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So there was no post yesterday. And I recognise the irony in posting on Tuesday that I am a disorganised thoughts mess and then not posting the next day. But Wednesdays are creative days and the well was dry and a part of me is thankful that this Sunday is the last one of the month because it means music and not trying to force words out onto a page (which yes, I acknowledge works well with Monday’s post. I have just realised that there is accidental method to my randomness…).

So far this week I have come up with a few things that I am slowly piecing together so that they can become fully fledged blog posts and I also I have felt incredibly tired. For no real reason at all. It kind of feels like an incredibly delayed reaction to all those nights back in uni (which I finished 18 months ago now) that I just didn’t or couldn’t sleep. So that’s run me down slightly. And also, is it just me or has this week dragged along at snail’s pace? On Tuesday I had to actually talk myself into believing it was Tuesday because I refused to believe that it was only Tuesday (and now Tuesday has stopped looking like a real word).

Other things that are moving at a snail’s pace is my progress though Sense and Sensibility and I wish daily that I was just done with it already. It’s not that I’m not enjoying it, because I love a bit of Austen, it’s just that I’m kinda bored with it. Which I am aware sounds like a massive contradiction, but is mainly to do with the fact that I’m usually a quicker reader than this and that’s not happening right now. So in actual fact I am probably just a bit annoyed at my hitting of ANOTHER reading slump, but like a marathon runner (what a terrible comparison, I am nothing like them at all, what they do is bloody impressive, I’m just reading a Classic) I am busting through the wall.

And I conclude this little update on things with this sentence, see you tomorrow!

(Final sentence, parentheses count: 5)

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