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It was one of the worse fights they had experienced in the entire time they had been together. There had been shouting and swearing and things were said in anger but not really meant. A vase had also broken at some point, probably from the flailing arms that came with the frustration of an argument going round in circles.

They were now sat in separate rooms. One in their bedroom, the other in the kitchen. It’s the furthest they can be from one another within their bungalow and if going outside was an option then one of them would probably have slammed the front door and ended the argument definitively. But they were snowed in. Had been for 36 hours now, and there was no telling when the snow would clear.

The build up and frustration of not being able to go home for the holidays because of the weather, deadlines at work and school and the final straw of the snowstorm that wiped out the electricity for a day and left them to be bitter and annoyed, all came to a head. It all came to a head over who was going to have a shower first. The tiniest of issues, that most days would have been resolved with the answer of ‘we’ll have a shower together’ (which would change the purpose of showering entirely), was today, instead, the cause of the worse argument ever.

No one was at fault at first but eventually all the tiny problems they had with each other were shouted and thrown around, and for the first time both of them briefly questioned why they were in this relationship.

Now that they were both stewing in their slowly dissipating anger and alone they realised they were still together after all these years because there is no one else they would rather spend lazy Sundays in bed with. There was no one else who would deal with the all nighters and the coffee runs and the stress. There was no one else who would be so understanding of the sudden mood swings and know what to do and when, who would understand the varying degrees of the same mood. There was no one who would love them the way the other does. And no matter how much they may argue or how judgemental those around them were about their relationship, there was no one else that they would want to love.

But they were both too stubborn to admit defeat, so they both sat in silence in their respective rooms.

Instead they sat in silence convinced that the other hated them.

It was that terrifying thought that pushed Charlie to get up from the kitchen table and slowly walk over to his bedroom door.

‘Jake? Jake?’ There was no answer but on the other side of the door Jake moved off the bed and sat on the floor by the door.

‘Jake, I’m sorry. For like everything. Because you’re right, I’m the worse boyfriend ever and I know I can do better, and I do take you for granted and I shouldn’t. Because you’re the best thing in my life and I’m an idiot for acting like your not.’ Charlie slid down the door to the floor and put his head in his hands.

‘You’re not that bad a boyfriend. In fact you’re not bad at all. I shouldn’t just take all my stress out on you because it’s never your fault. In fact generally I’m never mad at you, but we live together and so I just take it out on you and I shouldn’t. But I do and you tolerate it for some bizarre reason and I love you for it. And not just for that, I mean I love you completely and you can go and have a shower first.’ Charlie laughed quietly.

‘I love you too. And we can have a shower together?’

The question was evident in Charlie’s tone and Jake stood up to open the bedroom door. As he opened it Charlie fell through and looked up at Jake who smiled and had slightly red eyes from the crying earlier during their argument.

‘Yeah we can take a shower together.’ Charlie rolled over to push himself up so that he could look at Jake properly.

Charlie took in the way that Jake’s hair was messy from lying on the bed and running his hands through it out of frustration. The way his green eyes shone wetly with unshed tears, and his cheeks were still slightly flushed from anger.

‘If I crowd you onto the bed for the best make up sex ever, will you be sad that I’m hindering your shower?’ Jake pulled his t-shirt over his head with one hand before he said,

‘No I suppose I wouldn’t mind too much just as long as it really is the best.’ Charlie smiled and cupped Jake’s head between his hands.

‘Oh it so will be.’ With that he pressed his lips against Jake’s softly before Jake grabbed around his waist forcefully and nipped along his lower lip, all whilst dragging him towards the bed.

They would be okay again soon. Once they pull out all the tricks they know to make the other fall apart. Once they’ve come down from their post-orgasmic haze and finally showered, they’ll be okay. It will be the little things that will show it, the way Charlie will remember to buy Jake’s favourite chocolate and Jake knows that Charlie sometimes forgets to put his phone on charge over night so checks for him. They would go back to normal again, and the snow outside would melt away with all their anger.

But for now as Charlie settled his weight on top of Jake comfortably, all that mattered was the other one, not all the little problems that they shouted at each other earlier.

Just them, both safe in the knowledge that they were with the only person they would ever want to love.

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