Snapshot 6
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Snapshot 6

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So, it begins. Here is the start of Blog Every Day in June! 

Slight bit of admin, I have tried my best to check this whole thing for any discrepancies, but having said that there may be the odd one, oh and also there will be swearing. Other than that though, onwards.

‘Danny asked me to marry him.’ Lola squealed as she sat down opposite Dylan and Lizzy, interrupting their conversation. Both heads snapped over to her as she yanked her scarf off and shoved it between her and the wall.

‘Fuck off.’ Lizzy rushed out, wide eyed and twisting in her chair to face her.

‘100% serious.’ She wrestled out of her coast and smiled.

‘When?’ Dylan asked, folding his arms onto the table.

‘Like an hour ago.’ Lola shrugged as she pulled her hair up into a neat high ponytail.

‘Then why the fuck are you here?’ Dylan scoffed, picking up his water glass and slurping a sip from it.

‘Because we have a standing dinner date. This shit is sacred.’ Lola pointed at the table and glared at her siblings.

‘So how did it happen?’ Lizzy prompted.

‘I was running late and I ran into the shower blah blah blah, anyway I’m getting dressed and then I go to whip this jumper out and a box fell out with it, like he’s a fucking psychic, so I’m all confused and late and I run into where he is in the kitchen brandishing the box demanding an explanation and he just shrugged and said “marry me”. I threw the box on the counter, went to blow dry my hair, plucked the ring out of its little cushion, slipped it on, gave him a kiss, said yes then ran out the door.’ A brief silence fell over the table as she waved her left hand around before Dylan snorted.

‘Sorry, but that is not how I thought you would get engaged, that sounds more like Liz and Ry.’

‘See, that’s what I thought on the way over here. Like I’m going to tell Mum and Dad and there are gonna be like “that seems so Liz and Ry”. I mean he asked knowing tonight was out dinner date so I was gonna be leaving imminently.’

‘Ah see, that’s where you’re wrong. If Ryan was gonna do it, he would go all out. The romantic dinner, probably some candlelight, he’d fall all the way down onto one knee and stumble over his words. I’d ask him as he was leaving to jet away to the moon or whatever. Honestly, I couldn’t see Danny doing it any other way.’

‘I don’t actually care how he did it, the fact is he finally did. I feel like he has been sitting on this ring for weeks. So recap, I got a killer new client and engaged. Your turn.’ Lola slapped the table edge once and fell back against the back of her seat looking pointedly across the table. Dylan took a deep breath and stared firmly at the table.

‘Tom’s moving in with me.’

‘We were sat here for 20 minutes and you didn’t mention that? What the fuck dude?!’ Lizzy slapped Dylan’s arm and he snapped his gaze over to her.

‘I didn’t want to have to say it twice.’ He defended.

‘When’s he moving in?’ Lola asked quickly.

‘Two Saturdays from now.’

‘We’ll make a day of it.’ She continued.

‘No we won’t.’

‘Yeah Dyl, we will. It’s almost accidentally become a tradition.’ Lizzy supported Lola.

‘Two times does not a tradition make.’

‘We have to make it three for three.’ Lola said and Lizzy nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

‘Surely it doesn’t work the same given that it’s not neutral territory.’ He tried feebly.

‘Of course it counts. This is a big day, you’re finally sharing your living space with another human being again.’ Lola exclaimed.

‘Not that big a deal.’

‘Almost everyone you tell this to will say otherwise.’

‘Anyway your turn Liz.’ Dylan tapped the table and deflected to his sister.

‘I got a publication date, November 12th. I finally finished the polaroid wall. And apparently I am going to the VMAs next week.’

‘Why just apparently?’ Dylan asked confusedly.

‘Oh no, I am going. Ryan just failed to mention it until today.’

‘Well that’ll be fun.’

‘Yeah probably. He said something about performing so I might just feel sick the whole time.’

‘Just get really drunk.’ Lola said.

‘Oh I plan to.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘Is that it? Are we big news-ed out?’ Dylan checked.

‘I’ve got nothing.’ Lola shrugged.

‘Me neither.’ Lizzy concluded.


 They placed their orders and when the waiter took their menus away Dylan spoke again.

‘How did you guys do it then? Get used to living with another person.’

‘I only lived on my own for a year and even then that’s debatable, I mean I was at Ryan’s a lot, he was at mine a lot not to mention that when I wasn’t at his it felt like I was at your all the time. For me it was annoyingly easy to adapt I guess. The change didn’t seem so drastic. And anyway although it seems like a massive thing you’re probably more used to him being there than you realise.’ Lizzy tried to reassure.

‘She has a point. The idea that he is unlikely ever to leave again just seems scary, but you probably won’t notice that much of a difference. I mean he has an established side of the bed, space in the wardrobe, a toothbrush and shower gel in the bathroom. You buy food you know he likes and you’ve changed your washing powder because he prefers the scent of lemon to floral tones. He has a key already, you’re just making it official. It’ll be fine.’ Lola continued.

‘It feels a lot bigger than that.’ He admitted sheepishly.

‘Of course it does. It’s a commitment, that’s scary. But hey, Tom is right there with you. And if it gets really bad you can crash at mine. Lols did when she first moved in with Danny.’ She nudged his shoulder playfully.

‘What?’ Dylan asked looking between his sisters in surprise.

‘Lola used to show up at my house at like midnight and just crawl into bed because she couldn’t hack sharing with Dan every night. She’d then laze about the house and psych herself up in preparation for returning to her actual house the next morning.’

‘Look I didn’t transition well to the whole living with a guy thing, you moved out when I was pretty young Dyl and I never shared a bathroom or whatever with Dad. It was a serious adjustment that took me a while to get transition.’

‘No shit.’ Dylan laughed in disbelief.

‘See you can do better than that Dyl.’ Lizzy cheerfully reassured.

‘I would like to hope so.’

‘Oh shush. We’re engaged now, it’s all fine.’ Lola’s face broke into a wide grin as she said the word “engaged”.

‘Yeah alright, congratulations.’ Lizzy grumbled.

‘The reason Lizzy is so good at living with Ryan is because he’s hardly ever fucking there.’ Lola defended herself again.

‘She has a point.’ Lizzy shrugged.

‘Doesn’t that make it harder though?’ Dylan turned to look at Lizzy.

‘Nah, somehow even though it’s almost the norm, it’s harder on my own then when he’s pottering around getting in the way.’ She said with a tinge of almost undetectable sadness in her voice.

‘Dylan, it’s gonna be fine. Better than fine, it’s gonna be great. You’ll come to love it.’ Lola reassured again.

‘And I have a bed if either of you should ever need it.’ Lizzy jokingly suggested.

Dylan nodded at her response before changing the subject again, ‘When is he even coming back?’

‘Fuck if I know. Halloween maybe.’

‘How long’s he been gone now?’

‘Beginning of July, so 5 weeks roughly, and I’ll see him next week for a few days.’ Lizzy sounded both forlorn and happy.

‘I have never really thought about how shitty that must actually be. When Tom goes home it’s like there’s a hole there.’

‘Oh yeah you are so ready to move in, what are even worried about?’ Lizzy nudged Dylan again and smiled.

‘Saying I’m moving in with my boyfriend to others, actually acknowledging that I think this is it for me. I dunno isn’t there this weird pressure related to all of this?’ Dylan waved his hands around aimlessly.

‘No. It’s what you make of it. Fuck other people and their apparent expectations, they are not your relationship. Tell no one, tell everyone. Shout it from rooftops or drop it into emails. Do what you want with this minor change, but don’t ever let other people make you fear what makes you feel happy and safe.’ Lizzy stared at Dylan and spoke with nothing but love and sincerity.

‘Sometimes it hits me like a brick that you’re a writer.’ Lizzy shrugged non-committedly.

‘Alright so we need plans for move in day then.’ Dylan suggested.

‘Now we’re talking!’ Lola clapped the table and shifted forward to lean on the table with a smile.

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