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Snapshot 50

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I am finishing the week with not one, but two, Snapshot instalments. One because I discovered this in my very underused these days notebook and it was half finished and I was semi struck by a wave of inspiration so I finished it and two because I realised that I didn’t have a post for today and only for today and so I had to think quick and it was there at my disposal so I figured why not use it.

So here it is, I can’t quite figure out where in my canon this takes place. Somewhere in the first 3 years I think…it’s on the earlier side that much I do know. Anyway I’m gonna stop trying to figure that out right now and get onto it:

Ryan went to open the door of Dylan’s flat automatically when heard the dull, but rapid, knocking against it. His half assed justification was that he knew the other two were sound asleep, Lizzy had crawled over him into bed at around half 3 and Dylan was still a mound underneath his duvet, and he didn’t want to be rude, and well he was comfortable enough to be awake and living his life in the flat without either of them being present so he should be comfortable enough with opening the door to accept a delivery for them, at the very least to save them any inconvenience.

It was not a delivery.

It was a girl. A few inches shorter than him. Blonde hair was piled up messily on the top of her head. She was looking at her phone, her hip cocked and a bag resting in the crook of her elbow. When she heard the door click open she flicked her gaze up and then back down at her phone as she went to make her way into the flat.

She paused mid step and her eyes rushed back to look at Ryan in shock. It was her eyes that told Ryan that she was the last Maxwell sibling.

‘Oh. My. Fucking. God.’ Lola staged whispered as she resumed walking into the flat, brushing past Ryan and standing in the hallway directly behind him.

‘Oh. My. Fucking. God.’ She repeated as he clicked the door closed.

‘Hi, I’m Ryan.’ He said as he turned to face her.

‘I know.’ She responded, dropping her bag on the floor heavily.

‘Are Lizzy or Dyl expecting you?’

‘Not really,’ she shrugged, ‘Lola by the way.’

‘Yeah, I guessed. you look like one of them.’ He gestured vaguely at her.

‘Like one of who?’ Her face screwed up in a way that reminded him of Dylan when he was concentrating.

‘Like a Maxwell.’

‘Really? Interesting.’ She reached up and yanked the hairband out of her hair, letting it fall down around her shoulders before she gathered it all up again in a ponytail and snapped the hairband back in place.

‘Are they here at least?’ She asked as her arms settled around her waist. Ryan nodded.

‘They’re asleep, but yeah. Here.’

‘So, Ryan Haines.’ Her arms dropped uselessly to her sides.

‘That’s me.’

‘You’re taller in person.’ She commented.

‘Thank you?’

‘I figured you would be because Lizzy is, but still. Famous people are always a disappointment in the height department.’

‘Again, thank you?’

‘It’s a compliment. You have a pretty face too…’ She cut her self off and looked away from him.

‘Thanks. I like your t-shirt.’ He responded instead of commenting, Lola visibly exhaled.

‘Yeah, I stole it from Liz.’

‘Who stole it from me.’ Lola’s mouth dropped open slowly and Ryan laughed.

‘Oh. My. God.’ She almost squealed and turned to walk into the kitchen.

‘Are you okay?’ Ryan asked as he followed her.

‘Mmmhmmmm.’ Lola opened a cupboard and pulled a glass out, filling it with water.

‘Are you sure? You’ve gone very red.’

‘This is just a lot to take in right now.’ She said in between gulps of water.

‘Should i go get one of the other two?’

‘No, no. It’s fine. I’ll be fine. This is normal. Totally normal. Just going to make small talk with a superstar. It’s all fine.’ She muttered, mostly to herself.

‘I can leave you alone if you want. I was just about to go for a run.’

‘No! I just…I just mean, it’s fine. This is fine. How are you?’ She placed the glass on the counter near the sink.

‘Well, thanks. Yourself?’

‘Good enough. Great actually. Having a bit of a day, but  you know, good. You?’ She started picking at a stray thread on her t-shirt.

‘You’ve already asked that.’ He smiled.

‘Right, yeah. I have. Ummm, what are you up to?’ She yanked the stray thread off.

‘At this present moment? Meeting my girlfriend’s sister for the first time. Generally? Tour rehearsals.’ He leant forward against the counter.

‘Oh right yeah, that’s coming up. How are they going?’ She dropped her hands away from the hem.

‘Fine. Rough. New arrangements means new areas of my vocal range are being discovered and pushed. What up with you?’

‘Not a lot. It’s summer. All of my friends are on holiday right now and I’m here. That’s about it.’

‘Why aren’t you on holiday with your friends?’

‘I either went to New York and LA with Liz and Dyl or I went to Ibiza with them. I chose New York.’

‘What swayed it?’ She quirked an eyebrow as if it was the stupidest question she had ever heard.

‘New York.’

‘Fair dos.’

‘What are you doing here anyway?’

‘Felt like seeing Liz. She was here, it got late so I crashed here.’

‘So you’re here a lot then?’ She smiled.

‘Four times a week at most.’ He shrugged.

‘Does she even live at hers anymore?’

‘I pass through it.’ Lizzy’s voice scratched in response as she walked into the kitchen rubbing vigorously at one of her eyes.

‘But do you live there?’ Lola joked.

‘Shush. Why are you here at such an ungodly hour anyway?’ She ran a hand across Ryan’s shoulders and settled on her elbows next to him.

‘For starters, the hour is not ungodly for starters. And secondly do I need a reason to want to see my delightful older siblings?’ Lizzy raised an eyebrow.

‘That sounds like a lie.’ Her voice strengthed throughout the sentence.

‘Okay, fine. I’m here because, New York.’

‘Is a state of America.’ Lizzy responded automatically.

‘Yeah, alright enough of that. It’s happening though.’

‘I know. I invited you. What is your point?’

‘Don’t we need a plan or something. A month is a long time. I need to be prepared.’

‘You are talking to the wrong sibling Lola. Go wake Dylan. Or, I can leave you in the capable, organised hands, of the lovely Ryan, who I see you have now finally met.’ Ryan smiled and waved timidly.

‘What? No!’ Lola snapped.

‘Lola calm down, he doesn’t bite.’ Lizzy laughed, pushing herself upright.

‘But, but…’

‘But what? You need to have a proper conversation at some point beyond pleasantries. Why not let it be you both over planning your first trip to New York?’

‘But he’s Ryan Haines!’ Lola weakly protested.

‘He knows. I know. He’s also looking for a reason to not go for his run and he loves being organised, so this is perfect. I’m gonna go and have a shower. Have fun. Make us spend time in Times Square.’ Lizzy smiled and twirled out of the room.

‘She’s right, I really don’t want to go on this run.’ Ryan almost whispered after a few moments of silence.

‘Do we make her go to Times Square first and get it out of the way, or close with it?’ Lola asked in response.

‘Oh we start with it. Our last full day is a Friday and I’d rather stick needles in my eyes then go anywhere near Times Square on a Friday.’ He replied instantly.

‘Good point. Didn’t think of that.’

‘Well, it’s a good thing I’m here then isn’t it?’ He smiled.

‘I’m gonna need some paper and about 4 different coloured pens, and if possible a map of the city.’ Lola reeled off excitedly.

‘I can get that for you.’ Ryan laughed and turned to leave the kitchen as Lola took some deep breaths and told herself she could do this.

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