Snapshot 7
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Snapshot 7

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Slightly different proposal story today because yes, I have two of these written, two different couples, two different approaches. Completely unplanned, but fun nonetheless. Onwards.

Lizzy opened the door and Dylan rushed through the crack, leaving her mildly confused as she turned to look at his figure retreat towards her kitchen.

‘Hello to you too!’ she called out as she slowly followed him.

‘Is Ryan here?’ He paused in the doorway and turned to look at her properly for the first time.

‘No, Melbourne. Why?’

‘So you’re on your own?’ He clarified.

‘Yeah. Dylan what’s wrong? You’re kind of freaking me out.’ She took on cautious step forward.

‘Marry. He asked.’ Dylan stuttered and hastily turned into the kitchen.

‘Wait, what?’ Lizzy rushed into the kitchen to see Dylan filling up the kettle carelessly, splashing water all around the area.

‘Dylan?!’ He shut the tap off harshly and the silence that settled around them was deafening.

‘Tom asked me to marry him.’ He mumbled dropping the kettle on the counter loudly.

‘Why do you sound distraught by this development?’ She tentatively stepped further into the kitchen with her hands raised. After another beat of silence she dropped them sharply and asked,

‘Wait, what did you say?’

‘I kind of didn’t say anything. I froze, ran out, then came here.’ He admitted sheepishly to the floor.

‘Why is it that you two never face your shit head on?’ She mumbled, mainly to herself.

‘What do you mean “you two”?’ His head snapped up.

‘You and Lola! You both do this thing where you panic and instead of facing your problems and talking about them with the people you’re freaking out against you rock up here and expect me to have all the answers. Which is fine to a degree, but seriously you ran out of your house?’ Dylan’s eyes widened and leaned against the counter behind him.

‘Shit.’ He breathed and slumped over heavily.

‘Yeah shit.’ She nodded.


‘Sit down and take a deep breath. Let’s talk.’ He dragged his shoes across the floor and fell into a chair around the island, it rocked back underneath his weight.

‘The reason we come to you is because you’ve always been the voice of reason. My voice of reason, I think you’ve become Lola’s since your truce. I dunno, I can always trust you to say what needs to be said and not sugar coat it.’

‘I shouldn’t have to tell you that coming here after your boyfriend asked you to marry him was a dumb thing to do.’ She said harshly.

‘I know. I know. I panicked. I’m sorry. Fuck.’

‘Why did you ask if Ryan was here?’ She sighed out confusedly.

‘Because I needed to know if I would have deal with both of you.’

‘What are we worse together or something?’ She laughed.

‘Obviously.’ Dylan smiled sadly.

‘Enough. Time to talk. Why are you here and not having fantastic celebratory sex?’

‘I panicked.’ He shrugged.

‘You’ve already said that.’

‘He looked so vulnerable and honest and I freaked out. Like this is supposed to be it right? I say yes, expecting it to be forever. No one else, he is it. He is supposed to be it. Forever.’

‘Well yeah I guess. That was the original intention for marriage.’ Dylan took a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling.

‘I just always kind of thought it would be a girl I married. Like I accept that I’m bi, but there was a part of me that just assumed it would be a girl. And everyone else kind of assumed the same thing, even though they never said it. They all say the stuff I want to hear and they act like they understand that sometimes I have a girlfriend and other times a boyfriend. They act like they get it but really they just think I’m greedy or whatever. And I’ve always been more attracted to girls than guys, so me settling down with one made perfect sense. But then Tom happened and all the things I just assumed would happen with a girl were happening with him and a small part of me is now permanently freaked out. And I love him, seriously. Fuck do I love him, but I never imagined marriage with him because part of me was just waiting for him to be like “you know what that whole bi thing you’ve got going on won’t work for me”. So I was just waiting for him to throw that back in my face but instead…’ He trailed off and looked down at the veins in his hands as he splayed them on top of the counter.

‘Front porch test.’ Lizzy mumbled into the silence.


How I Met Your Mother? The Front Porch Test? In 40 or so years on a front porch or whatever along with me, Ry, Lols and Dan can you see you and Tom being there with us?’

‘Yes.’ He exhaled.

‘Then what’s the problem?’ She tapped the table once firmly and leaned back.

‘There isn’t one is there?’ He admitted sheepishly.

‘I really don’t see one. Us 4 and Mum and Dad love the guy and more importantly you love him. And he loves you and I’m pretty sure he is somewhere feeling very confused as to why his potential forever just ran out their door.’

‘Why am I such a fucking idiot?’ He laughed humourlessly.

‘You’re not an idiot. You’re a panicker.’ The front doorbell rang sharply and loudly in three short bursts and Lizzy pushed herself to her feet. Before she disappeared through the doorway Dylan called after her.

‘If he asked would you say yes?’

‘Yes.’ She answered easily.

‘But he won’t?’

‘I don’t want actually want him to.’ She clarified.

‘But you still wouldn’t say no?’ He pushed.

‘He is my person Dylan. He’s home. Of course if he asks I’d say yes because with him, largely speaking, saying yes is the easiest thing ever.’ He nodded and she smiled before she went to answer the door.


When she pulled the door open she saw Tom leaning against the wall with his shoulders slumped nudging a loose stone on the front step. He looked up hopefully when he saw Lizzy and she gestured for him to come in.

‘He’s in the kitchen.’

‘He’s okay right?’ He sounded evidently worried more than anything.

‘He’s an idiot, but yeah I think so. I’ll leave you to it.’ Tom nodded gratefully and walked over to the kitchen while Lizzy slowly walked upstairs.

See you tomorrow!

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