Snapshot 5
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Snapshot 5

Hi, Hey, Hello!

About three things I am absolutely positive. First, I have re-entered the world of the coffee drinkers and it is wonderful. Secondly, I have scheduled this post because I will be on my way to see The Lion King and have some food with the family for my mum’s birthday. And thirdly, this installment was shamelessly semi-inspired by this song.

‘Liz? Liz? Lizzy? Elizabeth!’ Ryan’s scratchy voice finally cut through Lizzy’s haze as she hastily pulled a t-shirt over her head and pulled her hair out from under the collar.

‘What?’ Her voice was clearly annoyed.

‘What are you doing?’ He rolled onto his back and pushed the duvet away from his face to look at her properly.

‘I’m getting dressed. I have to leave for the airport in 10 minutes.’ Lizzy bent down and started shuffling into her jeans.

‘Nooooooo, don’t leave. Come on, we’ve still got like two days.’ Ryan whined and pushed up on his elbows, pouting.

‘No, you have two days. My time has run out.’ She pulled her jeans up over her hips and exhaled as she fastened the button and zip.

‘I don’t think it has, I think you should stay.’ Lizzy scoffed and ran her fingers through her hair before she locked eyes with Ryan.

‘No, really this time I can’t. I’ve given you three extra days already and now I really need to go home.’

‘But do you though?’ Ryan raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the right.

‘Yes, Ryan I do. I have an exam on Monday. One that I can’t miss. One that is important to my degree as a whole.’ Lizzy sounded more annoyed and Ryan was clearly ignoring her tone.

‘It’s only Thursday.’

‘No shit Ryan. But it’s a 9 hour flight and a 5 hour time difference and 50% of my final module mark.’ Lizzy walked to the side of the bed she slept on and found a hair band, throwing her hair into a ponytail.

‘But Liiizzzz…’ Ryan went to grab Lizzy’s arm but she moved it abruptly out of reach.

‘But Liz nothing. Seriously Ryan this has been a great five days, but I have a life that I need to get back to and it doesn’t involve spending hours in bed looking at the strange art on the walls of expensive hotel rooms in New York. My actual life involves at least three books for two different modules every week and learning themes for several potential exam questions. It involves being the president of two societies and the VP of another and working on my dissertation and going to work and maintaining some kind of social life so I don’t go totally mad. So thank you for the last five days but there is only so long I can exist in your world.’

‘Sorry, I guess I never really thought about it like that.’ Ryan mumbled as Lizzy actually sat in the vacant spot.

‘It’s fine. You’ve just forgotten what it’s like to be normal now that you fly here, there and everywhere at the drop of a hat.’ Lizzy smiled.

‘Maybe I have, dammit.’ Ryan closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

‘I do really have to go.’ Lizzy leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He cracked an eye open and smiled at Lizzy.

‘I know, but it still sucks.’

‘In 2 days you’ll be playing a sold out show at MSG and I will be more caffeine than blood, just remember that.’

‘You’re gonna smash it.’ He said with great sincerity.

‘I really hope so. You are too though. Right, anyway, I’m off. See you soon.’ Lizzy pressed another kiss on his cheek and pushed up off the bed. She slipped on her boots and zipped up her discarded bag in the corner of the room. She hooked it in the crook of her elbow and waved at Ryan before she rushed out of the door.


Three weeks later and a loud knock on the front door disturbed her as she scribbled notes into the margins of Lolita. She hooked her finger in-between the pages and stuck her pencil in her mouth as she rushed to the door. She cracked it open and saw Ryan shifting nervously outside, when he heard the door open he looked at her and smiled broadly.

‘Hi.’ Lizzy opened the door fully and gestured for him to come in.

‘Hi. What are you doing here?’ Lizzy asked as she locked the door behind him.

‘I thought I would surprise you?’ Ryan said nervously.

‘Yeah, why?’ Lizzy’s voice sounded harsher than she intended.

‘Because your last exam was over a week ago which means you’ve finally accepted whatever mistakes you think you’ve made. You’ve done your first week of lectures for your new modules so you’re not super, super busy right now but are stressed out because you know what the next 11 weeks are going to hold and it all seems overwhelming, so you spent yesterday planning all your time and did some work on your dissertation. And you mentioned on Monday that your housemate was going home this weekend so you’re on your own and I thought we could order take out and watch Netflix or something.’ Ryan rushed out quickly and uncertainty was evident in his tone by the end.

‘And what if I had plans tonight?’

‘It’s 7 o’clock and your wearing a onesie and a t-shirt with holes in. You have a pen in your hair to tie it up and a pencil hanging out of your mouth. Your plans tonight involve that book you’re clutching in your hand right now and maybe some chocolate when you realise that you’ve forgotten to eat.’

‘I thought you were in Sweden or something.’ Lizzy pulled the pencil out of her mouth and deflected.

‘I go to Sweden tomorrow, I came from Chicago.’

‘That makes no sense geographically.’

‘Yeah I know, but it is what it is.’ Ryan laughed.

‘So you came here?’ She gestured around with the pencil.

‘Well yeah. I’m flying all over the shop for the next few weeks and you have a plan that I don’t want to take you from. Tonight’s kind of all we have for a while.’ He shrugged and shoved his hands in his back pockets.

‘How many weeks is weeks?’

‘End of April.’ He rocked back on his heels and then stumbled forward causing Lizzy to laugh.

‘Okay then. So tonight?’

‘Unless you want me to go…’

‘No I don’t. You were weirdly accurate. I could use the break before it  all goes to hell.’

‘I listen sometimes. More so now.’ Ryan admitted sheepishly.

‘So take out?’

‘Anything but pizza.’

‘Well that’s good, ‘cos I was craving Chinese.’

‘Chinese is good.’ Lizzy stuck the pencil in her book and closed it, walked back into the living room and discarded it on the coffee table.

‘Oh yeah, I have a week at the end of March that I have nothing planned for. I can see you then.’ She looked over at him and saw his eyes widen comically.

‘You sure?’

‘Yeah I go home for two weeks after that but I have to schedule time off for just me or I’ll go mad. And a week with you sounds like it could be fun..’

‘Okay then, we’ll figure it out later. Now food?’ Ryan sat down in the corner of the sofa and stretched his legs out in front of him. Lizzy picked up her phone off the table and settled down next to Ryan comfortably.

‘Yes, food.’

Yes, the opening of this post has everything to do with Twilight, sorry not sorry.

Buuuttttt, parentheses count: 0!!!!!!! That won’t last, I almost stuck this sentence in one…See you on Sunday!

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