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At some point during April I was just watching a YouTube video about someone’s favourites and they mentioned this deodorant. It’s all natural and all that good stuff and if you hadn’t guessed it is called Native.

Now I don’t really pay all that much attention to deodorant for whatever reason, I just work on auto-pilot and spray it on every morning because I finally found one that works for me and that’s pretty much it. However I pretty much only shower at the gym on weekends and I have become acutely aware of the fact that I am spraying a fair amount of deodorant in a confined space usually surrounded by a few other women and it’s annoying me so I imagine it might be annoying to others. Which basically sent me on a path of low key searching for another deodorant that was the foreboding words ‘a roll on’.

I have not had the best of luck with roll on deodorants which is why I have been using the same spray one for about 4/5 years now. I finally found one that works and I was apprehensive to make the switch.

But it was a change that kind of needed to happen I guess. As I become more aware of the products that I put on my body I realized that maybe I should try and make my deodorant as natural as possible and well I didn’t have anywhere to go with it and so this seemed like a good place to start.

So I placed the order, the shipping was quick and easy which I was impressed by given that I live in the UK and this ships from the US. I ordered a sample travel pack at first so that I could try all the ones available and see which one I liked the best. They arrived in mid- April and I then realized that I had a small stockpile of my usual deodorant so I pushed back starting to use them until I had run that down a bit more and also so that I could start of the first of the month, meaning that it was easier for me track my progress (as it were) with them.

So the 1st May came around and I looked back at the sample pack that I ordered what felt like many weeks ago and selected the Lavender and Rose one.

As usual when I do beauty based things I am going to split it into 2 sections, first impressions and impressions now.

First impressions were that it really wasn’t that much of faff. I scrubbed my armpits within an inch of their life the first time that I used it (that sounds like I’m not always thorough, I am, just more so on this particular day). I then just followed the instructions that they gave. It was kind of weird. It didn’t feel like there was anything there and I swiped under my arms 3-4 times (which is slightly more than suggested, but there was no obvious sign that I had applied too much so it felt fine) and then put the cap back on and threw it in my bag just in case.

It was kind of put through it’s paces quite quickly in the week that I started using it, one because on day 2 I did what is typically my sweatiest workout of the week and also the weather in the UK decided to go from winter to summer pretty much overnight. I will say that when I was doing my workout on the Wednesday night I noticed that the pit stains were way more prominent then I think I am used to. But I guess that just served to remind me that this is not an anti-perspirant, it’s a deodorant. And also, they may not have been worse than usual I might have just been more aware of it than usual. On the Thursday I was also very aware of it and there were some pit stains on the shirt that I was wearing but I think that shirt is just susceptible to that shit, again I don’t really know I was just super aware of it on that day.

Then come the Friday I just kind of let it be. I stopped thinking about it so much and I think for the most part after that it kind of just felt like normal and I wasn’t overly aware of there being any kind of B.O scent come the end of the day, even with the slight rise in temperature.

So where am I at now roughly 6 weeks into this new little experiment as it were?

I think I’m finally over the detox period.  I’ve kind of stopped worrying about it at all and am just letting it do it’s thing.

Don’t get me wrong I think it has taken at least these 5/6 weeks for the detox to be fully over and I feel like some scents worked better for me than others, but I’m at the point where I am no longer paranoid, even when considering the fact that I work out quite a lot and that the humidity right now is so damn real.

So that’s a good thing.

The scents that I know I like, the Lavender and Rose, once I got over the faint smell of lavender following me around, I grew to like. I also liked the Eucalyptus and Mint one, which while is technically a male scent according to the site, was one that I found fit in with who I am as a person. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Citrus and Herbal Musk because that was just a bit too musky for my liking (again a man’s scent though). I also wasn’t a huge fan of the Unscented one just because I was still in the depths of the detox and it felt like a lot of faith to put in something and I didn’t really have that for the most part. Controversially I was not a fan of the Coconut and Vanilla even though it was touted as the most popular scent, maybe it was the timing of which that I used it or maybe it just was not for me. I do not know.

I do know that I won’t find out what my deal is with that for a while because I’ve just moved onto the seasonal spring pack and my current one is a Lychee and Goji Berry scent which I’m liking. But the main thing I am happy about is that the detox appears to be over.

Seriously the detox process was real and it was kind of hard and I haven’t been so paranoid about my armpits since I was like 11 and this whole thing first became an issue. But I’m over it now.

Personally, while the transition felt kind of long it also felt kind of worth it. On some level I do actually feel better for no longer spraying a ton of aerosol around in the morning and when I’m in the gym and stuff. Is it a little weird to sometimes have to rub product into your underarms because you’ve applied too much and you can see white in public? Yeah. Do you get over it? Also yes, no one gives a damn about what you’re doing they’re focusing on themselves. Another thing that I will say is that this tracks white marks sometimes like you would not believe. I am kind of used to it happening when you’ve just put deodorant on and are then pulling a t-shirt of whatever over your head, but that is usually the only time that I’ve experience that. With this it also sometimes happens when I’m putting on a sports bra. I do that fairly far into my day when I’ve been wearing deodorant for hours at this point and so that can be a little annoying as this product is a little harder to rub away then others.

Overall, I’m a convert to this natural deodorant life. And I’ve got two more scents left to try when I get through my current one (also currently tracking just how long a full sized one lasts, the sample sized ones I got through in about a week each). Would I recommend it? Sure, if using a natural deodorant is something that you want to do, this brand will get it done. Just beware that the detox process might last longer than the suggested 2 weeks.

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Glossier Update

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Now as we all know I became a full on Glossier convert during the last quarter of 2017. I remain one. Then in mid-January they launched a new product.


The second it went live on the UK website it went straight into my basket, along with a new Boy Brow because I was running out (and so I also got free delivery, go me) and then two days later it was in my hand.

It promises results within 4 weeks and well I have had since the 20th January and therefore we are have reached that 4 week mark (well, it’s actually closer to 6)  so naturally I am going to talk about it and whether I think it is working for my skin.

First of all I use this at night, You can use it at any time of the day as long as you use it only once so I picked end of day, just because I think it has a bit more of a chance to truly put some work in while I sleep.

Within the first week or so I noticed that my face broke out. There were whiteheads galore and they really helpfully all collected in the same place so patches of my face were just spot only zones. I think that was mainly just my skin adapting to it though as once they had all cleared up my breakouts sort of settled back down to normal. The thing that I’ve noticed about all my spots in my time using them is that they seemed to scab over and reach that really juicy state where they are ripe for the picking a lot quicker. Which I guess is a good thing for the life span of the spot on my face, but is a bad thing when you’re prone to spot picking like I am. It’s the spot picking problem that is causing all of the hyperpigmentation issues (for the most part) on my face that I am trying to get rid of. So it gives and it takes there.

Also I learnt that you really need to heed the warnings when it comes to sunscreen application. I already do put sunscreen on on the daily, but it’s just one my face that I am super on top of. I sweep this over my face and also down my neck and in the first few days that I neglected to apply sunscreen to my neck the skin got suupppeerrrr sensitive. Nothing too major, because it’s winter right now and I live in a scarf that protects it from any potential sun exposure, but enough for it to be very uncomfortable. It only took a couple of days of application for that to go away, so yeah. Sunscreen is important.

The thing that I have noticed in a big way is that my skin is super soft. The cleanser had already gone some of the way of making my skin feel super soft and this just seemed to increase that immensely. Honestly my skin is so soft and smooth.

I kind of made the mistake of not taking any proper progress photos when it comes to this. I am super critical of my skin and super aware of just how many little scars there are and am not convinced that they are actually going anywhere. But when I am not being hypercritical my skin has actually cleared up a bit. Also whilst I’ve been using this I have noticed that my Vitamin E oil has just been absorbed all the way in. And so is my moisturiser so yes, this does help make other products work better. The oil problem hasn’t been that bad for a while and it has now settled down again but there was a week about 2/3 weeks ago where my skin just went to being a straight up oil slick, so I definitely felt like my skin need to adjust to using acids for the first time, but once it did it’s all been moving smoothly.

This is £19 which isn’t super cheap, but also is an investment that is sure for sure worth I feel, it has improved the overall appearance of my skin. However, I do have a slight issue with the length of time it lasts for. I got a new cleanser in November last year and I think started using it at the beginning of December, I’ve only just bought a new one and I’ve still got at least a week left in my current one meaning that it has about a 3 month shelf life. My Priming Moisturiser Rich was bought around the same time and I’ve still got a couple of weeks left with it, I’ve got a couple of months left with the Priming Moisturiser before I need a replacement. I’ve been using this for 6 weeks and am already 3/4 the way through. It kind of only amounts to a month difference I think between the products, but I only use it once a day like the two moisturisers so I was slightly surprised by how quickly I was moving through it. But it’s a small gripe for what is otherwise a damn great product.

It’s been a very much welcomed addition to my skincare routine and there is a part of me that is still itching to try one of the serums and see what they might add to my routine as well. I’m waiting until I get closer to finishing my Vitamin E oil before I make a more considered decision about which one I’m going to try, but I imagine in a few months time there will be another one these updates…

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I did mention way back when that I would do something of a review when it came to Glossier and well, here it is.


When Glossier launched in the UK in October I kind of knew that I would succumb and find out what all the hype is about the Boy Brow and the Cloud Paint. What I didn’t expect to do was then fall into the skin care section and lose a lot of time in the skin care section. But that is because it came at a time when I was experiencing a lot of breakouts and I had come to the realisation that my skin was plateauing and I needed to make a change and this place was giving me an option for change. And offering it to me in set that means that I can get it cheaper…And also I needed a new sunscreen when I started looking that wasn’t going to make my skin look like an oil slick like the one I was using was doing, and I remember hearing somewhat good things about it so I bunged it in my basket.

So, this is going to come in two sections, my first impressions and then what I think of it now. A tad over a month later.

First Impressions

Milk Jelly Cleanser – Okay, so I’m used to a balm like, oil based cleanser that I rubbed onto my skin dry and then wiped off with a damp cotton wool pad and that was that done. I’ve used creamy cleansers before and I’ve alway fallen out with them. This can be applied to dry or wet skin, the first time I used it I did it both ways. On wet skin in the morning and then on dry skin in the evening.

The first thing is, this doesn’t foam. Which I guess in my head was weird because when I think of cream based cleansers I think of foam. It also means that it’s kind of hard to tell whether it’s cleaning your face or not. I don’t wipe off the residue with a cotton pad and see the work, I just rinse it off and hope for the best. It went on really nicely and felt super conditioning as well. I think it’s kind of the same on both dry and wet skin. One thing it did make me realise was that I needed to invest in a separate face towel that a bit less harsh than my other one. I haven’t had to think about that for nearly 2 years. But yeah, it did feel like it cleaned my skin without leaving it too dry and also it helped with the shiny T zone.

Priming Moisturiser – This is quite a light moisturiser, but it applies really well and it does feel hydrating. My initial thought was that it felt a bit too light to be a night time moisturiser, but they do have a rich version of this that seems a bit thicker, so I might give that a shot. But I might not, this does hydrate and my old moisturiser wasn’t super thick and that worked fine for months. I also like that both of these products don’t have any overwhelming scents, I only like that for my shower gel, my hair products and my perfume.

Balm Dotcom – I got this in mint because I love all things mint (plus the packaging is a hella cute pastel colour). It felt really hydrating the first couple of times that I used it and the smell was good but not overpowering. It’s a bit easy to get carried away with the squeezing of product though.

Invisible Shield Sunscreen – I’m suspicious of all sunscreens. I’m convinced that they are going to make me look ashy and take forever to blend away. This was not one of those. It went on clear. It’s a slightly cloudy colour which initially worried me, but it went on like a dream. And it didn’t leave me super oily like my last one. Yes, there was a bit of shine by the end of the day but it was nothing compared to what it used to be.

Boy Brow – Okay, I understand the hype when it comes to this product. It’s good. It’s not dissimilar to any of my other brow products because when it comes to them I am very particular and also I don’t trust myself with anything like a pencil  or a gel, my eyebrows are naturally quite thick and I play to risky a game by trying to go in with those product at the moment. This one adds just the right amount of colour and coverage and just makes my brows look a little bit neater and a little bit bolder without being too OTT.

Priming Moisturiser Rich – The pop up Glossier store showed up near Regent’s Street towards the end of the month and I just had to go. Mainly to get a better idea of this product, because I got to a point where I knew I needed a richer moisturiser for evenings and reading the reviews they were a bit hit and miss. First of all the scent of lavender with this one is way more pungent then the lighter one. But it is thick and creamy and it did make my skin feel like it was getting a greater injection of moisture through it to get through the night.

Skin Tint – This was also something that I considered buying online, but I wasn’t sure what shade to get it in and so the pop store came at the perfect time. I found my shade (Dark) and this is very much a ‘your skin but better’ kind of thing when it comes to coverage. The only problem with that is that I have hyperpigmentation issues and so I kind of need a bit of a stronger coverage. Also, and I don’t know if this is just my skin  or the way that I applied it (with a beauty blender) but my skin looked really shiny after just a few hours and it looked like it was starting to fall off my face.

Stretch Concealer – Again, this was a product that I needed to just double check my shade for, it’s the same as the Skin Tint, but I just needed to check. This is a great concealer. It’s really creamy and applied really well, it blended down into my skin great. However, this is also a relatively light coverage concealer so it’s not too great at dealing with my more stubborn skin issues, like breakouts and scarring.

Impressions Now

Milk Jelly Cleanser – This stuff is still amazing. It’s so gentle and it does get all the dirt of the day off. I’ve worn make up a couple of times in the past month and I typically take off most of my make up with a face wipe and then go through my routine as normal. I did find that when I did that it didn’t get all of my eye make up off 100% and therefore I did wake up the next morning with panda eyes. I decided to do a little experiment and when I had a full face of Glossier on I didn’t remove it with a face wipe first and just went straight in with this cleanser and it did work a treat. But I had no eye make up on beyond my brows so it’s not quite equipped to do that just yet.

Priming Moisturiser – This moisturiser is super buildable and as the weather gets all the  colder I’ve found that it is still really hydrating my skin which I am appreciating massively. I have noticed that my skin is doing that thing when it becomes like an oil slick by the end of the day sometimes and I don’t quite know whether it’s this or the sunscreen. Or just my skin. I don’t use any mattifying products because I cannot be bothered but that might help now that I’m not using a moisturiser that lends itself a bit better to oily skin like my last one

Balm Dotcom – This product is long lasting when I slick it onto my lips just before heading of out the door to work. I’ve also noticed up until last week when it got really cold that I don’t have to apply lip afterwards as frequently as I usually do, which can never be a bad thing.

Invisible Shield Sunscreen – Like I mentioned up above, I cannot figure out if it’s this product that’s sometimes making my skin really oily or not. I’m not very good at keeping proper track of what affects my skin and what doesn’t. I mean my diet has also taken a slight turn so that might also be affecting it and making me break out a bit more and not my products. This is also super lightweight and I am still such a fan of the fact that it dries so well and doesn’t me a lifetime to blend in until all the white is gone. I clearly like all of these products enough that I have now repurchased the above again over Black Friday weekend.

Boy Brow – I remain in understanding over the hype of this product. It does great things and you don’t need to much the get the job done.

Priming Moisturiser Rich – This has been such a lifesaver in terms of making sure that my skin gets a really got injection of hydration overnight. This product also really soaks up my Vitamin E oil and I really feel like it’s penetrating deep and making everything just a little bit softer and more supple.

Skin Tint – This applies better when you use your fingers and not a beauty blender. I learnt that last weekend. It allows a better coverage and it’s also easier to build it up over problem areas, for which my cheeks house a lot. I think it’s because it’s so liquid-y and so it doesn’t just get super absorbed by the sponge. This product is super hard to get out of the bottle and I find that I do need  lot in order to get a decent coverage on my face. I know it’s supposed to be one of those ‘your skin but better’ products but seriously, I want some coverage. I feel like I might need a setting powder for this, I mean I need one in a general sense as well, but this fell off my face by the end of the day basically.

Stretch Concealer – I love this concealer, it blends so well and it’s pretty solid in terms of coverage as well. The colour is great and it hides the discolouration on my face pretty well. Again, it’s one of those products that you need to apply with your fingers to get the proper coverage. I’ve sort of switched over to liquid concealers more recently because they have more coverage I’ve found but this has tempted back to the side of cream based ones. And I kind of love it.

Look, if it wasn’t obvious at this point I am 100% a Glossier convert. I love them. I love the packaging. I love the simplicity. I love the quality of the products. I love the whole look of the website. I loved the vibe of the pop-up store. I love them. I would recommend them. So much. I will be honest, the prices are a bit skew wiff. I mean the sunscreen is pretty expensive for the size, but I’ve used it everyday for a month and it’s still going strong. In fact all of my initial purchases are at most halfway done and I use them multiple times a day so it’s not crazy excessive for the length time of they last. I only bought replacements for them because they were on sale, not because I was in dire need.

I love it. I’m so glad I gave into the hype.

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As you may be aware, one of my goals this year is to try and improve the overall condition of my skin. It’s not bad per se, it’s just seems to have plateaued a little and my skin is experiencing a lot more break outs and because of the breakouts and because I am spot picker I am then left with some scarring which means in turn that I have some hyperpigmentation issues.

Which wasn’t bothering me all that much, I mean it was a massive issue 4/5 years ago and it sort of cleared up on its own when I got into a better routine with my skin care, which I strived to do while I was at uni. So I knew it would clear up eventually and didn’t pay much mind to it. And then I went to see a doctor (about something unrelated to my skin) and he mentioned that he could prescribe some medication to deal with the scarring and to prevent any future related acne breakouts.

Now, I don’t have acne but he seemed to convince me that going on medication was a good idea. I lasted all of a week, if that. The serum that was prescribed made my skin super irritated and caused this rash like thing to happen right on my cheek and I kept forgetting to take the tablet first thing in the morning and I realised that I didn’t care that much. I did a bit of reading around it and apparently sometimes skin can react that way, but seriously, I do not care that much.

Once I stopped using the serum it took nearly 2 weeks for the red to go down and become this almost scab like thing and then it faded away to something akin to my normal skin colour. It was grim. I hated it. It made my skin worse. At one point it actually burned to just use my everyday skin care routine so it all seemed to rather redundant. And then after that debacle I sort of just lived my life and kept it as it is, because for the most part it was working.

Until I just would not stop breaking out and I started to look for solutions. The obvious one was Tea Tree Oil and then I started looking at what ones were available and in the end I just picked up Grease Lightning from Lush because the rest of my skin care is from Lush so I trust them, and also I was in there picking something else up so it was a full on impulse buy. For the most part it is helping with drying out breakouts and they don’t stick around for as long, and that means that I have less chance to pick them so there isn’t so much new scarring. Always a bonus.

Which brings me on to the next product that I have also introduced to my night time skin care. Vitamin E oil. I use a Superdrug one, which I kind of picked up on a whim when I was picking up some other bits and pieces but was also on the hunt to finally see if that whole putting oil on oily skin thing actually works. Firstly, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling even oiler which is great, in fact I think it is actually controlling my T-zone which used to become super shiny by lunchtime, if I was lucky. It’s also very light and doesn’t require that much per use, which is great. In fact I think I’ve been using the same 30ml bottle for about 6 weeks and it’s still going. It cost me less than £3, so that’s great to.

Beyond seeming to keep the T-zone in check, it does appear to helping to clear my skin up. I mean I wasn’t expecting overnight results or anything, and I made the mistake of not truly capturing what my skin looked like before I introduced the two new products so I don’t have a direct comparison, but it does appear to have freshened and cleared up my complexion a bit.

Which was confirmed to me earlier this week when someone at work said that my skin was looking so much better. So clearly it’s doing something, whether I truly notice the changes or not and it can only really be down to them because I’ve not made any other drastic changes. I mean I’ve increased my caffeine intake and have upped my fruit and veg consumption but none of them have been as sustained as the night time skin care routine.

So, I would definitely credit it to them on some level. And also, I have gone back to genuinely not being fussed by them, if I was then I would take the time to wake up a bit earlier so that I can put some foundation on and cover it up (which I can now do because I have finally lost enough of my tan to be able to use by secondary foundation) and I don’t do that. In fact I’m mildly annoyed that I let it get to me in the first place, because I did for no real reason.

I’m just gonna keep going with what I am doing. Maybe. I also feel like my skin has sort of plateaued again and I’m trying to figure out whether I want to switch it up again…Glossier is released here soon and I’ve heard good things about their skin care products and I always like trying new things. Although, I am also partly of the belief that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

We’ll see.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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Subscription Madness

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I’m sticking a similar vein to yesterday’s post, just because that is the kind of mood I am in and I am still trying to digest my thoughts on Nevernight before I post my review which will come tomorrow, so for now we have this.

I am terrible at remembering to do things that need changing or replacing or whatever, which is why I just signed up for VITL (a vitamins subscription) and stopped relying on myself to remember when things were running out and they needed replacing. I now get them delivered to me just as they run out on a monthly basis, it’s great. And so I am all for just leaving things to automated subscriptions so that I can’t forget about them, and as yesterday suggested I am very easily influenced on occasion.

So when I ended up deep in a Buzzfeed article spiral I ended up with two new subscription services under my belt.

And they were for razor blades and toothbrushes. Both of which I never remember how long I’ve been using for and when I need to replace them, so outsourcing it is just great all around for me. So here is just a short summary of my thoughts of them as I’ve been using them both for a few months now (one for longer than the other).

Friction Free Shaving

I’m guessing the title gives it away as to what this one is for. I have always been terrible at remembering to change my razor and my legs don’t really like me for it. And what with it being summer now and all that jazz it means that regular leg shaving season has officially descended. And well this site offers four fresh new razors either monthly or bi-monthly for £8 (if you get a 5 blade one, the 3 blade one is cheaper). I’m on a bi-monthly one because I don’t shave my legs that often that it would be required for me to change the blade every week, so I change it every two (and even then I still almost forget sometimes). I noticed the difference almost instantly, I literally always forget the difference that a new blade makes in the whole process and now I get that often it’s wonderful. Although I do still somehow manage to take giant chunks out of my legs regardless. I’m a fan. Oh and also the customer service team were great. So wins all around.


Aka the hipster toothbrush. Mine is black. Super sleek, doesn’t require daily charging and is light. And I love it. I mean it’s an electric toothbrush. It’s not going to reinvent the wheel or anything and nor is it claiming to. But it’s a gentle kind of electric toothbrush. It also helps me to pay attention to where I am actually brushing my teeth and for how long for. It also makes it a lot easier for me to just feel like I’m getting a deeper clean each morning and night. This toothbrush in conjunction with my toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling super clean. The best part is that in 3 months a new battery and brush head, I don’t quite remember how long I’ve had it for, but I know it’s not been 3 months, I think it might have only been 1 so far. I have also been converted to this one as well.

And those are my current two subscriptions that I currently partake in (actually it’s 3, but I only talked about two) which I am currently loving, if only mostly for the fact that it means that I no longer have to think about replacing them because they are just delivered directly to me. And that’s always fun.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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The Charcoal Experience

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Never one to jump on a bandwagon (actually sometimes I do, sometimes I steer well clear of one) I ended up falling into one of those weird loops where I just read all the possible articles that I could on something.

In this case it was charcoal toothpaste.

It started off as reading about Emma Watson’s beauty regime and ended with me heavily leaning towards giving it a shot.

And then I stopped leaning and just fell.

Into the toothpaste aisle in Boots looking at the charcoal toothpaste options available to me. Then there was one that was on offer and the calling became too much so I answered.

And now I brush my teeth twice a day in a foam of black.

That surprisingly didn’t take much getting used to. What did though was watching where said black foam ended up. Charcoal is funnily enough a lot harder to quickly deal with than regular toothpaste, so I have to be extra careful when I’m going about brushing my teeth and remember to rinse the sink out for a bit longer (not gonna lie, I am better at doing this at one end of the day then the other, guess which one?).

The one I use is Curaprox Black is White and I bought it at the beginning of June and now in mid-July I still have at least a third of a tube of left, maybe closer to half. My point there is that it’s long lasting, I reckon I might have another month left with this tube quite comfortably unlike my previous toothpaste which lasted 4-6 weeks. The fact that one tube lasts for so long means that it makes the price tag a little less of a terrible blow to take.

In terms of the actual toothpaste it has a nice fresh minty taste. I mean it says fresh lime mint but it’s minty. It’s nice. It’s refreshing and not too overpowering as it could have been. It leaves my teeth feeling cleaner than when I used my previous toothpaste. And it has a pretty similar texture to a regular one as well, although it is a little coarser, but not noticeably so, once I’ve used mouthwash.

Obviously the hype around charcoal toothpaste is that it helps to whiten teeth, and to be honest I have noticed a difference but also I’ve not massively been paying attention to it. But there is a difference.

For the most part I think I will probably stick with it but then also I’m not like holding myself to that. Mainly because the price tag is a bit too big just for toothpaste but that’s a small drawback that may not actually affect anything. I’m gonna see how long this tube actually lasts and then make a decision. For now though, I’m converted.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow, yes really!

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Lush Chat

Lush Chat 8

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The 2016 Reading Challenge has finally been wrapped up which means that I am now full on focused on this year’s one, for which I have already made a ‘sizeable’ dent in (how sizeable can it be really when the current number is 51?) and so yeah, as I have mentioned a few times before over the last week or so I am going to have to do a slight catch up of all the books that I have read so far.

I am gonna break it up a bit though for the next few days and we start today with a little Lush chat. The repurchases include, Ultrabland, Eau Roma Water, Enzymion, Rub, Rub, Rub, Cupcake and Celestial. All face skincare products (bar one) and all things that have helped my skin massively, they work and so therefore they must stay for the time being. So, here are the new things that I have since acquired:

Twilight – At some point last Christmas (as in 2015) I received a small bottle of this and then fell in love with it. And then before I knew it I discovered that it was seasonal and I would have to wait a year before I could  have it back in my life. And get it back in my life I did. I initially bought a small one just to sort of get me through the festive period. And it did, for the first week of my holidays. And then because I need a new shampoo I found myself buying a bigger bottle. And I’ve gotten too attached to it because it’s season is over and I’m gonna have to wait until the end of the year again to have it again, just gonna have to enjoy it while it lasts. The smell of it is just divine. It’s sort of musky and yet also vanilla-y. Then there is a lavender undertone to it all. It’s just a delight to wash with every day. It’s so soothing, and a nice contrast to my typical citrus-y shower gels.

Sugar Plum Fairy – I reached the dregs of Mint Juleps at some point in November without even realising and then when I was in the queue at Lush I just ended up picking this up because it gave me good vibes. And it was seasonal and apparently I am a sucker for a seasonal product despite my Scrooge like tendencies. It’s a good lip scrub for the most part. It’s a little bit crumbly and occasionally it’s a bit mess, but for the most part it gets the job done and leaves a nice smooth base for me to apply my lipstick on.

Daddy-O – This product is just really fucking pretty. It’s a gorgeous purple colour that looks a bit like a galaxy when it’s squeezed on my palm. Also it lathers purple (and it lathers really well) and I get a small joy rinsing it away in all it’s purple glory. The scent of this shampoo lingers for days and at first it drove me a bit mad because I couldn’t quite place the smell. Anyway, it hit me one day that it smells a bit like parma violets. It’s not necessarily an unpleasant smell, but parma violets brings back some memories from my childhood…As I’ve said before I’m never that fussed about shampoo, it just needs to clean my hair, which most do just fine, so I will probably try a different one when this runs out, but purely for the smell and the look of it I would probably repurchase this. (Although I have noticed that my hair feels a bit better these days, but that might also have something to do with the fact that overall I am just conditioning it more and keeping it well moisturised.)

Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease – I mentioned in my goals for this year that my aim was to take better care of my hair and I had already started this in mid-December when I purchased this and slathered it onto my hair.I think I only picked this up because it showed up this video and I am always down for anything that will help tame this curly hair. It definitely felt softer once I had rinsed it out, washed and conditioned my hair (and detangled, always detangling). It also feels slightly healthier as well, but again that might just be because of all the extra care I’ve actually bothered to put into my hair now. I’m a little bit conflicted on the smell of it to be honest. It lingers on the hair for dayyyssss. Like 3 or 4 and that’s with shampooing and conditioning, so to be on the fence about it is slightly conflicting. It’s kind of an overpowering smell, I can’t even think of something to liken it to like parma violets because I just can’t place the smell at all. It’s not too big an issue I guess, given that it works and rather wonderfully can be used on dry hair meaning I can start a hair routine with it and get some other things done in the 20 minutes I need to leave it in for. The smell is one of the only drawback with it because otherwise it’s a product that I can say works. The price to size ratio is also a drawback because I have thick, dry, curly, long hair and no recommended amount of product is never enough for me so I go through this quite quickly. I think I can get 4 treatments out of it, I’ve used it twice and my mum has used it once and I think I can maybe get one final use out of it on my hair…or on her considerably shorter hair… So yeah, that’s a drawback as well.

And they are the most recent Lush purchases that I have made since the last time I did one of these back in November.

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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