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    Final 2018 Update

    Hi, Hey, Hello! Did I not just do one of these? Has it really been two months since the last one? Is this year really having the audacity to move this quickly. This is the last one of these for 2018 and that just kind of feels ridiculous. This year just started. How is it all downhill towards Christmas now? Anyway, now that I have slowly come to terms with the fact that this is in fact actually happening I guess I should just get on with the update now shouldn’t I? Oh also, yes there have been some culls. This is a shorter update than the ones before: 1)…

  • Letters to Autumn 26
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 26

    Dear Autumn, Firstly I am fully aware that I pretty much ghosted yesterday, buy I got myself a life last night and I didn’t quite except to stay out as late as I did. I told myself that I would only have a couple and then go home. Yeah, no I got home at midnight and then fell into a relatively shitty night’s sleep before I had to drag myself through a full work day. I spent most of today counting down the moments until I could get home, not be wearing jeans, eat pizza and finish watching Elite. I rather ambitiously thought to myself whilst I was on a train…

  • Letters to Autumn 24
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 24

    Dear Autumn, This is a call out to myself. Wrote in the half hour before I’m due to work out (told you, early to everything) I need to call myself the hell out. I mentioned this towards the BEGINNING of the month, I need to get better at taking proper care of my muscles, specifically my upper legs. You know quads, glues, hamstrings. I initially did myself a massive favour and just took 9 days off which kind of just masked the problem because I didn’t have to use the muscles all that much, it did not alleviate the fact that I still have a fucking problem with them. I’m…

  • Letters to Autumn 19
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 19

    Dear Autumn, I lifted weights today for the first time in two weeks. And yes this marks my second post this week, but also I’ve been away for a while, this shit was inevitable. Anyway, back to the weights thing. I lifted them for the first time in two weeks. And it was the first time I did the full new Lift release. I forgot how with the first couple of attempts at the new release it always feels like I’ve never lifted anything before in my damn life. Also I did a condensed version of it 2 weeks ago and I’m pretty sure there was a track in that…

  • Letters to Autumn 17
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 17

    Dear Autumn, This post is even later than my late post because I prioritised eating alll the carbs instead of writing this up to get it on time. Curly fries need to be enjoyed in the moment and without worry about putting words on a page. It finally felt like today I had settled back in to my usual routine. And with that usual routine came my Wednesday night boxing class. Which was my first straight up cardio session in 10 days. On day 2 of my period. So the whole 45 minutes was a lot. I knew within the warm up that it was going to be a slightly…