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Why, yes I have named a post after a fitness move. And there is a reason for it.

I’m doing a lot of squatting this year. I mean I do a lot of squatting because it’s a pretty great body weight exercise and also is good when you chuck weights in, it works a shit ton of muscles so I do them in almost every single session that I do during the week.

And then in my boredom I found myself in a YouTube vortex in I watched a video where a bunch of people did 100 squats every day for 30 days and it planted the seed in my head.

That I was going to do it. And well there are months that just have 30 days in them and so I waited until April and then found myself going in. For 3000 squats in a month.

Fitting them in for some reason was harder than I thought it would be and also I decided to make a real smart decision and make them independent from workouts, just because I won’t count them when I’m working out, I’m too focused on other things, like breathing properly. So on some days I did an awful lot of squatting. My legs were never quite recovered and my hip flexors (and then my right knee for a little bit) were always just  a little bit on the wrong side of tight, but I did them. There was a 5 day period where I had to do 110 each day because I missed 50 because I was at Harry Styles and I just missed a train and by the time I got home it was nearly 1am and I couldn’t be bothered. Which meant that for 5 days everything felt that little bit harder.

Can I also just say that I had no way of measuring whether this actually did anything, other than make some things a little bit tighter than normal. I have no idea what I looked like before in comparison to after. I don’t know if that as dumb or not.

I do know that come May 1st when I switched personal challenges for myself I found myself feeling weirdly at a loss when I didn’t find that I had to snatch a quick 10 squats in the middle of the day. It was weird. But apparently it takes 21 days to form a habit or something and I guess after 30 days I had formed a habit of sorts.


It was a habit that I have now broken because it broke me.

I didn’t really think about it at first, but then when I stopped doing it and just went back to my normal training weeks everything settled back to relative normality and it felt sooo good. Oh lord did I carry a lot of tension in my upper legs.

For some reason though when I finished doing this challenge I kind of fucked with the idea of doing it for every month with 30 days in. We are in a month with 30 days and I am not doing it. Partly because I forgot on the 1st. And then when I remembered I had already done a weights session and my legs felt so heavy. Then on the 2nd I went out and on the 3rd I had the full rest day that my body craved. And so it’s not happening. And to be honest, it probably won’t happen again.

I will tell you what the exercise was useful for. It helped me get better range of motion in squats. If I’m just using my bodyweight then I can almost go ass to grass now and it doesn’t feel like the worst. When they’re weighted the range of motion comes and goes especially when I’m front racked.

But seriously, never again.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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