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So, it’s Wednesday…

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Not gonna lie, although I was aware of the passing of time and even remembered to the bins for the house outside yesterday afternoon, I did actually forget that Wednesday was coming because it seems to come around quicker than Sunday does from Wednesday, so I kind of had to think of something to say pretty sharpish this afternoon, hence why this post comes a bit later than usual. I went with this.

So ummmm mini life update, that probably won’t be that informative, but it’s all I have right now.

I don’t think I mentioned on Sunday but I basically spent my Friday night and most of Saturday binge watching, and full on loving, Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix and then watched Begin Again which proved to be the perfect tonic to that show. Sunday was Sunday (aka the day where I honestly do even less than I usually do sometimes). Then Monday came around and so did the clouds and I found myself in Starbucks (shock, horror who saw that coming?) with a pen and a blank page with which I intended to write something.

I did write something, it was just wasn’t what I intended to write and I was still left with the original idea I had in my head and the tangent that I had gone off on on the actual pages of my notebook. Then my mum gave me a Starbucks reward card that night…

So the next day I went back because obviously I had to. The day was hot and sunny and I finally shed the tights and welcomed the sun on my legs and I stuck ice in my coffee once again. I had all the intentions of actually writing that idea that never made it onto the page on Monday and then as I sat down my best friend walked in and somehow three hours passed before we finally left. We never have quite known how to keep chats short-ish (honestly when I was up in Liverpool at uni we had Skype convos that lasted 4/5 hours, and well into the early hours of the morning). So although I yet again didn’t get what I wanted done it was arguably a better usage of my time because coffee dates, especially when they are accidental, are the best.

Then late-ish last night I read Adele’s post and ended up on New Look’s website looking at everything with the word ‘floral’ in the description. I double checked things on an expenditure front and eventually settled on a pair of trousers (and a couple of other basics for my wardrobe) that will see me through all seasons, added bonus.

That double check also allowed me the opportunity to finally, FINALLY buy a new pair of denim shorts. I already own a pair, but they aren’t ideal and I spent A LOT of last spring/summer trying to find a new pair that I liked and worked for me but had no joy. I have been trying for the past few weeks again but none of my usual go-to shops were providing me with any success and so today I walked into H&M just to give it a shot because it was one of the last shops I had left available for me to physically go in (turns out I really need to see the shorts to get an opinion on them that I can’t get through a laptop screen), but also not my number 1 when it comes to clothes for me personally. I was almost unsuccessful again and then I turned around just to check I hadn’t knocked something over when I saw them. The pair that could potentially be exactly what I want.

Because it’s H&M I had to try them on and so I did.

short shorts

And I love them, and given that it is coming to the season where, hopefully (you never know here though do you really?) my shorts collection will be well worn I am super happy that I finally found a sufficient replacement for my old ones. So that was productive of me today.

In final news I looked like (and still do given that it is just gone 5 here) this today:

i dunno florals and green

Because this is one of my new favourite shirts and I made the crazy decision to pair it with green today and I regret nothing. I also felt like a change of pace from the dark colours that I fall back on 8/10 times. (If you want to know, shirt and boots are New Look and the dress is Forever 21).

(Oh and I also bought ice cream)

So, that’s it. Sorry this was kind of a bit of a mess, I’ll be better on Sunday. For now I am gonna watch Four in a Bed and get back to typing stuff up for Camp Nano.

Parentheses count: 8. See you on Sunday!

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  • adeleinglasses

    Honestly, your weekends sound like mine, I’m always marathoning one show or another, currently Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Chuck for me!

    I was pleased to read that my post inspired you to look for some florals to add to your wardrobe, I’ve pulled mine to the forefront too! I love the paring of the shirt with the dress. I need that shirt in my life, as I definitely don’t own any blue floral and it looks great!

    Funny to read that you went to Uni in Liverpool, I went to Uni in Preston – not far at all 🙂

    • Sophie

      Oh wow yeah that isn’t far at all!

      I binged watched Breaking Bad last year and it was one of my better TV show viewing decisions, if not the best. I am also half way through the last season of Chuck and trying to finish up Buffy at the moment so that I can start the cycle all over again!

      Thanks, I definitely took a chance with the blue shirt because it wasn’t usually my style (I ordered it online) but the second I saw it I loved it! 🙂

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