This week my post was gonna go one of two ways, something that I wasn’t even aware of until like mid-week where I got a different idea hit me in the brain out of nowhere.

In my (perhaps a little over-active) imagination there exists a perfect summer’s day. A day that is planned so meticulously that it creates a set of expectations that are not actually possible to be met. It involves sun and friends and parks and bbq’s and reading and music and considering how incredibly lazy I can get when it is hot outside the day is relatively packed full of seemingly relaxing activities. And almost definitely not a perfect summer’s day. They can’t really be created and planned out meticulously down to the letter with no consideration given to that little thing called variables. I was kind of reminded of that this week when I had one of those days that summer was made for and it just happened. There was no formula for it, but it was one of those days where I felt truly content and happy, and those on a whole a rarity for me these days because I am usually always worrying about something (although I was still mildly worried that I wouldn’t be home to cook dinner but not overly because it’s not like I am the only person who can cook at home…).

It started rather normally I guess, just a plan to go to the cinema with my best friend and then grab lunch. And then we walked back to her house and one thing led to another and we were a drinking Long Island Ice Tea each and sitting on the kitchen floor (because it was cooler down there after a while to be honest, with a lot of people in one room it got hot real fast) and trying to avoid getting run over by her niece riding on her scooter.

And then we ended up in the garden lounging about in the shade and talking about anything and everything in a way that I only can with her and there was no pressure. There was none of this other stuff that exists in my head of all these seemingly perfect summer activities (and really food outside just leads to bugs and they are an irritant that I didn’t have to deal with, so that’s a real win let’s be real). And you know what, the day didn’t need it. It was just a day where there was nothing to do and nowhere to be and that is all you could really ask for on a day where the sun is shining and the skies are blue. A little bit of perfect really.

See you next week!

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