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Purple. Pink. Orange. A hint of blue.

The blue that hasn’t yet been kissed by the colours the sun creates as it hides behind the horizon and the sea.

The purple that the blue fades into. Slowly. Seamlessly. A light purple that gradually becomes a plum like colour. Gives the clouds a gentle purple hue. A hue that is strengthened by orange.

The orange that abruptly meets the purple. Layered one on top of the other. Orange that warms the sky. Makes it picture perfect. Reflects in the sea. Turns the blue-green into something darker. Something even more beautiful.

And then the pink. The pink that rims the outline of the sun. Bleeds into the orange. Makes it bolder. More welcoming. The pink that reaches out and caresses the purple, but never quite meets the blue. The pink that brings it all together. Leaves the sun’s mark in the horizon when it has disappeared. Let’s you know that it has just gone. Is the first to fade away into a different purple.

The purple that morphs into midnight blue and takes the purple, the orange and the last hint of blue. Let’s the stars twinkle and the moon shine. Let’s them have their moment before the pink returns, signalling the sun’s awakening once again.

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