2018 Reading Challenge, Book 11 – Eat, Pray, Love

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Surprise, surprise, I am coming at you with another book review today…it feels like it’s bene a while since did one of these, but I don’t think it is and the real reason that it feels like it’s been so long is because I feel like I’ve been reading this book for forever.

It wasn’t really all that long though, slightly longer than usual? Yes. But not actually all that long. I started it on 22/02 and finished it yesterday. I also found myself not reading so much on my commute home, sometimes it was because I was on a busy train and was sat on a luggage rack without the foresight to take my bag off my back before I jumped on up there and sometimes it was because it just wasn’t engaging me in any way.

That pretty much sums up my relationship with this book as a whole. I went through phases where I was super stoked to read it and it was really engaging with me and I wanted to know where it was going to lead in her own journey. And then I went through phases where I just didn’t care.

I can pinpoint at what point I found myself ceasing to give a shit. It was anytime she talked about religion and then it came and went whilst she was in India. And also sometimes in Bali. Now I kind of knew that that talk about faith and religion and spirituality was a given when it came to a book with ‘pray’ in the title and that was one of the reasons to be honest why I had put off reading it for so long. I just wasn’t going to be very open to the reading of someone finding a new and deep rooted presence of faith in their life and that would totally change the way that I approached the book.

I approached it in this instance with an open mind and yeah, sometimes the talk about faith just sort of caused my mind to drift away (to check my emails or Twitter) and then it would take a little while to get back into it. I was there mostly when it was in Italy. When she was just travelling around and learning Italian and eating. Getting to see different areas of Italy through her eyes made me super jealous because I just want to travel around Italy and eat. Do all the eating. So it was when she found herself in India that I found myself starting to drift.

And that’s just a personal thing for me. I just can’t make that kind of connection, there is a part of me that kind of wishes that I could, but it’s just not something that I can take comfort in. Religion that is. And so there were large portions of it where I just couldn’t connect. And that’s nothing against Gilbert, that’s all me. I just don’t…care…that seems like a harsh word but I can’t think of a better word for it. I mean I did care. I cared enough to finish the book. I was interested to see how Gilbert found her way out of the dark time of her life.

I found myself invested even in times that I wasn’t all that connected to what she was going through. Gilbert has a great writing style and she makes you want to read her story. And I liked that aspect of it. I love a good writing style, we all know that. And I did like moving through her story as she went from one of the lowest points in her life to reaching a place of balance and equilibrium again. It felt like you were going through it, Gilbert does a great job of taking through her story and by the time it comes to the end you feel like you know the sense of peace that she is at.

While I’m talking about the ending. I hated it. And the reason that I hated it makes no actual sense to be perfectly honest with you. I hated it because it just ended. It just closed a chapter. It, ya know, closed the chapter of her life on the road finding herself and you were left with the assumption that she is now living her life quite happily between 4 countries with Felipe. Which is fine, but the ending seemed so unfinished because it was her life and she’s still living it and so there has to be an end point and obviously there is going to be no full stop this is the end moment. But it honestly just trailed off and that left some part of me unsatisfied.

Look, I read this book so that I could one understand the references to it whenever they come up (which is obviously quite rare) but also because it felt like it was a book that I should read for some inexplicable reason. Do I regret reading it? No. It was fine. It was a mostly enjoyable experience. The issues that I had with it were my own and are probably not something that other people would find. It made me want to go to Italy all the more (and made me slightly sad that for reasons I couldn’t go this weekend) and it did make me want to visit Bali. I did feel a residual sense of peace when I was in the Bali segment of the book. I did also like the significance of the way that it was formatted with the 109 beads.

I was overall a bit meh about this book, but somehow would still also recommend it.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!


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