Break Time

Hi, Hey, Hello!

This was originally going to happen in a couple of weeks but given the way that I’ve been feeling when it comes to putting together posts and the fact that for the most part I will literally do anything but click on the ‘write’ button, and the fact that this week I’ve only posted once and even that was late, I’m gonna call it now.

I’m taking a little break.

For the rest of the month. At least

Currently whenever I get hit with the urge to write it’s for The Thing and so I focus on that but then feel a little guilty because I am neglecting to write anything for the following day on here. And no one has the time for that kind of guilt. Especially because if you really think about there is nothing to be guilty for. And also sometimes what I really want more than anything is to just lie on the sofa and binge watch something (this Friday it was The Bold Type, which took the first episode for me to get into but once I was there I was hooked and now I’ve run out of episodes.

Also I have a lot of work to do on The Thing, like flesh out the characters and truly get the plot down because it’s mostly there but I still don’t really know where I want it go fully, I just have a vague idea and somewhere to go with it but I need to make it concrete and put it into my favourite things, which is words. I need to find my ass a pen and a notebook and get all the trail amount of information that likes to just sort of fly about in my head and see if I can get it to work in the way that I want it to. And if I don’t have to worry about writing up blog posts then I can get all this stuff done.

This time off from here will also allow me to bank up some posts again because I’ve let the queue run all the way dry (if that wasn’t completely obvious) when I was doing quite well and getting shit all the way done. Then I took some time off to just re-do certain aspects of the blog and with all that momentum I just sort of hit a wall. Which is whatever. And where we are at.

There is no content in my head to put on the page for this blog. At the moment. I mean there probably should be come Easter which is currently when I plan on coming back. Although I am still on holiday (in London, but not at work because I need some time off to recover from my holiday which is the previous week) for that week so it may be the second week of April. I don’t know I’m gonna play that by ear. Because I might also use that week to get some real solid writing done for The Thing because I am also planning on doing Camp Nano so that I can get this thing to at least 50,000 words by May. Maybe more, but I’m not gonna aim that damn high. And having a solid week to get some real groundwork done might actually be a better use of my time.

Like I said, I’m going to play it by ear.

What I am going to do though is go through the archives. I found a lot of old posts that I completely forgot about when I was having a little re-do. Which isn’t all that surprising because there are nearly 800 on here now (yeah, I deleted a bunch of posts and that really changed the number of posts that were on here) and once they are up after a couple of weeks I do kind of forget about them. So I’m going to go through all of my archives and share a couple each day. And actually use Tweetdeck so that I can get them organised and then forget about them again.

It’s a different level of organisation.

Overall I think that it will just make me feel less stretched out. Which is something that I currently need. I just need to swing the balance back into something that might actually be considered balance because right now it really is not.

Something’s gotta give and in this instance it’s the blog because that is the thing that I am currently feeling the least creative for.

So, that’s where we’re at with this now. I’m off for the next couple of weeks. I’ve got some planning and writing to do. Amsterdam to travel to and birthday for a brother to celebrate.

Parentheses count: 3. See you at some point in April!

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…is this thing on?

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Somehow an entire month has now passed since the last time I typed those words and pushed the ‘schedule’ button. It feels like a long time and yet it feels like no time at all. In those 4 weeks I did something crazy and actually went on a holiday. My first one in 3 years and the first time I had taken longer than 5 days off work (which for the most part meant I utilised back holidays and nothing else) in 2 years.

I went to Kos, Greece and the weather was divine (and sometimes a tad too hot). I did a lot of sleeping and relaxing. And eating and drinking. I had a day in which I spent hours in the sea. I lived my life in swimsuits, bralettes and shorts. I completely disconnected from everything around me and got to spend a lot of time with one of my favourite people. It was bliss, I left feeling mostly really zen and relaxed and at peace. Which made going back to work all the more difficult, but I forgot that I booked the Friday off before the bank holiday meaning that in the month of August I did a grand total of 1 full week at work. Winning.

I read most of the books on my Summer Reading list but I hit a bit of small reading slump and that affected how quickly they were read and also I was thrown a curveball with Florence Grace which meant that I just currently get on board with it right now, turns out I need to prepare for that. But I’m making my way through Brideshead Revisited which means that I read 8 (and a half) of the books that I wanted to and also means that I am actually nearing the end of this year’s reading challenge. I mean literally all the books that I have left are pushing over 400 pages so I’m not going to declare that it is do-able quite yet, but I am amazed that I haven’t found the 51 books that I set myself at the beginning of the year a huge mountain to climb and am still on the wrong side of half way.  I might go back to Neil Gaiman after I’ve finished Brideshead because I’ve still got 3 books of his to read and I’m feeling the need to revisit the American Gods world before I finally binge the TV show. I’ll tackle Florence Grace again another week.

In terms of this blog, that whole month that I took off proved to be just what I needed and I have now actually got a plan for the REST of the YEAR. Because that is way closer than I would like it to be, but there you go. September is going to be a bit of a mish mash of things because it is going to be whatever the hell it wants to be. There will be prompt based posts, there will be whatever random things come out of my head, there may even be no posts at all. It’s gonna go how it goes. October will be the return of Letters to Autumn because I love doing that and it keeps things fresh because they can basically be whatever I want them to be and that eases some of the pressure. Moving through to November and it’s going to be book based. Yes, book based. This is mainly because come November I am going to have a LOT of books that need reviewing (as I write this I have books 33-37 saved as drafts) so I’m going to do a sort of a binge and then supplement that with some other book based posts. And then finally because by that point it will be December that month will be that thing that I cannot bring myself to talk about yet because it’s August (as I write this at least it is) themed. And then we reach the end of the year and hopefully by that point I will more ideas to get me through 2018.

Couple of other things, for now I am retiring my monthly playlists because I spend most of my time right now listening to the same songs over and over again and they rarely changed all that often, although sometimes a new one joins the rotation. And then I just listen to a lot of musical soundtracks. It really doesn’t change that much, so instead of doing a monthly one, I might just do one when the mood strikes. If it strikes. Also I’m getting rid of Summary Saturday, which may not be all the surprising given that it just sort of slipped away quietly already but yeah, that’s officially no longer gonna be a thing if only because it kind of feels like a wasted post. And also, I’m not gonna hold myself to such a tight schedule. If I can’t think of a post, then I’m not gonna force one out. That shouldn’t be that much of a problem in future months, but for this one, it’s most likely gonna happen. I have ideas sure, but sometimes life happens and those ideas don’t come as easy.

Other than that, I can now officially say that I’m back with a renewed sense of excitement for things and feeling more creative than ever. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that autumn is slowly creeping in and that’s always sort of been my season.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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A Change Would Do You Good

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So new (almost) month, new blog. Not totally new or anything, I mean it’s the same blog. But different. Broader focus (that sounds almost like an oxymoron), more posts and more fun for me. I mentioned it briefly in the post announcing my brief hiatus, but I had fallen into a bit of a rut with this blog and almost everything else. So, along with my entry into employment (because yes that has happened!) I started playing around with the idea of posting more then twice a week because I didn’t want to just fall into a routine that meant that all the days passed in a blur and I just stopped being creative. Writing and putting myself out there is what I created this space for and I want to use it to the maximum to avoid the potential of falling back into that rut again, permanently.

So naturally when I took a step back from this blog my brain started buzzing with all the things that I could talk about and other various ways that this blog thing could take shape. And that is what I have spent the past two-ish weeks doing. Writing, writing, writing and editing/updating. And more writing (and also a lot more reading, I love a good train commute and super lazy Sundays).

Right, well here’s my new plan/outline/intentions for this blog o’mine:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – could be anything. Books, films, TV stuff, whatever tiny thing is manifesting itself in my brain in the form of a few hundred words. Or just a life update. Almost anything goes.

Wednesdays – I’m aiming to have something from a world that doesn’t exist, aka something creative.

Fridays – Basically a compilation of some of my fave articles/blog posts that I’ve read in the week. One, so I can get in a better habit of being a blog reader and two because sharing is caring.

Saturdays – Day off, because everything needs one of those and also that day has slowly morphed into the day where I run errands that I haven’t gotten around to (like binge watching Parks and Rec, I may stop mentioning this show soon, I may not. I love it, so we shall see).

Sundays – Again I am going to try and keep it creative. Except for the last Sunday, because that shit it sacred. Last Sunday. Music day.

(I suppose now would be a good time to say that this place isn’t a swear free zone.)

Parentheses count (because some things are definitely not changing, along with still being terrible with titles, this one was inspired by this song): 7. See you tomorrow!

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Ta Ta For Now

Hi, Hey, Hello!

For various reasons, the main one being I am very close to being on the wrong side of apathy, I am taking a little break from this blog for the rest of the month.

And then come September there are gonna be some changes to this little space of mine on the internet to make it feel a bit more like me. Not that it isn’t already, but there is always room for improvement and change. I’ve just reached a stage where trying to create something akin to streamlined posts is getting harder because sometimes I just want to talk about something, that in the context of my blog, would seem a little left field. And I’m very aware that I did that to myself all those months ago when I committed to this whole blogging thing.

So I’m taking a little break (by break I mean excessive editing of all the ideas that keep slapping me in the brain at the most random of times (like that time between being asleep and fully, coherently awake or mid bite when I’m eating dinner and I nearly spill food all over myself as I realise the I CAN’T WRITE IT DOWN)), so I can get all my thoughts and stuff in order and also take the slight amount pressure off of myself.

I’m gonna write a whole post about this come August 31st (because starting things on a Tuesday seems odd to me and this month the last Sunday is practically the end of the month because yes THAT post is still happening, so leaving a day is just nonsensical (to me, you can think I’m weird for that it’s fine)) but for now it’s a short little hiatus.

See you in September! (Roll with it, I know technically it won’t be)

(Parentheses count: 6)

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