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The end of my frantic writing session weekend is almost in sight. That made it sound really frantic and exhausting, it’s actually been kind of fun because I finally got my writing mojo back after it took a little wander to some undisclosed place. Writing a post based on this song has felt like repeatedly walking into a glass door thinking that’s it’s just an open space. Which is why it’s the last one to come even though it was due to be written over a week ago now…Anyway, I’ll get on with it and Act 1 will finally come to a close after today.

‘There’s only one way for us to win this, provoke outrage, outright’


Chances are, if we didn’t change tactics, we were going to lose. We could see it coming from a mile off. All those months of hard work and endless campaigning were not going to pay off. We had tried to play it clean. We had wanted to win because we were clearly the best. We were the ones who had a strong sense of beliefs that other people wanted to invest in. We wanted people to believe that we would be the best option for the school. We didn’t make any huge false declarations about Friday afternoons off or free coffee every morning. We were realistic with our aims. We were ruthless but friendly with our campaign. We wanted to win, but we weren’t willing to compromise our morals and all that other stuff that our competitors seemed very willing to do. Well at least we weren’t initially.

We had all had smear campaigns executed against us. You wouldn’t think that it would be possible given that we are all 17 and haven’t really lived that much of our lives to warrant trying to tarnish our reputation. Most of the things said were founded on some kind of past fact that had become exaggerated and twisted into something that could be deemed negative.

Accidentally hitting a pole with your car when reversing out of a parking space on a Saturday afternoon became a hit and run of some poor unsuspecting fox in the middle of the night. Wetting yourself at a party when you were 4 suddenly happened when you were 15…at a party that never actually happened. Our whole year keeps the same social calendar they deep down knew that the dates didn’t match up, but that didn’t matter. It was something to laugh at. One of us threw up on a rollercoaster when we were 8, that suddenly became an event that happened mere months ago, there was no proof that it had happened but there was no proof that it hadn’t either.  So it stuck. And we became the laughing stock. Made worse by the fact that we apparently weren’t going to fight back.

An eye for an eye and all that.

But we also have to save face. We couldn’t go down as the laughing stocks of the election for the year. We were legacies after all, it was the main reason that we were even running for student body in the first place. We never would have heard the end of it at home if we hadn’t even tried running. And we were trying right now with everything we had. But we couldn’t win if all our peers thought that we were fox murdering, self urinating, public throwing up teenagers.

Our peers were cruel and would never let us live that down and we still had a year to go after this was all done. We couldn’t be the only ones who were being laughed at in the hallways when no-one thought that we were around. And we had the ammunition against our opponents. We had gathered it all at the beginning of the election season when we were trying to figure out how we were going to play our campaign. But we had decided then that we weren’t going to use the information that we had against them, that we weren’t going to be petty about it.

But with a month to go before votes were cast we could already see that the opposition were closer to the finish line then we were. And they were pulling away more and more with each day that passed. And we needed to save face. That was all this was. It was just a need to not be laughed at for the rest of our time at school. Senior year was going to be hard enough, we didn’t need to make it worse than it already had the potential to be. We didn’t think that we could pull the tide back and win it in the end,  but we could make it less of a one horse race.

So we got together one night and figured out the logistics of the smear campaign. Only we didn’t call it a smear campaign, because it wasn’t that…even though it was, it wasn’t that. It was our way to get back in the game and maybe try and win.

We were the better option, everyone probably deep down knew that. And we weren’t coming at this with a bunch of lies, we were being honest. We were being practical. We wouldn’t disappoint the school like the others would. We were better.

We just were. And maybe this new element of our campaign would prove that. If we could just show our peers the light and make them understand that we were the better option then it would all be fine. And if we still lost, which if we were being honest we still believed would be the case, at least we would have done it knowing that we were all on the same playing field. We all tried to play the game, but as with all games there could only be one winner.

This was us fighting back. They had come for us relentlessly and we had done nothing about it until now. It was only right. It was only fair.

It was only fair right?

What we had on them wasn’t any worse than what they had already said about us. They had lied about us. We were only telling the truth. The truth wouldn’t be that bad. They were still going to win, we were almost sure of that. What we were going to do wasn’t going to affect the outcome, it was just going to help us look like we didn’t roll over and die.

It would be fine.

It was only right.

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