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Hi, Hey, Hello!

So, I’m a musicals fan.

A big one.

I have a whole playlist on my phone dedicated to all the cast recordings that goes on for about 6 hours. In fact that playlist for sure needs updating because I have so many new ones on my phone that I have just not been keeping track of. I have listened to almost nothing but the Mean Girls cast recording since it came out like a month go. I keep thinking that I’m bored of it and then I find myself going back and realise that maybe I’m not.

I have such a problem with it that I forgot that The Book of  Mormon existed and the only reason I remembered is because I ended up in some kind research hole where I discovered that someone at some point had played Elder Price and then I was just like ‘oh yeah, that’s a thing’.

Basically I love musicals.

And I decided on a whim this year that I was going to try and see more theatre, and I guess, given that I appear to be drawn to musicals more than anything else, that I was going to see more musicals. I feel like so far this month I have seen two musicals and this year in total I’ve seen 5.

The whim started on my birthday when I had literally no plans and the R came over and we ordered pizza and I was just dicking about on my phone when TodayTix was recommended as an app I should download in an email and so I did and then later that day I was at the Apollo Victoria waiting to see my fave show for the 5th (I think) time.

And then I found cheap Dreamgirls tickets and then Kinky Boots and well I realised that this would be a great way to see more shows that I hadn’t already seen and also maybe get into some shows that I have definitely already seen but want to relive (I’m looking at you Mormon).

This app has also opened my eyes to a lot of plays that I just would not have thought to go and see because they just would not be on my radar and so I am now actively considering them.

This isn’t the first time that I have had this thought, I have it pretty often to be honest. I just love live theatre so much that every time I go I think I should do this more often, but I just don’t. One reason is due to the cost, but I feel like with the introduction of this app into my life, while a tad dangerous, is actually what I needed in order to try and see a bit more theatre.

And hopefully I will I’ve got my eye on a few shows that I think I might like and also you never know when a discount is gonna get applied to tickets.

Right now, for sure I am seeing Heathers in August, Hamilton (again) in December and later this week the wait will  FINALLY be over for Cursed Child. I’m excited.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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