The 16 Week Plan

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I literally had a whole different post written to go up today and then I talked to my brother for hours last night and it got thrown into a whole new light and I realised it was kind of bullshit and the fact that I was struggling all day to write the post in the first place should have been a damn sign. So this post is happening instead.

There are now 15 weeks left of the year. I know this because I counted and for some reason I keep seeing a countdown to Christmas on my Twitter and that’s indicating how much time is left of the year. The point is there’s 15 weeks left of the year and I’ve got myself an accidental 16 week plan (because this started last week), which is what this post will now be about.

1) Gain Weight

This was gonna be the post then the more I wrote it the more I realised I was borderline risking falling back into some old habits just for the opposite problem that I’ve had before. I’ve started tracking my food intake again, just so I can have a genuine understanding of my day to day food intake so that I know for sure that I’m hitting a surplus because that’s what I need. Hitting a surplus eating clean(ish) is fucking hard. I didn’t hit what I was supposed to be hitting once last week. Which is sign enough that I need to adapt my approach and go soooo slow and steady instead. It’s easier to do and means that I won’t fall back into some shitty old habits because I don’t actually have to do anything differently for the most part. I have my current weight, I have my goal weight, I know how much I need to gain over a certain period of time (this also came from that conversation that I mentioned earlier). I’m not weighing myself religiously in fact to be honest I’ll probably only do it once a month just as an FYI for myself. I’m not really making any huge changes with this, but I am going to focus it a bit more for the last part of the year.

2) Tweak my skincare

A little. I’ve said it beofre that for teh most part this is under control. And it is. However winter is coming and so some adaptation is needed. The funny art is that I’m adding a regular exfoliator to my skin care routine once a week, as well as a detoxifying something or other. Probably a mask. Just small things to really give my skin the best chance of living its best life. I’m in a really good place with my skin now, but just want it to be tad more.


I know that this is an overall goal of mine. However Novemeber is rather terrifyingly fast approaching and that can only mean one thing. Nanowrimo. Which I am kinda of gonna cheat with this year. I have The Thing. I’ve started The Thing. I’m feeling like I’ve got something going with The Thing. And so I’m going for that first draft. It should be roughly 70-80,000 words by the end of it. November especially seems like the best time to wrap that up, so then I have the rest of the year to take a damn break from it.

4) Other Writing Shit

This is ambiguous here, but to me this makes perfect sense.There is some other writing shit that I want to get done.

5) Self Care

I’m not bd at this. I have no choice but to be mostly on top of it. I’ve kind of let if slip a little bit and I’ve noticed the difference in myself My anxiety exists at about 2 usually these days, but the past couple of months it’s been at an 8 and I’ve just kind of stopped using the methods that I learned in therapy and instead have buried my head in the sand. But I need to buckle down with it and get it back under control. I know what I need and should do and I need to get better at doing it again.

And that’s my 16 (15) week plan that will work in conjunction with my other goals for the year (which are mostly under ‘control’). I feel oddly motivated right now for the first time in a while to actually kick my ass into gear and own the next few months.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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What’s In My Gym Bag?

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For whatever reason I’ve found myself drawn to the idea of doing this post for a while, and well you gotta follow those instincts sometimes.

I workout on the weekends now. I mean I have for months but they used to be afternoon classes, now they’re morning (kinda, Sunday is 12:45). This basically means that I have the rest of day to mooch around and I don’t wanna do that a sweaty, sweaty mess so as such I have acquired myself a weekend gym bag full of all the essentials.

Which is what will now come below:

Body Wash – Let’s just start with the basics. I am currently all about foaming body washes because they require less product, I don’t have to worry about them lathering properly and they work just fine with just my hands. I used to use a Nivea one, but my current one is a Dove one with argan oil and all that good stuff in it and that has quickly become my favourite. The only issue I have with these is that if for whatever I somehow drop them on the shower floor then the whole canister is fucked if it breaks. This happened to me with one that I had used a grand total of twice. The pain was real. But shout out to a Glamour magazine trial for introducing me to this total game changer of a gym bag staple

Face Wipes – I am a sweater. It’s gross. It literally drips off me sometimes, even in workouts that you don’t think are going to be that bad (this happened to me last night, it’s usually my least sweaty workout of the week, but it was weirdly really hard and hot yesterday and I was doing standing kickbacks watching the sweat fall off my face and drip into a puddle on the floor. All that oversharing to just basically say that following a workout where I still have the rest of the day to live I want to make sure that I don’t have sweat clogging my pores. I do my full morning skincare routine before I leave my house, but then I just clean it again with a face wipe to make sure that the sweat doesn’t do my skin so dirty. I’m currently using Garnier Micellar Oil ones, but to be honest I use any, but I do like these. They might get a repeat buy.

Moisturiser and Sun Screen – I just pop these in there after I’ve finished my full routine before I leave. To compensate for the fact I’ve cleaned my face and also because I’m all about that sun protection.

Deodorant – Duh. Again, I just chuck my day to day one in there. Still using Native (just about finished the Fig and Honey one, which I think I hated all things considered). Still not caring about the fact that in a relatively full changing I do have to rub any excess in to minimise the whiteness under my arms.

Leave-In Conditioner – This is a new addition because I continued to keep doing my hair dirty by just ignoring it for days. I talked about my fave new gym bag essential in this post here.

Body Lotion – Again, I talked about my current one in this post. It’s pretty much coming to an end, so I will replace it but currently I haven’t done that and so I will need to switch it out temporarily. Which I will do with a Frank’s Body one that I have just acquired. Which I have only used once so far and really like because it’s super thick and creamy and to be honest my skin desires that kind of hydration so hard after I’ve showered post-workout.

Protein Shake – So this is in my bag any time I work out because I am still trying to get on that gains train. Which means that obviously it would be in that weekend gym bag of mine.

Tiger Balm – Again this exists in my bag almost all the time because I got weak ass wrists and they hate me. This stuff does work wonders.

And that’s what is in my weekend gym bag.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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New Products

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So I was looking around in my beauty product life the other day (I was trying to figure out if I needed to replace any stuff etc) and I realised that over the past few months I have acquired a few more products that I didn’t have before (obviously). And well, I felt compelled to then talk about them a little bit. I’m kind of bored of talking about books right now (having said that book reviews are finishing out the week). Also this stuff is fun for me and I’ve also just bought some more stuff which means I will get a new one of these up at some point soon as well.

Better You Lotion – Magnesium is a huge help when it comes to muscle recovery. I’ve always known this, I take a magnesium supplement everyday and my protein powder has magnesium in it. However my hamstrings remain the tightest thing in the damn world and they need all the help they can get right now and well I shower after I work out and do all that I can to keep dry skin at bay. So this all seems like a match made in heaven. I will say that applying this is a bitch when I put it on freshly shaved and exfoliated legs (which is every Tuesday night), it tingles at the best of times (less so now that my skin is used to it) but on those days it tingles a lot. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and honestly with repeat usage (I use it on average 5 times a week) it does make a difference to my recovery.

Better You Iron Spray – To be honest, I was trying to get free delivery and also was wary of the fact that I lack an iron supplement in my life but also kind of need one. This one is fast acting as it’s a spray form which I’m not mad about.

Full of Grace – This is a serum that I have always thought about using but just never bit the bullet and bought. And then I did. During the hottest period of time ever. Which may have affected the length of time that it lasted. It lasted a month and I had to keep it in the fridge just because it melted soooo much otherwise. I liked it. I never quite got the hang of just how much was necessary for a full face which didn’t leave my skin feeling either too dry or too greasy. I think I would go back to it because I liked the way that it made my skin feel, but I might not do it when it’s continually 32 degrees outside…

Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner – I am a sucker for a leave-in. They are my life. They save my hair day in day out. I hate the way that this smells. It’s smells clinical and also I feel like I have to use a fair amount in order to get anything done with my hair. However I will keep buying it because it slots in nicely in my gym bag. For a short period of time my hair didn’t really see water for like 3 days a week (unless it was sweat) because I just never rinsed it through after a workout because my studio has shitty conditioner that feels like water and my hair never doesn’t have conditioner in it. And so for some reason I thought no water was a better option than no product…but for whatever reason that just was not feasible to do and so I threw in the only leave in that is transportable, which is this one. And it has been a life saver. So this is where that lives now. In my gym bag.

Trevor Sorbie Shampoo – I have no loyalty to shampoo, I think I’ve said this before. I shop around I do not care. As long as it’s sulphate free I’m there. I hate the way this smells (there is a trend here) but it is making a difference to the way that my hair and curl pattern operates. I mean I probably won’t buy it again but that’s just because I ain’t loyal.

Black Castor Oil/Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner – Okay, this is Superdrug own brand and also a freebie because I was buying so many other hair care products. I didn’t read the ingredients. See above where I said if it’s sulphate free I’m there? Yeah this shampoo is not. Which I think is weird of Superdrug as it’s in the black haircare section and sulphates are not our friends. It’s annoying because I actually kind of like the combo. My hair felt good after I used them both. One week. Then the following week it did me dirty and dried my hair out as sulphates in shampoos are prone to do. The conditioner I can get on board with. The shampoo is a no.

Vitamin E Eye Cream – I’ll speak below about how much my under eyes are hating me but I finally injected an eye cream into my life and I love the Superdrug Vitamin E range so much for other things that this felt like a safe bet. Is it making a difference? Who the hell knows, but I’m gonna keep it up.

Under Eye Masks – Look, my under eyes are suffering right now and they are getting puffy as hell from lack of decent sleep or some shit. I don’t know, they are bad, I am looking for help wherever I can right now. Both of the ones that I have used are Garnier. This one and this one. I hated the full around the eye mask. It just felt oddly restricting and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t mind the under eye one. That felt soothing and hydrating and I enjoyed using it and might use it again (there are these that I am also eyeing up right now…caffeine, jelly, under eyes. Sign me the hell up.)

Tea Tree Toner – This is from Lush, I was in there and I was buying Full of Grace so I just thought why the hell not. Also I get bored of toners so easily and mine last so long because I buy massive ones that I only use once a day. Plus, tea tree is good for your complexion and so I subbed it in for my aloe one. I’m getting bored of it though, so am kind of glad that I’m reaching the end of it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good and it does help soothe my skin in the morning, but yeah. I’m just easily bored with toners.

L’Occtaine Overnight Reset Serum – I got this as a sample because I am all about trying as many serums as possible. I love the consistency of it. I also love how soft it makes my skin feel from the first application. I’m probably not going to buy it though, but it was a nice little injection.

Garnier Sheet Mask – I got on the sheet mask hype (Charcoal and Algae to be precise) because my die hard Lush fave ran out and well I was shopping around for a new Sunday night face mask. I used this. I hated it and am probably not going to get back on the sheet mask train. I like my clays and my exfoliating masks. I’ve found my lane, I’m gonna stay there.

Twisted Sista Leave In Conditioner – The one that I wanted was out of stock. I needed a leave in. I hate how this smells. So much. However, it is very moisturising and it gets the job done of just making sure that my hair stays hydrated when it’s in a bun. It’s thick and it gets the job done. I can almost forgive the scent.

Parentheses count: 10. See you tomorrow!

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Only Curls

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It has been a while since I did a post about my hair and so here we are. I got new toys to play with in mid-April and I moved away from my trusty hair products for the first time in well over a year. Which was kind of a risky thing to do because when I started to try these products it was because I had run out of my beloved Shea Moisture duo and so if I hated them or they did shitty things to my hair I had to live by that until they run out.

The good news is that they didn’t do that.

The brand that finally took me away from my Coconut and Hibiscus dream team was Only Curls. I saw them on an Instagram story one day and the branding looked kind of interesting and I was in the mood to shake up my hair products because I have been using the same products for so long now and my hair was running the risk of getting bored with them, my hair was slowly spending more and more time tied up because I was so bored of them.

They were exactly what I needed it turned out.

I’m gonna break this down into two sections, they are first impressions and then where I’m at with them now.

So, first impressions:

I have always been kind of skeptical about the word ‘gel’ due to a lot of bad experiences with them making my hair feel hard and crunchy and smelling a bit weird and so I was wary of making one of my main styling product a gel. Turned out that I didn’t need to worry about that because the gel product is actually quite liquid-y.

But when applying them it’s creme and then gel. The creme is so light and almost refreshing if that makes any sense. I’m kind of iffy about the smell, on a couple of mornings in that first week that I started using it I kind of liked it and then on some others I really didn’t. The gel is also kind of light and it does help with the definition of my curls quite a bit which is always appreciated.

The first time I used this was on freshly washed hair (well from the night before) and I also used my Denmann brush once I had scrunched all the products through as I usually do to get more defined curls. The results were good, I liked what they did to my hair. The problem that day was the fact that it was windy and so it kind of messed my curls up a bit whilst it was drying. I’ve mentioned this before but once I’m done styling my hair I can’t touch it, or move it. So that skewed things slightly, also when I went to tie it up later that day for my workout the curl pattern basically left my hair.

I’m also one of those girls who has rinse her hair out every single day that I want to style it and reapply product, which is another reason why I spend a lot of time not bothering doing it in the mornings. It does however mean that I get to start fresh each day which is kind of useful because if I hate it one day then I get a re-do it the next day. So, the following day I started again.

I didn’t use the Denmann brush this time and actually I think I liked the way that my curls dried and the definition they had a bit better than when I did use it. So I didn’t use it again for the rest of the week (and also stuck a question mark as to whether I would ever use it again for my styling…). I was still trying to figure out what the correct amount of products was on my hair to try and make it look good and not feel greasy so while I liked the results there was still some areas of improvement to really get my curls popping.

And I made my breakthrough on Day 3 and 4. My curls looked so good and in the most surprising turn of events they actually dried beyond my shoulders. This is a rarity for me. My hair dry has existed at my shoulders for over a year now regardless of what the wet length is. It never fails to make me a little sad. But it dried beyond there. It felt like a breakthrough

And then I got a haircut at the end of May.

Oh my god. The way this makes my hair look now is incredible.

I am obsessed and in love. I’ve spent a lot of time this past year and a bit trying to actually love my hair and not just fake it and I’ve made a lot of progress with that over the past year, especially since summer. But the past few weeks have been insane. I have truly been living when it comes to my hair and the combo of these two products have done wonders for that.

They leave my curls thriving and looking incredible. They are super lightweight and don’t leave my hair feeling too heavy with the perfect amount of spring and bounce in the curls. I mean some credit has to go to the fact that I have had a haircut and therefore have cut some of the deader weight removed which means that it’s gonna spring back better anyway, but these two products have also been a major game changer for me and a risk that I am glad I took.

A slight negative, I can get through the cream real quick. I think for every gel I get through, I get through 2 creams.I don’t really know that quite yet, I do know however that in this instance I am coming to the end of one bottle of gel and the end of a second bottle of cream.

Oh and also, I bought a microfibre towel from them and I love how much it just soaks up water from my hair, it’s arguably a little too good at it sometimes if I forget how long it’s been on my head. However it did not accommodate for my hair all that much when it was longer and a lot of it was hanging out before I got a haircut. It’s not a huge issue because I just clip it in the back anyway but yeah, it’s not necessarily for longer hair so I don’t know how much use it will be to me when I get the length back. It will probably just be to scrunch any excess moisture out as opposed to wrapping it up and letting it dry that way, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

All in all, I am super happy with these products. They are so good and they do such great things to my curls and they came at just the right time when I was reaching some kind of point with my hair.

Also I love the totes that you get with a delivery over £30. They cute.

Meet my new power duo (that I will have to switch up soon so my hair doesn’t get complacent, but that’s not a hurdle I’m facing right now).

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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At some point during April I was just watching a YouTube video about someone’s favourites and they mentioned this deodorant. It’s all natural and all that good stuff and if you hadn’t guessed it is called Native.

Now I don’t really pay all that much attention to deodorant for whatever reason, I just work on auto-pilot and spray it on every morning because I finally found one that works for me and that’s pretty much it. However I pretty much only shower at the gym on weekends and I have become acutely aware of the fact that I am spraying a fair amount of deodorant in a confined space usually surrounded by a few other women and it’s annoying me so I imagine it might be annoying to others. Which basically sent me on a path of low key searching for another deodorant that was the foreboding words ‘a roll on’.

I have not had the best of luck with roll on deodorants which is why I have been using the same spray one for about 4/5 years now. I finally found one that works and I was apprehensive to make the switch.

But it was a change that kind of needed to happen I guess. As I become more aware of the products that I put on my body I realized that maybe I should try and make my deodorant as natural as possible and well I didn’t have anywhere to go with it and so this seemed like a good place to start.

So I placed the order, the shipping was quick and easy which I was impressed by given that I live in the UK and this ships from the US. I ordered a sample travel pack at first so that I could try all the ones available and see which one I liked the best. They arrived in mid- April and I then realized that I had a small stockpile of my usual deodorant so I pushed back starting to use them until I had run that down a bit more and also so that I could start of the first of the month, meaning that it was easier for me track my progress (as it were) with them.

So the 1st May came around and I looked back at the sample pack that I ordered what felt like many weeks ago and selected the Lavender and Rose one.

As usual when I do beauty based things I am going to split it into 2 sections, first impressions and impressions now.

First impressions were that it really wasn’t that much of faff. I scrubbed my armpits within an inch of their life the first time that I used it (that sounds like I’m not always thorough, I am, just more so on this particular day). I then just followed the instructions that they gave. It was kind of weird. It didn’t feel like there was anything there and I swiped under my arms 3-4 times (which is slightly more than suggested, but there was no obvious sign that I had applied too much so it felt fine) and then put the cap back on and threw it in my bag just in case.

It was kind of put through it’s paces quite quickly in the week that I started using it, one because on day 2 I did what is typically my sweatiest workout of the week and also the weather in the UK decided to go from winter to summer pretty much overnight. I will say that when I was doing my workout on the Wednesday night I noticed that the pit stains were way more prominent then I think I am used to. But I guess that just served to remind me that this is not an anti-perspirant, it’s a deodorant. And also, they may not have been worse than usual I might have just been more aware of it than usual. On the Thursday I was also very aware of it and there were some pit stains on the shirt that I was wearing but I think that shirt is just susceptible to that shit, again I don’t really know I was just super aware of it on that day.

Then come the Friday I just kind of let it be. I stopped thinking about it so much and I think for the most part after that it kind of just felt like normal and I wasn’t overly aware of there being any kind of B.O scent come the end of the day, even with the slight rise in temperature.

So where am I at now roughly 6 weeks into this new little experiment as it were?

I think I’m finally over the detox period.  I’ve kind of stopped worrying about it at all and am just letting it do it’s thing.

Don’t get me wrong I think it has taken at least these 5/6 weeks for the detox to be fully over and I feel like some scents worked better for me than others, but I’m at the point where I am no longer paranoid, even when considering the fact that I work out quite a lot and that the humidity right now is so damn real.

So that’s a good thing.

The scents that I know I like, the Lavender and Rose, once I got over the faint smell of lavender following me around, I grew to like. I also liked the Eucalyptus and Mint one, which while is technically a male scent according to the site, was one that I found fit in with who I am as a person. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Citrus and Herbal Musk because that was just a bit too musky for my liking (again a man’s scent though). I also wasn’t a huge fan of the Unscented one just because I was still in the depths of the detox and it felt like a lot of faith to put in something and I didn’t really have that for the most part. Controversially I was not a fan of the Coconut and Vanilla even though it was touted as the most popular scent, maybe it was the timing of which that I used it or maybe it just was not for me. I do not know.

I do know that I won’t find out what my deal is with that for a while because I’ve just moved onto the seasonal spring pack and my current one is a Lychee and Goji Berry scent which I’m liking. But the main thing I am happy about is that the detox appears to be over.

Seriously the detox process was real and it was kind of hard and I haven’t been so paranoid about my armpits since I was like 11 and this whole thing first became an issue. But I’m over it now.

Personally, while the transition felt kind of long it also felt kind of worth it. On some level I do actually feel better for no longer spraying a ton of aerosol around in the morning and when I’m in the gym and stuff. Is it a little weird to sometimes have to rub product into your underarms because you’ve applied too much and you can see white in public? Yeah. Do you get over it? Also yes, no one gives a damn about what you’re doing they’re focusing on themselves. Another thing that I will say is that this tracks white marks sometimes like you would not believe. I am kind of used to it happening when you’ve just put deodorant on and are then pulling a t-shirt of whatever over your head, but that is usually the only time that I’ve experience that. With this it also sometimes happens when I’m putting on a sports bra. I do that fairly far into my day when I’ve been wearing deodorant for hours at this point and so that can be a little annoying as this product is a little harder to rub away then others.

Overall, I’m a convert to this natural deodorant life. And I’ve got two more scents left to try when I get through my current one (also currently tracking just how long a full sized one lasts, the sample sized ones I got through in about a week each). Would I recommend it? Sure, if using a natural deodorant is something that you want to do, this brand will get it done. Just beware that the detox process might last longer than the suggested 2 weeks.

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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Glossier 3.0

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I swear at some point I will maybe not talk about Glossier but they are pretty much are my skincare routine now. Bar two products, it is my skin care routine.

And soon it will probably be the only brand that I use for my skincare. I just really love it. Which seems like a cliche thing because some of the stuff is so overly hyped, but rightfully so.

My skin has cleared up so much since using it. And it is also really soft and super hydrated these days. That hyperpigmentation issue is slowly settling down again. My breakouts seem to be mostly hormonal now, which I am not mad about.

It’s working.

I love the routine that I have down for it. It’s simple and effective and going through the process each morning and night is a process for me. It gets me into the day and settles me to get ready for bed.

I mean I also use other Glossier products as well. I swear by Boy Brow because it does real great, natural, things to my eyebrows which is essential. I really like the stretch concealer because it adds an extra layer of coverage to my under eyes which these days is really required, seriously I never don’t look tired. I’m not a huge fan of the tint because it makes my face look hella shiny after like 10 minutes which is not something that I need in life.

I swear by the sunscreen because I really love the fact that it’s clear and doesn’t at any point make me look ashy. Although the shelf life in the summer is a lot shorter. It currently only lasts a month, but it was lasting me 2 months prior to that.

I also just got the Lash Slick in my life. I’ve only used it once and so far I’m unsure of it. I currently am a bit iffy of the wand and also it didn’t quite do what I wanted to my lashes, however that might just be because I am so very attached to my Urban Decay one because it just does the damn thing with my lashes.

I still haven’t taken the leap with the serum yet but I do now know which one I want, so when my current Vitamin E one runs out I will take the jump, or I might just use them both. I’m undecided about that one yet, but it’s coming. I know it is.

Also, my face is due a new face mask and well, they have them. I mean I have a free face mask to claim from Lush first which I am kind of really looking forward to getting because my face has missed Prince of Darkness and also it hasn’t been properly exfoliated in a while so that will be a nice treat for it.

I’ve also been contemplating using the perfume as well. I have had a lot of samples of it because you get them whenever you make a purchase pretty much (or you can choose it, and I usually always do because I don’t need a sample of a cleanser I already use) and I really do like it. There’s something about it that does it for me but similarly to my attachment to my mascara my attachment to my current perfume is pretty intense. I have used it every day for like 4/5 years and the thought of saying goodbye to it is kind of scary, in a really non-important way.

I’m due to make a new order this week anyway because my day moisturiser is pretty much on its last legs and so I need to order more. And we’ll just see what else ends up in my basket and on its way to me…

Basically I’m still a sucker for Glossier and I can’t see it changing any time soon.

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Skin Update

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I feel like I talk more about my skin this year than I did last year when trying to get it to something remotely related to being in check was one of my goals for the year. But I’m taking it about 50% more seriously than I actually did last year because this was the year that the hyperpigmentation of my skin finally started to drive me a little mad.

I was annoyed when it was the only thing that a doctor chose to focus on when I went to see him for something completely different and I hated the fact that he prescribed me all these drugs but did nothing to actually help me with the very anxiety I went there for. In fact he may have made it worse, because I wasn’t even thinking about my skin and the scarring on it until he brought it up. And so I did think about for about a week, but it made my face go really red and made a rash come out on most of it and it really stung almost all of the time and I kept forgetting to take the tablets that I was prescribed so I gave it all up. And ceased to give a shit about the scarring.

Until I sat in a mirror in MAC to get my concealer matched and wow do those mirrors and that lighting bring out all the issues with your skin. Just my gosh. I mean I am aware that it’s not necessarily the best, I’m a spot picker and so the scarring is real but it’s kind of tamed down since my late teens and so I don’t really notice it as much. Until this day where the concealer did all kinds of wonderful to things my face and made it look almost blemish clear and then I decided that it bothered me a little again. This happened in January of this year though. I wasn’t bothered about the appearance of my skin until this year.

To be fair I’m kind of still not that fussed by my skin, I mean I spend most of my days make up free because it’s effort. But yeah, there is a part of me that would like to go back to having clear skin as well as it being super smooth and also very soft (thank you Glossier).

Now I already started making changes to this when I added Solution to my skin care routine at the tail of January and well we’re coming up to 3 months with it now and I talked about it felt like I did definitely feel like there was some improvement with my skin within the 6 weeks that I had been using it at the time of posting.

I also mentioned in that post at the beginning of last month that I was thinking of maybe adding some kind of serum to my life. Well I did so that. It just isn’t currently a Glossier one. I used to use a Vitamin E Oil after I’d applied moisturiser at night which meant that I went to bed with a little bit of a sheen and also to be honest I was never really 100% sure whether that was truly being absorbed by my skin before I went ahead and put my face all over a pillow, but I stuck with it because it’s cheap and on some level it did actually help.

But I was in the market for a serum and I still hadn’t figured out which Glossier one would be right for me (I just know I don’t need all of them) and as I was about to just buy another oil I noticed that Superdrug now do a Vitamin E facial serum. And so I picked one up. You apply it twice a day, so I apply it after I’ve toned in the morning and used Solution in the evening and then I moisturise (and put sunscreen on in the morning). And I’ve been using it since St Patrick’s Day, which is where the second part of this skin update comes in.

The continued use of Solution is continuing to make a difference to the skin on my face. It is really making a difference with the dark marks on my face. They are fading. The process is slow don’t get me wrong, but I never expected it to me quick. I am aware that it may only take mere days for the scar to appear but it will take a fair while for them to fade. So this is doing some of the work. Also, I mentioned in my last post that it seemed that Solution had a shorter shelf life than my other Glossier products. That may have been a premature assessment. I still have the same one that I had when I wrote that post, I subbed it out for a full for the week I was in Amsterdam just in case but it’s lasted a lot longer than I thought it would when I just did it by eye.

The addition of the serum currently feels like I am just adding an extra boost of hydration into my skin. It really adds to the softness and overall texture and appearance of it. It doesn’t target a particular skin issue as such but it does keep it hydrated, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I won’t lie, I did just pick up because there was a part of me that just couldn’t choose a Glossier one.

I thought that I knew which one I was going to pick when it came to them for when this current one runs out and then our hotel room in Amsterdam came with really good bathroom lighting and I learned that my skin is kinda red in places, which a whole new skin issue that I didn’t even know I had and also means now I am back to questioning which one would be best for me.

Generally speaking though, my skin is starting to really improve and I can really tell that it is in a better condition than it has been in the past. Even the oiliness that was making a real strong comeback over the summer has started to be less aggressive.

I mean I am saying all this the week that my skin decided to revolt against me because I wore make up every day for a week and also when the hormonal spots have decided to make their appearance so currently my skin looks awful, but for the most part and in the long run, it has really improved and Solution remains a great addition to my skin care routine.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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