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Snapshot 48

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So, yeah the title kind of gives this post away (which is weird, because sometimes my titles are awful because I hate them and don’t know how to do them). I’m making an unexpected return to these characters. The idea for this particular one hit me on Saturday while I was character building for my Camp Nano project and devouring my food at Shake Shack. It honestly came out of nowhere and I was hit with the realisation that there were parts of these characters that I had kind of forgotten (like if I ever mentioned the colour of their eyes), so then I was confronted with a finished piece that may or may not have had some discrepancies involved in it and I was spending last night (in between watching the football and shovelling pizza into my mouth) reading through all the other ones to match some facts up and typing it up (and also typing up something else for an application). I’m gonna stop rambling now and just get down to it.

It was kind of a thing for him Lizzy learned almost by accident one day. The reassuring buzz of the needle was meticulously making its way across the tender skin covering his ribcage as Lizzy aimlessly flicked through a magazine that Ryan had playfully thrown in her direction before he got in the chair when she heard the noise.

He gaze carefully flicked over to him, the muscles in his forearms straining as he clenched and unclenched his hands to get through the pain. She cast her eyes back down to the unnecessarily colourful glossy page in her lap and stared aimlessly at the page when she heard it again.

A whimper like groan.

Quiet, slightly breathless. A sign. Probably not to the tattoo artist who had most likely inked people up who made far more fuss, but to Lizzy it was a sign. She stuck a finger in the pages to mark her place in the magazine she had ceased to care about and let it hang loosely in her grip as she focused all her attention on Ryan.

His torso was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, it made the already existent patters in solid black look even bolder, it made the slowly fading tan of his skin look even golder and highlighted the dips and peaks of his upper body. Lizzy closely watched the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed his way through the pain. She noted that he held it for nearly 5 seconds when they needle of the tattoo gun made its way over bone, slowly exhaling before repeating the pattern. She swept her gaze up to his face, no evidently visible indicators that he was in pain, but Lizzy could see beneath that. His eyes were gently shut, flinching only briefly every now and then. His nostrils flared with every slow exhale, the expelling of air almost echoing in the relatively quiet room.

But it was his mouth that Lizzy couldn’t help but focus her attention on. He kept drawing the sides of his lower lip in between his teeth. Biting down on it and holding it there before quickly releasing it and the the blood flooded back to the area, clouding drained white skin with a pink blush. His lower lip looked raw and little whimpers kept escaping from it. Breathless, guttural, uncontrolled. Looking at Ryan’s face conjured an all too familiar image in Lizzy’s mind.

Out of sheet curiosity she let her eyes travel down his body, allowing her gaze to linger on the almost finished tattoo, when she finally saw what she though she would. His jeans always left very little to the imagination and over the years Lizzy had learned to deal with it without much incident, but she was still aware of the area and right now there was something off about it.

The noise of the tattoo gun clicked off and plunged the room into silence as the tattoo artist went about cleaning the area and bandaging it up. He pushed himself up out of the chair as Lizzy swung her legs onto the floor and stood up. She discarded the magazine still sticking to her fingertips onto a nearby table.

She locked eyes with Ryan before she raked her gaze down her body and confirmed her suspicions. She caught his eyes, pupils blown, irises a shade darker than usual, again and quirked an eyebrow while a smirk tugged at her mouth. Ryan shrugged and carefully pulled on a jumper. Lizzy laughed softly under her breath and dropped into the chair, lifting the hem of her t-shirt up and leaving the tattoo artist to prepare the area. Ryan sat down in the chair previously occupied by Lizzy and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

After 15 minutes the buzz of the needle started up again and Ryan dragged his eyes away from his game of Candy Crush and looked over at Lizzy. Her eyes were gently closed and her head was comfortably pillowed on the palms of her hands. The skin underneath the needle, already slightly stretched out, flinched under the metal. Overall though she looked serene. Ryan laughed to himself that the moment Lizzy seemed the most at peace in recent weeks was when she was having an open wound willingly pressed into her skin. He observed her as a pale pink flush bled its way from the apples of her cheeks and down her neck, blooming on the area of upper chest that was exposed by his t-shirt. He noticed that she squirmed ever so slightly when the needle made fist contact with her hip bone, but she stilled just as quickly as she moved away.

Ryan locked his phone and slid it into his back pocket as he focused all his attention solely on Lizzy.

She could feel his gaze on her and she smiled to herself as she let her eyes glide open and roll to catch Ryan’s. His pupils were still blown, almost endless pools of black staring straight back her. Lizzy found herself breaking out in a cold sweat under his gaze and felt heat pooling low in her abdomen. She closed her eyes and shielded herself from his intense stare and focused in on the methodical movement of the needle across the tender skin of her hip bone. After 20 minutes the pleasant buzz of the needle gun stopped and a charged silence blanketed the studio.

As Lizzy’s tattoo was cleaned and covered Ryan stood up and slotted his hands into his back pockets, sweeping his eyes over Lizzy. As they followed the artist over to a counter to pay, Lizzy crowded up against Ryan’s back and linked the fingers of her left hand loosely with the ones on his right. She felt Ryan twitch and shift away with every warm breath of hers that swept across the sensitive skin under his jaw.

Eventually they thanked their artist and said goodbye throwing in a comment about how they would be back soon and began their walk home. A walk that was full of flirty glances and playful nudges, their fingers remaining tightly interwoven with one another. They swung past the bakery and picked up two cupcakes for later before continuing the home stretch of their journey.

The moment they clicked their front door shut Ryan put the cupcakes on the side table and crowded Lizzy against the mahogany wood. Lizzy smirked before she gently nipped at Ryan’s still swollen bottom lip. Ryan huffed out a moan against Lizzy’s jaw and scooped his hands down to the backs of her thighs. Lizzy jumped up and settled her legs low enough to not cause any irritation for Ryan and he moved one of his hands to the middle of her back. Lizzy’s arms wrapped loosely around Ryan’s shoulder and she smiled before sealing her mouth over his.

And that’s done…now what to post tomorrow…

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow! (Most likely. I’ll think of something)

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