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I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut again recently because all of my creative energies have either been channelled into my Camp Nano project, into reading or they’ve not existed at all. I went through a stage (albeit brief in the long term) where I had all of my posts nearly lined up and ready to write and it was just easy to schedule some time to get them sorted and then just leave them to it. And then I also had the reassuring back up of the fact that I had a back log of books to review because I went through a stage where I was reading one a week (that’s what happens when you read the shorter books on your list before the 500 pagers…) which worked out at a rate quicker than I could review them.

But recently I’ve just sort of fallen out of that pattern and yeah…into a bit of a rut.

So, to pass through this rut (how many times am I gonna say that word in one post?) here are some random  facts about me that have just come to mind

1) I have a lipstick buying problem – more specifically I have a problem with darker shades on the lipstick problem. Honestly I may or may not own two that are very similar in colour, but out by a minuscule amount and also in different finishes. I mean I own a pinky pastel colour (which I will admit I bought only for the name alone. The shame.) one but I’ve always been slightly too scared to wear it because I find comfort in my dark hues. And I spend more time than I would care to admit looking at various make up websites and looking at all the purples I could own.

2) I either have a cold right now slap bang in the middle of what is supposed to be summer or I now suffer from hayfever. Whichever it is means that I have a stuffy nose and am feeling very bleurgh about everything. And am also more tired than usual, which I didn’t think was possible, but there you go.

3) I have, and have done for a while and will probably continue to do so until it happens, a very strong urge to build something out of Lego. I’m talking a Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Big Ben, a Batmobile. Basically anything that appears to be really intricate and really does not need to be made out of Lego…and probably Star Wars related. Seriously I saw a Darth Vader made out of Lego a few months ago in Selfridges and my first thought was I want the job of building that.

4) I really need to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat. I go through phases where I am quite good and then I do things like eat a whole bag of Caramel Nibbles in a couple of hours and not even notice it. I get headaches if I go a day without the stuff, that ain’t good. So yeah I really need to cut that the hell down. It’s pretty much my only vice now. And coffee, but I’ve given that up before and it was awful and giving it up when I work surrounded by coffee just sounds dumb.

5) A small part of me is very weepy over the fact that over the weekend I lost both Wimbledon and the Euros. Lost as in they finished. I wasn’t as invested in them as I have been in the past but that’s partly because a lot of tennis takes place while I am in an office and the Euros were relatively disappointing this year. But I liked having them both on in the background. When I was off from work in week 1 of Wimbledon the sound of a ball being thwacked over a net kept me company, and then it continued to do so when I got home from work and caught the end of play. And well football is something that I’ve always had on in the background for many occasions because that is the kind of household I live in.

6) I don’t even realise that I default to wear all black anymore. It used to be a bit of a joke that I wear a lot of black, until it stopped being jokey and was actually my life. My mum who was notorious for only wearing black now wears more colour than me on a day to day basis I feel. It’s not even that I don’t own anything of colour, because I do and I do wear them. It’s just that when I am getting ready in the morning I find myself pulling clothes out of my wardrobe and throwing them on and then getting about an hour into my day before I realise that I’m clad in one hue (she types while wearing a black maxi skirt and a black shirt) (however this posts while I am wearing a pastel striped skirt, a blue shirt and white shoes. In fact the only item of black clothing I am wearing today is my socks.).

7) I have a million and one TV shows to watch that I haven’t seen before and yet I have to resist the urge to rewatch things that I have already seen multiple times. And this has just reminded me that Outlander finished at the weekend so I can binge the rest of Season 2. And then go back  to the resisting thing. In the resisting thing I find that it just inspires me to not watch anything at all because the pressure gets too much and I just refresh Tumblr instead.

8) Most of my writing stuff exists in notebooks that I have stashed all over my house and I have been know (only by myself) to transfer things that I have written straight onto a screen into a notebook just so I know I have them all in one physical place.

9) I am relatively convinced that I would remain in something akin to a good mood for the majority of a day if I wasn’t at the mercy of public transport (not moving for minutes on end mid journey in rush hour with no explanation is always going to be inconvenient, the apology means nothing, although it’s worse when you’re just stuck there with no explanation). Then again maybe I wouldn’t.

10) I was told by multiple people that getting a job with regular hours that I had to meet would sort out the fact that I was nocturnal. It’s been almost a year and I’m writing this post at approaching half 11 at night and I will (maybe) fall asleep at approaching 1am same as I always do and same as I always did. Those multiple people did not take into account the fact that the person they were speaking to was an insomniac. Sleep comes when it comes, but it mainly alludes.

And that’s this random post for the day. I actually know what I’m doing for tomorrow so that won’t be up in the air. It’s Thursday that I’m worried about.

Parentheses count:8. See you tomorrow!

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