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Snapshot 51

Hi, Hey, Hello!

We are now into the 50’s with these things now, which I am rather surprised about to be honest.

Today is the day of my Christmas party and given that it is the season I thought I would do a festive themed Snapshot instalment today (more than the last one that I did which just happened to take place at Christmas). So that is what this. Snapshot 51: The Christmas Party (in which the word ‘party’ should only be applied very, very loosely).

‘I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but can we be done here yet and head back?’ Ryan crowded behind Lizzy and whispered into her ear as his arm snaked around her waist. Lizzy dropped her glass fro her lips and turned her head slightly.

‘I’ve been ready to leave since about 5 minutes after we got here hon. I was waiting for you to schmooze away, it’s technically your Christmas party anyway.’ Lizzy whispered back, lacing her fingers with his.

‘Record label’s. It’s the record label’s Christmas party.’

‘Same thing.’ She raised her glass back up to her mouth.

‘So is that a yes? Can we leave? He almost pleaded, squeezing her fingers gently.

‘Don’t you have to say goodbye to people and stuff?’

‘If I start going around and saying goodbye to people we’ll be here another hour or something. Enough people have seen me to acknowledge that I have showed up. The other two are still here, so the band is being represented and there’s only so long I can tell people that I think you’re in the bathroom because no one seems to have to spoken to you yet. You’ve been weirdly omnipresent tonight actually, it took me nearly five minutes to find you just now.’

‘I’m good at avoiding things I don’t want to get involved in, small talk with relative strangers being one of them, wait. You’ve been telling people I’m in the bathroom all night?’

‘Before you ask, I had some awareness about who I was saying it to and who else was around as I was saying it. No one thinks you’ve been in the bathroom for 90 minutes.’

‘Has it really only been 90 minutes?’

‘No, we’ve been here over 2 hours, but I’ve been schmoozing and you’ve been hiding for 90 minutes.’

‘Again, has it really only been 90 minutes?’

‘Yes, it has. 90 minutes that neither of us are going to get back. Why are we still here?’

‘I don’t know. Let’s see if we can find Max and Zach, say goodbye and then get back to Dylan’s.’ Lizzy drained her glass and placed it back on the bar.

‘That could take forever, but fine.’

‘No, we need to do it, they’re your best friends. Come on, they can’t be that hard to find, they’re giants.’


An hour later Lizzy was sliding her key into the door of Dylan’s house, opening it to an out of tune rendition of Last Christmas. The pair shared a smile as the followed the noise and they settled in the doorway as they watched Lola and Tom passionately singing along to Wham into empty beer bottles. Danny cheered and pointed at them when he noticed them and all 4 of them stopped mid movement to stare at them.

‘They’re back!’ Dylan declared, pushing the hood of his onesie off excitedly.

‘Look at them both, so dressed up. It’s sickening.’ Lola scoffed, dropping the bottle away from her mouth.

‘Yeah, you are overdressed.’ Tom stated simply.

‘We know.’

‘Now, there are two onesies left. One dinosaur, one unicorn. Fight amongst yourselves.’ Lola stumbled over with two onesies in her hands and dropped them at their feet.

‘I want the unicorn.’ Ryan said as he stooped to pick them up and handed the purple one to Lizzy.

‘We’re gonna go get changed, please go ahead and carry on with your Wham.’ Lizzy laughed as they left the room. The singing started up again as they walked upstairs towards their room.

‘I feel like I’m not drunk enough for karaoke.’ Ryan commented as he clicked the door behind them and threw his onesie on the bed.

‘You are literally a professional singer. You should always be ready to sing.’ She stopped in the middle of the room and Ryan settled behind her to undo her dress.

‘There is my job and then there is the inevitable singing of Mariah Carey. I am not drunk enough for that.’ He slid the zip down quickly and then moved away towards the wardrobe, pulling his suit jacket off as he walked.

‘You and me both.’ Lizzy laughed, stepping out of her dress and into the onesie. Ryan walked back over to the bed, stopping to pick up the pack of make up wipes on the table next to the wardrobe and handed them to Lizzy before he went about getting changed.

‘A little birdy did tell me that there would be vodka jelly, so maybe we can just eat a lot of that and get there real quick.’ Lizzy said as she started rubbing a wipe over her face.

‘What if they’ve already eaten it all though and that’s why they are channeling their inner George Michael?’ He asked as he zipped the front of his onesie up.

‘Then we just need to find some alcohol, take some shots and then grab a bottle and belt that Mariah.’

‘Or we could take photos and taunt them when they wake up hungover tomorrow?’

‘We can do that anyway. We will do that anyway. Can we also order pizza. I’m hungry.’

‘Have they eaten?’ They both left their bedroom and started to make their way back downstairs.

‘If they did, it was a while ago. And when is pizza ever a bad idea?’

‘It’s not very Christmassy.’

‘It’s nearly 10, they deliver. That’s all we need. We have Christmas FM, family, alcohol, chocolate, silly onesies and at some point when we are all too drunk to make normal choices we will have Cards Against Humanity. Then tomorrow we will have hangovers, a fry up and we will spend the day wrapping presents, with more food and booze. We may even actually end up in our own home.’

‘No we won’t.’ Ryan laughed as they walked back into the living room to Lola standing on the coffee table preparing herself to start singing. The opening notes of All I Want for Christmas started and Lizzy and Ryan groaned.

‘Shots?’ They both said to each other as the four people around them started jumping around and singing at the top of their lungs. Before they could make it through to the kitchen, Dylan grabbed them by the wrists and pulled them gently in, jiggling their arms about before they both eventually caved and started jumping around too. 6 voices all shouting together as Mariah blasted throughout the rom.

Parentheses count: 2. See you on Saturday!

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