right, well I’ll let you go back to sleep then.’ She patted him on the shoulder gently and made to get out of bed.

‘Wait where are you going?’ He propped himself up clumsily on his elbows.

‘See I had planned on picking you up which meant that I would be awake earlier than expected for me.’ She explained.

‘That hasn’t explained why you’re getting out of bed.’ He pouted.

‘I’m having brunch with the parents and I have to meet them in,’ she checked her phone, ‘just over an hour.’ Lizzy swung her legs on to the floor and got out of bed.

‘So you were just going to pick me up, drop me off and then leave me?’ Lizzy looked over at him and laughed softly.

‘I don’t know if you know this, but every time you return home from an airport you go straight to bed.’

‘No I don’t.’ He huffed, falling flush on his back and pouting some more.

‘Yes hon, you do.’

‘Do you always just leave me when that happens?’ He whined.

‘Not usually, but the parentals just got back from a holiday and they wanna catch up.’ She shrugged and turned to walk to the bathroom.

‘What am I supposed to do?’

‘Go back to bed.’ She stated simply over her shoulder.

Ryan sighed to himself and pushed the duvet away from him, getting out of bed and followed Lizzy out of the room.

‘Liz, wait!’ He called at her retreating back.

‘Did I not just suggest you go back to sleep?’ She paused, turning to look at Ryan’s approaching figure and smiling.

‘Yeah, but I can’t do that I’m too awake now. So, brunch with your parents you say?’ He stopped in front of her and gently rested his hands on her waist.

‘I say.’

‘Doesn’t sound too awful.’ He squeezed at her waist slightly.

‘Oh it will be. But only because they’ve spent the last two weeks in the Maldives and I’ve barely been outside for days.’ She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him, resting her head on his chest.

‘Outside is very grey, kinda windy, probably wet.’

‘You have been back for like 7 hours.’ She laughed.

‘Very true. But we live in London and it’s January. I think it’s a safe bet.’ He pulled back and smiled.


‘Brunch?’ He asked again.

‘Yes, brunch.’

‘You want company in that shower?’

‘Are you actually going to let me shower? I mean my hair needs a wash.’ She dropped her arms and stepped away from him.

‘Wear a hat. You’ll get clean eventually.’

‘Ah fuck it. Why not.’ She laughed, grabbing one of his hands and leading them towards the bathroom.

See you tomorrow!

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