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I swear at some point I will maybe not talk about Glossier but they are pretty much are my skincare routine now. Bar two products, it is my skin care routine.

And soon it will probably be the only brand that I use for my skincare. I just really love it. Which seems like a cliche thing because some of the stuff is so overly hyped, but rightfully so.

My skin has cleared up so much since using it. And it is also really soft and super hydrated these days. That hyperpigmentation issue is slowly settling down again. My breakouts seem to be mostly hormonal now, which I am not mad about.

It’s working.

I love the routine that I have down for it. It’s simple and effective and going through the process each morning and night is a process for me. It gets me into the day and settles me to get ready for bed.

I mean I also use other Glossier products as well. I swear by Boy Brow because it does real great, natural, things to my eyebrows which is essential. I really like the stretch concealer because it adds an extra layer of coverage to my under eyes which these days is really required, seriously I never don’t look tired. I’m not a huge fan of the tint because it makes my face look hella shiny after like 10 minutes which is not something that I need in life.

I swear by the sunscreen because I really love the fact that it’s clear and doesn’t at any point make me look ashy. Although the shelf life in the summer is a lot shorter. It currently only lasts a month, but it was lasting me 2 months prior to that.

I also just got the Lash Slick in my life. I’ve only used it once and so far I’m unsure of it. I currently am a bit iffy of the wand and also it didn’t quite do what I wanted to my lashes, however that might just be because I am so very attached to my Urban Decay one because it just does the damn thing with my lashes.

I still haven’t taken the leap with the serum yet but I do now know which one I want, so when my current Vitamin E one runs out I will take the jump, or I might just use them both. I’m undecided about that one yet, but it’s coming. I know it is.

Also, my face is due a new face mask and well, they have them. I mean I have a free face mask to claim from Lush first which I am kind of really looking forward to getting because my face has missed Prince of Darkness and also it hasn’t been properly exfoliated in a while so that will be a nice treat for it.

I’ve also been contemplating using the perfume as well. I have had a lot of samples of it because you get them whenever you make a purchase pretty much (or you can choose it, and I usually always do because I don’t need a sample of a cleanser I already use) and I really do like it. There’s something about it that does it for me but similarly to my attachment to my mascara my attachment to my current perfume is pretty intense. I have used it every day for like 4/5 years and the thought of saying goodbye to it is kind of scary, in a really non-important way.

I’m due to make a new order this week anyway because my day moisturiser is pretty much on its last legs and so I need to order more. And we’ll just see what else ends up in my basket and on its way to me…

Basically I’m still a sucker for Glossier and I can’t see it changing any time soon.

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Hi, Hey, Hello!

I did mention way back when that I would do something of a review when it came to Glossier and well, here it is.


When Glossier launched in the UK in October I kind of knew that I would succumb and find out what all the hype is about the Boy Brow and the Cloud Paint. What I didn’t expect to do was then fall into the skin care section and lose a lot of time in the skin care section. But that is because it came at a time when I was experiencing a lot of breakouts and I had come to the realisation that my skin was plateauing and I needed to make a change and this place was giving me an option for change. And offering it to me in set that means that I can get it cheaper…And also I needed a new sunscreen when I started looking that wasn’t going to make my skin look like an oil slick like the one I was using was doing, and I remember hearing somewhat good things about it so I bunged it in my basket.

So, this is going to come in two sections, my first impressions and then what I think of it now. A tad over a month later.

First Impressions

Milk Jelly Cleanser – Okay, so I’m used to a balm like, oil based cleanser that I rubbed onto my skin dry and then wiped off with a damp cotton wool pad and that was that done. I’ve used creamy cleansers before and I’ve alway fallen out with them. This can be applied to dry or wet skin, the first time I used it I did it both ways. On wet skin in the morning and then on dry skin in the evening.

The first thing is, this doesn’t foam. Which I guess in my head was weird because when I think of cream based cleansers I think of foam. It also means that it’s kind of hard to tell whether it’s cleaning your face or not. I don’t wipe off the residue with a cotton pad and see the work, I just rinse it off and hope for the best. It went on really nicely and felt super conditioning as well. I think it’s kind of the same on both dry and wet skin. One thing it did make me realise was that I needed to invest in a separate face towel that a bit less harsh than my other one. I haven’t had to think about that for nearly 2 years. But yeah, it did feel like it cleaned my skin without leaving it too dry and also it helped with the shiny T zone.

Priming Moisturiser – This is quite a light moisturiser, but it applies really well and it does feel hydrating. My initial thought was that it felt a bit too light to be a night time moisturiser, but they do have a rich version of this that seems a bit thicker, so I might give that a shot. But I might not, this does hydrate and my old moisturiser wasn’t super thick and that worked fine for months. I also like that both of these products don’t have any overwhelming scents, I only like that for my shower gel, my hair products and my perfume.

Balm Dotcom – I got this in mint because I love all things mint (plus the packaging is a hella cute pastel colour). It felt really hydrating the first couple of times that I used it and the smell was good but not overpowering. It’s a bit easy to get carried away with the squeezing of product though.

Invisible Shield Sunscreen – I’m suspicious of all sunscreens. I’m convinced that they are going to make me look ashy and take forever to blend away. This was not one of those. It went on clear. It’s a slightly cloudy colour which initially worried me, but it went on like a dream. And it didn’t leave me super oily like my last one. Yes, there was a bit of shine by the end of the day but it was nothing compared to what it used to be.

Boy Brow – Okay, I understand the hype when it comes to this product. It’s good. It’s not dissimilar to any of my other brow products because when it comes to them I am very particular and also I don’t trust myself with anything like a pencil  or a gel, my eyebrows are naturally quite thick and I play to risky a game by trying to go in with those product at the moment. This one adds just the right amount of colour and coverage and just makes my brows look a little bit neater and a little bit bolder without being too OTT.

Priming Moisturiser Rich – The pop up Glossier store showed up near Regent’s Street towards the end of the month and I just had to go. Mainly to get a better idea of this product, because I got to a point where I knew I needed a richer moisturiser for evenings and reading the reviews they were a bit hit and miss. First of all the scent of lavender with this one is way more pungent then the lighter one. But it is thick and creamy and it did make my skin feel like it was getting a greater injection of moisture through it to get through the night.

Skin Tint – This was also something that I considered buying online, but I wasn’t sure what shade to get it in and so the pop store came at the perfect time. I found my shade (Dark) and this is very much a ‘your skin but better’ kind of thing when it comes to coverage. The only problem with that is that I have hyperpigmentation issues and so I kind of need a bit of a stronger coverage. Also, and I don’t know if this is just my skin  or the way that I applied it (with a beauty blender) but my skin looked really shiny after just a few hours and it looked like it was starting to fall off my face.

Stretch Concealer – Again, this was a product that I needed to just double check my shade for, it’s the same as the Skin Tint, but I just needed to check. This is a great concealer. It’s really creamy and applied really well, it blended down into my skin great. However, this is also a relatively light coverage concealer so it’s not too great at dealing with my more stubborn skin issues, like breakouts and scarring.

Impressions Now

Milk Jelly Cleanser – This stuff is still amazing. It’s so gentle and it does get all the dirt of the day off. I’ve worn make up a couple of times in the past month and I typically take off most of my make up with a face wipe and then go through my routine as normal. I did find that when I did that it didn’t get all of my eye make up off 100% and therefore I did wake up the next morning with panda eyes. I decided to do a little experiment and when I had a full face of Glossier on I didn’t remove it with a face wipe first and just went straight in with this cleanser and it did work a treat. But I had no eye make up on beyond my brows so it’s not quite equipped to do that just yet.

Priming Moisturiser – This moisturiser is super buildable and as the weather gets all the  colder I’ve found that it is still really hydrating my skin which I am appreciating massively. I have noticed that my skin is doing that thing when it becomes like an oil slick by the end of the day sometimes and I don’t quite know whether it’s this or the sunscreen. Or just my skin. I don’t use any mattifying products because I cannot be bothered but that might help now that I’m not using a moisturiser that lends itself a bit better to oily skin like my last one

Balm Dotcom – This product is long lasting when I slick it onto my lips just before heading of out the door to work. I’ve also noticed up until last week when it got really cold that I don’t have to apply lip afterwards as frequently as I usually do, which can never be a bad thing.

Invisible Shield Sunscreen – Like I mentioned up above, I cannot figure out if it’s this product that’s sometimes making my skin really oily or not. I’m not very good at keeping proper track of what affects my skin and what doesn’t. I mean my diet has also taken a slight turn so that might also be affecting it and making me break out a bit more and not my products. This is also super lightweight and I am still such a fan of the fact that it dries so well and doesn’t me a lifetime to blend in until all the white is gone. I clearly like all of these products enough that I have now repurchased the above again over Black Friday weekend.

Boy Brow – I remain in understanding over the hype of this product. It does great things and you don’t need to much the get the job done.

Priming Moisturiser Rich – This has been such a lifesaver in terms of making sure that my skin gets a really got injection of hydration overnight. This product also really soaks up my Vitamin E oil and I really feel like it’s penetrating deep and making everything just a little bit softer and more supple.

Skin Tint – This applies better when you use your fingers and not a beauty blender. I learnt that last weekend. It allows a better coverage and it’s also easier to build it up over problem areas, for which my cheeks house a lot. I think it’s because it’s so liquid-y and so it doesn’t just get super absorbed by the sponge. This product is super hard to get out of the bottle and I find that I do need  lot in order to get a decent coverage on my face. I know it’s supposed to be one of those ‘your skin but better’ products but seriously, I want some coverage. I feel like I might need a setting powder for this, I mean I need one in a general sense as well, but this fell off my face by the end of the day basically.

Stretch Concealer – I love this concealer, it blends so well and it’s pretty solid in terms of coverage as well. The colour is great and it hides the discolouration on my face pretty well. Again, it’s one of those products that you need to apply with your fingers to get the proper coverage. I’ve sort of switched over to liquid concealers more recently because they have more coverage I’ve found but this has tempted back to the side of cream based ones. And I kind of love it.

Look, if it wasn’t obvious at this point I am 100% a Glossier convert. I love them. I love the packaging. I love the simplicity. I love the quality of the products. I love the whole look of the website. I loved the vibe of the pop-up store. I love them. I would recommend them. So much. I will be honest, the prices are a bit skew wiff. I mean the sunscreen is pretty expensive for the size, but I’ve used it everyday for a month and it’s still going strong. In fact all of my initial purchases are at most halfway done and I use them multiple times a day so it’s not crazy excessive for the length time of they last. I only bought replacements for them because they were on sale, not because I was in dire need.

I love it. I’m so glad I gave into the hype.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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My 10 Minute Face

My 10 Minute Face

Hi, Hey, Hello!

The title seems pretty self explanatory I think. I have recently finally perfected getting my make up done in this 10 minute period of time that I have sometimes between being mostly ready for the day and actually having to get out the door, but only on days when I’m not schelpping my ass to the gym after work.

These are basically the products that I use to get my face looking a little less tired and like I’ve actually made an effort even though I really haven’t (on that note, my make up either takes 10 minutes or close to an hour, there is no inbetween.) I use 8 products after I’ve gone through my cleansing routine and set up the base.

Smashbox Primer – I have started to swear by this primer, I’ve used a couple of other primers but none of them have really done it for me like this one does. It creates a great base and helps to reduce shine which is a bit of a problem for me.

Smashbox Eye Primer – I don’t really know why I use this because I don’t ever wear eyeshadow so it’s not like I really need to prime the area specifically, but I have it and I am in the habit of using it so I still do.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – I recently had a total overhaul of my base products because one product that I loved was discontinued and so I had to start again. This is perfectly buildable and provides just the amount of coverage that I need for a day to day look. Plus it is super simple to buff onto my face quickly, which is the most important part here, let’s be real.

MAC Matchmaster Concealer – This is the true MVP to be quite honest with you and helps to cover those delightful dark circles underneath my eyes and also any breakouts that I might have (and it deals with the scarring). What’s great about this is that it adapts to the colour of the skin where it is on meaning the coverage is great (I have a liquid foundation that does the same thing, also great).

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper/MAC Pro Longwear Waterprood Brow Set – I am currently inbetween products at the moment for my brows but they are both pretty much the same. I don’t trust myself with a pencil or any kind of gel/cream because my eyebrows are quite full naturally and I don’t want to go too hard with them. These products allow great control and also tame any fly away hairs whilst I’m applying product because they’re spoolie based. I love them basically.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Black – I have a couple of other eyeliners that I use if I’m going out out, but over the years I have learned that this is the only eyeliner with which I can really nail a winged eyeliner look, which is my default look, so it’s my go to eyeliner for that very reason. It’s also super black and great.

NYX Mascara – This is running out on me I can sense it and this is my day mascara which means I need to find a replacement soon (my other one is Urban Decay Perversion, which is great but does really bold things to my lashes which I don’t need if I’m just spending the day at work). I’m not too fussed by mascaras to be honest and so I’ll replace this with whatever, I might try another NYX one as I liked the things that it did to my lashes.

Urban Decay Setting Spray, Chill – I’m running out of this and so will switch to the other one that I have shortly, but this one works fine. I feel like it doesn’t necessarily last the whole day as I do get some shine on my T-zone before the day is out, but for the most part it keeps everything fixed into place.

And that’s it. My 10 minute face which I can thankfully bang on my face and then get out the door (mostly) on time to catch my train!

What are some of your make up staples when you’re in a hurry/have limited time? (And also, I am taking mascara recommendations, I need natural looking ones though, so suggestion are welcome! Please?)

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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Make Up Bug

Make Up Bug

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It kind of feels like my second Thursday today because on multiple occasions yesterday (and I wasn’t the only one) I thought it was Thursday. So, take 2 at it. This post has turned out to be very applicable as it links in nicely to the way I have been spending my time after work and before bed this week.

Which fantasy buying make up. Lots and lots of make up. Mainly lipsticks. Which is whatever, except for one thing…I don’t wear make up on a regular basis.

I mean I could, but one I don’t really sleep enough as it is so I can’t really justify waking up earlier just to put a face on and two, I can’t do it on the train because I can barely put mascara and eyeliner on when I’m stable let alone when I’m on a rush hour train, so I salute those who do it. So I don’t wear it on a regular basis but that apparently isn’t going to stop me from cramming make up bags (yes plural).

I wasn’t always this way though, this is very much a recent development, that was sparked by my overwhelming desire to find THE perfect red lipstick. I have found it, and several others since…

And because apparently buying one lipstick is like opening some kind of Pandora’s box I have now acquired quite a collection (and look, I may or may not have bought 3 different lipsticks in the space of 24 hours just before Christmas…).

As well as quite a collection of other things.

Typically I used to only feebly attempt eyeliner and mascara, sometimes I went for eye shadow but I tend to create some kind of effect that resembles a black eye more than anything else. Then one day it was like I discovered foundation existed (I mean I always knew it was there but I couldn’t be bothered to find out what my shade was because that seemed far too complicated) and my eyes were opened to the fact that my complexion could look less like a scarred mess and kinda fresh. I mean not enough to give up sleep and go through the motions of buffing it onto my face (I always have been and might always will be a powder foundation girl…another reason I can’t apply on the train) but enough for a slight change to occur.

A change that developed into something more, slowly and then all at once.

A change that was not helped when I decided that following a whole bunch of beauty bloggers was a good idea (it was a bloody fantastic idea, I regret nothing. My bank balance might and the impulse control section of my brain has taken a slight battering, but other than that. No regrets.).

I found (still do find) myself becoming invested in various beauty products. I spent a good while one day back in October searching for a new product for my eyebrows and I am still lamenting the fact that the PERFECT BB cream exists in the world without actually existing right now and it’s legit too much hassle to try and find a different one because I can guarantee that people will just tell me that the perfect shade is a blend of two and….no. I’ll wait. Maybe. Who knew that I would be this invested in it.

But I am.

Also, and this is a super recent development, I have become very much int make up brushes. Because it makes sense right? It totally does, can’t apply make up (on the occasion that it actually makes it onto my face) without the right tools. And boy have I acquired a lot of the right tools (as well as a make up brush cleaner, I am taking this whole thing very seriously). I would like to both thank and lament the existence of Real Techniques (and also the word ‘sale’) for creating a situation where my make up brush case doesn’t really close properly. So, it’s basically following the same vein as my make up cases (still a plural).

To be honest I quite enjoy looking at my make up case in the morning as I go through the motions of cleaning my face both morning and night and just basking in the possibilities that it holds for me when I have the time to dedicate to it. I have the time to go through all the primers and the powders and the perfecting of the eyeliner wings, the mascara face and the methodical process of applying lipstick (and everything in between).

I am also on a make up buying ban, because it runs the risk of getting out of hand, but judging by the way that I have been wishlisting these past few nights it is actually going to turn out to be quite a test (like I am gonna have to add it to the STOP BUYING SO DAMN MANY list along with boots and books (which I fell right off the wagon with around Christmas…oops)). But a test that I will have to undertake nonetheless, if only for the lack of storage.

This also applies to nail varnish…good God do not get me started on the nail varnish…

Parentheses count: 14. See you tomorrow!

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