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Letters to Autumn 11

Dear Autumn,

Sometimes, it turns out, my sporadic nature works for the better without my even realising it.

On Monday night, while I was not scrolling endlessly through Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram I found myself clicking over onto my scheduled posts here on my blog. And well, there are a lot of November posts with titles just waiting to be written because for the most part all the groundwork is there. They are books that I need to review and some other little bookish things that only require the knowledge that is in my head.

And well, I found myself starting to write them.

I didn’t really think much of it at first, I needed something constructive to do with my time and it seemed like it would be more productive than trying to read with my tired eyes (somehow staring at my laptop screen was better for those very eyes once I had switched to night mode) and not take anything in properly.

Then I realised that if I end up with most of the month’s posts written it is one less thing to worry about having to write come the month itself (which isn’t actually as far away as I would like it to be, for a reason that will become apparent shortly). The most I would have to worry about is sharing the posts on the days that they were posted.

And the reason that it is important is because I am crazy enough to think that attempting NaNo this year is a good idea. Now I am a total pantser when it comes to this endeavour. I never really go in with a plan. In fact in the cases of a couple of years I didn’t even really go in with a solid idea. This year feels a bit different in that respect.

For one I’m being a total rebel and working on something that already has a solid almost 16,000 words to it’s name (not that it actually has a name, but you know what I mean) which means that it is something that already has legs with me. Because of that, and secondly, it means that I am just treating November as a way to bolster my word count. If I can bolster it by 50,000 words then great. If I can’t then that’s also fine, I will just be happy that I managed to get it up by at all. Because unlike before this isn’t an idea that I just came up with for the sake of the month and thought it might work and I should try and write 50,000 words on it with no real direction. This is something that has sat with me for a while and that I keep coming back to. And in my head it has a clear direction, I just need to actually get it down onto paper and really flesh out all the details.

Which is what I am using November to do. And I guess to allow myself the best chance of success my brain was like, ‘hey you should really write some of November’s posts up so you don’t have to then’. And so, while I’ve got some time to truly dedicate to that (as well as reading and just enjoying being by the ocean again) I am going to do just that.




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Nano Update

Hi, Hey, Hello!

What with it being the 3rd of the month I guess I am due to write a little update on that whole writing 50,000 words in a month thing.

Well I didn’t.

I mean I actually might have done somehow through everything I have written over the course of the month, but the novel that I intended to write for Nano? Yeah I got nowhere near that. At all.

I barely made 15,000 words.

There is a part of me that thought I would be a tad more upset about the whole thing because I did kind of want to achieve it this year again, but I’m not.

One because there is no point in being, and the fact that I learned that the hard way is a tad ridiculous in itself (looking at you 2012). And secondly because I am around 15,000 words further into a first draft of something than I was at the beginning of last month, which isn’t that bad a position to be in in the grand scheme of things.

So I just need to get an actual proper almost bulletproof plot together because I never did quite manage that. I just sort of plodded along writing the dialogue for various scenes because this is a thing that happened to me. I lost the will, or ability or something to write descriptively. It just wouldn’t happen. For anything really. Even the other things that I got ideas for at the back of last week consists solely of speech right now. Like there aren’t any names for these characters or anything. I know who they are in my head, heck I even know what the actions and the setting is doing up there, but that isn’t making it onto paper just yet.

Which is proving troublesome.

Only in the context of it happening slap bang in the middle of Nano. I’m back to talking about that now. I was doing quite well at the beginning of the month, most of the words that I have for it came from the first week pretty much. And then I had a really good weekend where I wrote for pretty much most of it, but that was pretty much it.

Life happened, as it does and the ideas that I had never seemed to be relevant to the story that I was trying to write for the month, obviously. And so it just hangs in the 10-15,000 words bracket for now. Probably will for a bit while I try and figure it all out over the next few weeks.

But that is my update on this for now. The month didn’t go quite as planned, but it wasn’t a total failure either. It gave me something to work and move forward with and that can never be a bad thing.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

sign off 2

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