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Welcome to the last week of January, this is going by quick innit??

Anyway, the reason for the ambiguous af title is as follows. All the way back in October I bought myself a nice little planner to get my shit together and become this alien concept that is ‘organised’ (which is an hilarious sentence to write after the week I have had…basically anything even close to being organised could not be used to describe me, there was a reason my post yesterday came later than usual and that’s 100% to do with the fact that I didn’t finish writing it until 16:25…).

And with that attempt to be organised I started listing all the possible things that might come up at some point in my blogging life, so you know recurring features were filled out and my time was blocked out for them it was all very orderly. It also coincided with me getting in to that Nano headspace (this honestly feels like a lifetime ago and not 3 months ago) so there were little notes throughout it that linked to that.

Including this one:

Nano optimism
Somebody was optimistic

(which also comes with bonus insight into what is going to be included in Sunday’s post…and the shadow of my phone)

Now, I didn’t finish Nano last year. Not even close really, I talk about it here. It didn’t make the mark, by almost 40,000 words. There isn’t even a plot to the damn thing. I lost that somewhere along the way in the labyrinth that is my brain. I have 2 semi fleshed out characters and that does not a novel make. I don’t know what that makes, but it isn’t much more then a half formed, almost idea of nothing of any real importance. I have a lot of dialogue, with no description or anything, just pages of conversations that I struggled to figure out at the time, god knows what it would be like now.

Confusing to say the least.

Mostly this little note that past me left for present me made me laugh because it seemed to hold so much hope for an idea that I knew at the time was barely there in the first place.

However I do have a notebook that is solely dedicated to this non-idea. It has the fragments of what I have written encased in the embossed black cover. It has all the preliminary research that I did for it scribbled down in black ink. It has some intentions for what I wanted to do with plot written down in half sentences that I could probably piece together, or use to start over in a completely different way.

I do still get hit with slight ideas as to what I can do with those 10,000 that are just sitting in a clumsy manner on a word document collecting the digital equivalent of dust. Nothing that actually makes any sense to be honest and would not a plot make, but something at the very least.

So I will not be starting to tidy up the thing at all because there is so many more problems with it other than the fact that it is a first draft. The glaring on being that it doesn’t really exist. I mean there are 10,000 words, but it doesn’t really exist in the slightest. I can’t see it doing so any time soon. But I am sure another idea will hit me in relation to it, or I’ll get a completely different, totally ridiculous one that I will sit with for ages and one day find another note in my planner telling me to go look at it again because somebody at some point was far too optimistic…

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!


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