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I’m sticking a similar vein to yesterday’s post, just because that is the kind of mood I am in and I am still trying to digest my thoughts on Nevernight before I post my review which will come tomorrow, so for now we have this.

I am terrible at remembering to do things that need changing or replacing or whatever, which is why I just signed up for VITL (a vitamins subscription) and stopped relying on myself to remember when things were running out and they needed replacing. I now get them delivered to me just as they run out on a monthly basis, it’s great. And so I am all for just leaving things to automated subscriptions so that I can’t forget about them, and as yesterday suggested I am very easily influenced on occasion.

So when I ended up deep in a Buzzfeed article spiral I ended up with two new subscription services under my belt.

And they were for razor blades and toothbrushes. Both of which I never remember how long I’ve been using for and when I need to replace them, so outsourcing it is just great all around for me. So here is just a short summary of my thoughts of them as I’ve been using them both for a few months now (one for longer than the other).

Friction Free Shaving

I’m guessing the title gives it away as to what this one is for. I have always been terrible at remembering to change my razor and my legs don’t really like me for it. And what with it being summer now and all that jazz it means that regular leg shaving season has officially descended. And well this site offers four fresh new razors either monthly or bi-monthly for £8 (if you get a 5 blade one, the 3 blade one is cheaper). I’m on a bi-monthly one because I don’t shave my legs that often that it would be required for me to change the blade every week, so I change it every two (and even then I still almost forget sometimes). I noticed the difference almost instantly, I literally always forget the difference that a new blade makes in the whole process and now I get that often it’s wonderful. Although I do still somehow manage to take giant chunks out of my legs regardless. I’m a fan. Oh and also the customer service team were great. So wins all around.


Aka the hipster toothbrush. Mine is black. Super sleek, doesn’t require daily charging and is light. And I love it. I mean it’s an electric toothbrush. It’s not going to reinvent the wheel or anything and nor is it claiming to. But it’s a gentle kind of electric toothbrush. It also helps me to pay attention to where I am actually brushing my teeth and for how long for. It also makes it a lot easier for me to just feel like I’m getting a deeper clean each morning and night. This toothbrush in conjunction with my toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling super clean. The best part is that in 3 months a new battery and brush head, I don’t quite remember how long I’ve had it for, but I know it’s not been 3 months, I think it might have only been 1 so far. I have also been converted to this one as well.

And those are my current two subscriptions that I currently partake in (actually it’s 3, but I only talked about two) which I am currently loving, if only mostly for the fact that it means that I no longer have to think about replacing them because they are just delivered directly to me. And that’s always fun.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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