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    5 Things – 2017 Edition

    Hi, Hey, Hello! So, it’s the start of a new week and the start of the first full working week of the year. And also the final time that I am going to get reflective about the year that has just passed. So I’m going to talk about the 5 good things that happened last year. 1) I got a pay rise – It seems kind of ridiculous that this is the thing that tops my list, but it happened twice this year and so it is. My job is my main cause of stress and this year it really ramped up, especially over the last quarter of the year,…

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    My Life


    Hi, Hey, Hello! There comes a time when all of a sudden you hear a song that you have a great familiarity with for the millionth time in a whole new light and it changes your view on everything. It makes you wonder how you never heard the song like before. It alters your very relationship with that song irrevocably. This happened to me on the 30th June at around 10pm. I was sat watching Jeremy Jordan totally crush it and crossing something that was unknowingly on my bucket list until I bought the tickets off. The opening notes to his combined version of Santa Fe (which I am pretty…