2018 Reading Challenge, Book 11 – Eat, Pray, Love

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Surprise, surprise, I am coming at you with another book review today…it feels like it’s bene a while since did one of these, but I don’t think it is and the real reason that it feels like it’s been so long is because I feel like I’ve been reading this book for forever.

It wasn’t really all that long though, slightly longer than usual? Yes. But not actually all that long. I started it on 22/02 and finished it yesterday. I also found myself not reading so much on my commute home, sometimes it was because I was on a busy train and was sat on a luggage rack without the foresight to take my bag off my back before I jumped on up there and sometimes it was because it just wasn’t engaging me in any way.

That pretty much sums up my relationship with this book as a whole. I went through phases where I was super stoked to read it and it was really engaging with me and I wanted to know where it was going to lead in her own journey. And then I went through phases where I just didn’t care.

I can pinpoint at what point I found myself ceasing to give a shit. It was anytime she talked about religion and then it came and went whilst she was in India. And also sometimes in Bali. Now I kind of knew that that talk about faith and religion and spirituality was a given when it came to a book with ‘pray’ in the title and that was one of the reasons to be honest why I had put off reading it for so long. I just wasn’t going to be very open to the reading of someone finding a new and deep rooted presence of faith in their life and that would totally change the way that I approached the book.

I approached it in this instance with an open mind and yeah, sometimes the talk about faith just sort of caused my mind to drift away (to check my emails or Twitter) and then it would take a little while to get back into it. I was there mostly when it was in Italy. When she was just travelling around and learning Italian and eating. Getting to see different areas of Italy through her eyes made me super jealous because I just want to travel around Italy and eat. Do all the eating. So it was when she found herself in India that I found myself starting to drift.

And that’s just a personal thing for me. I just can’t make that kind of connection, there is a part of me that kind of wishes that I could, but it’s just not something that I can take comfort in. Religion that is. And so there were large portions of it where I just couldn’t connect. And that’s nothing against Gilbert, that’s all me. I just don’t…care…that seems like a harsh word but I can’t think of a better word for it. I mean I did care. I cared enough to finish the book. I was interested to see how Gilbert found her way out of the dark time of her life.

I found myself invested even in times that I wasn’t all that connected to what she was going through. Gilbert has a great writing style and she makes you want to read her story. And I liked that aspect of it. I love a good writing style, we all know that. And I did like moving through her story as she went from one of the lowest points in her life to reaching a place of balance and equilibrium again. It felt like you were going through it, Gilbert does a great job of taking through her story and by the time it comes to the end you feel like you know the sense of peace that she is at.

While I’m talking about the ending. I hated it. And the reason that I hated it makes no actual sense to be perfectly honest with you. I hated it because it just ended. It just closed a chapter. It, ya know, closed the chapter of her life on the road finding herself and you were left with the assumption that she is now living her life quite happily between 4 countries with Felipe. Which is fine, but the ending seemed so unfinished because it was her life and she’s still living it and so there has to be an end point and obviously there is going to be no full stop this is the end moment. But it honestly just trailed off and that left some part of me unsatisfied.

Look, I read this book so that I could one understand the references to it whenever they come up (which is obviously quite rare) but also because it felt like it was a book that I should read for some inexplicable reason. Do I regret reading it? No. It was fine. It was a mostly enjoyable experience. The issues that I had with it were my own and are probably not something that other people would find. It made me want to go to Italy all the more (and made me slightly sad that for reasons I couldn’t go this weekend) and it did make me want to visit Bali. I did feel a residual sense of peace when I was in the Bali segment of the book. I did also like the significance of the way that it was formatted with the 109 beads.

I was overall a bit meh about this book, but somehow would still also recommend it.

3/5 stars

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Glossier Update

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Now as we all know I became a full on Glossier convert during the last quarter of 2017. I remain one. Then in mid-January they launched a new product.


The second it went live on the UK website it went straight into my basket, along with a new Boy Brow because I was running out (and so I also got free delivery, go me) and then two days later it was in my hand.

It promises results within 4 weeks and well I have had since the 20th January and therefore we are have reached that 4 week mark (well, it’s actually closer to 6)  so naturally I am going to talk about it and whether I think it is working for my skin.

First of all I use this at night, You can use it at any time of the day as long as you use it only once so I picked end of day, just because I think it has a bit more of a chance to truly put some work in while I sleep.

Within the first week or so I noticed that my face broke out. There were whiteheads galore and they really helpfully all collected in the same place so patches of my face were just spot only zones. I think that was mainly just my skin adapting to it though as once they had all cleared up my breakouts sort of settled back down to normal. The thing that I’ve noticed about all my spots in my time using them is that they seemed to scab over and reach that really juicy state where they are ripe for the picking a lot quicker. Which I guess is a good thing for the life span of the spot on my face, but is a bad thing when you’re prone to spot picking like I am. It’s the spot picking problem that is causing all of the hyperpigmentation issues (for the most part) on my face that I am trying to get rid of. So it gives and it takes there.

Also I learnt that you really need to heed the warnings when it comes to sunscreen application. I already do put sunscreen on on the daily, but it’s just one my face that I am super on top of. I sweep this over my face and also down my neck and in the first few days that I neglected to apply sunscreen to my neck the skin got suupppeerrrr sensitive. Nothing too major, because it’s winter right now and I live in a scarf that protects it from any potential sun exposure, but enough for it to be very uncomfortable. It only took a couple of days of application for that to go away, so yeah. Sunscreen is important.

The thing that I have noticed in a big way is that my skin is super soft. The cleanser had already gone some of the way of making my skin feel super soft and this just seemed to increase that immensely. Honestly my skin is so soft and smooth.

I kind of made the mistake of not taking any proper progress photos when it comes to this. I am super critical of my skin and super aware of just how many little scars there are and am not convinced that they are actually going anywhere. But when I am not being hypercritical my skin has actually cleared up a bit. Also whilst I’ve been using this I have noticed that my Vitamin E oil has just been absorbed all the way in. And so is my moisturiser so yes, this does help make other products work better. The oil problem hasn’t been that bad for a while and it has now settled down again but there was a week about 2/3 weeks ago where my skin just went to being a straight up oil slick, so I definitely felt like my skin need to adjust to using acids for the first time, but once it did it’s all been moving smoothly.

This is £19 which isn’t super cheap, but also is an investment that is sure for sure worth I feel, it has improved the overall appearance of my skin. However, I do have a slight issue with the length of time it lasts for. I got a new cleanser in November last year and I think started using it at the beginning of December, I’ve only just bought a new one and I’ve still got at least a week left in my current one meaning that it has about a 3 month shelf life. My Priming Moisturiser Rich was bought around the same time and I’ve still got a couple of weeks left with it, I’ve got a couple of months left with the Priming Moisturiser before I need a replacement. I’ve been using this for 6 weeks and am already 3/4 the way through. It kind of only amounts to a month difference I think between the products, but I only use it once a day like the two moisturisers so I was slightly surprised by how quickly I was moving through it. But it’s a small gripe for what is otherwise a damn great product.

It’s been a very much welcomed addition to my skincare routine and there is a part of me that is still itching to try one of the serums and see what they might add to my routine as well. I’m waiting until I get closer to finishing my Vitamin E oil before I make a more considered decision about which one I’m going to try, but I imagine in a few months time there will be another one these updates…

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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 10 – Postcards from the Edge

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If I was good at maths then I would be able to give some kind of a percentage as to how far into this challenge I am so far. As it is, I’m shit at it. So I have no idea, I know it’s not quite a 6th of the way through the official challenge, but it is a 7th of the way through the unofficial one.

But anyway, back to today’s book in question.

We all know at this point in time that I am low key obsessed with Carrie Fisher and I have devoured two of her autobiographies in mere days and I had kind of just assumed that it would be the case for this as well.

It was not.

This book felt hard to get through. I struggled.

And I don’t even really know what it was about it that I just couldn’t mesh with. But there was something. And from the opening pages I felt like I was a little on the back foot because I just didn’t expect the way that it was told.

The first part was first person narrative, which I am fine with. And then the other two parts were not. In fact for a lot of the beginning of the second part I wasn’t even really sure who was involved in the scene that was before me because no names were mentioned. It was pronouns only. Which was slightly alarming I’ve gotta be hones with you. I mean I settled into it eventually but it took a while and the settling process was a lot of hard work. Then the 3rd part felt a bit more familiar but was still something that I had to get used to in some way.

It meant that the book took slightly longer to get through then I had anticipated it taking. It was a lot denser then it looks at face value coming in at only just over 200 pages.

I also can’t really say that I liked it. It’s what prompted my DNF post the other day, because I did kind of hate it and I could think of nothing worse then trying to make it to the end because it just felt so impossible, but also I needed to know how Suzanne Vale’s story ended. Can’t say I was a fan of it either.

I mean it kind of made sense in a lot of ways, but I dunno. I think I was just disappointed by the whole damn book and the ending was never going to change that, no matter how much I may have wanted it to.

There were some bright sparks to to it all. This book was funny. I actually did laugh out loud multiple times. It was the kind of unexpected laughing from a joke that you don’t really see coming but it just gets you. This book was full of that. It was a bright spark.

I also really loved the first part of this book. I liked it being told from two different first person narratives who are at very different stages of their drug addiction. There’s Suzanne who has very much made her peace with the fact that she needs to be there and is trying her hardest to make sure that she gets the most out of it and then there is Alex who is in denial. I enjoyed (which sounds a bit morbid now that I think about it) his perspective. The way it followed his thought processes and as a reader you could see that he had a problem but then on some other level you could also see that he didn’t understand that he had a problem. I liked that Suzanne could recognise that Alex clearly hadn’t thought had had reached rock bottom even though every one around him believed that he had and then, well Alex reached rock bottom.

I didn’t quite get why Alex was there though and then only sort of briefly mentioned towards the end of the book. As a reader you spend a fair amount of time with him in the first part of the book and then the focus is solely on Suzanne, which I understand because it’s her narrative, but also it seemed a bit odd to only have him mentioned a couple of times at a later date to show that he had made good on the thing that he said he was going to do.

I also liked that this book showed the world post rehab and allowed Suzanne to fall into a sort of depressive state without the drugs and she stayed there for a fair amount of time, but that was then contrasted with the fact that it whilst she in that state and sort of forcing herself to try and get back into society that she actually mets the person that she ends up in a committed relationship come the close of the book.

I liked how complicated, and to be honest messy, Suzanne was. And she was almost unapologetically so, which I enjoyed. I did like seeing her journey through from start to finish on some level. But the way the narrative is told just didn’t mesh well with me at the time, maybe because I was coming off the back of reading a couple of other books that I also didn’t quite get on with and so there was still some sort of hangover from that. I dunno.

It’s not that I hated this book, as I’ve said there are quite a lot of elements that I enjoyed but for the most part I just couldn’t get into the way that I had hoped and expected that I would.

I think yes, for some reason I would actually recommend this book. Maybe I just need to read it at a different time or something, or maybe it’s just one of those books that while not the worst book I’ve ever read, is just not one that I got on with it…

3/5 stars

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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 9 – All That She Can See

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And here we are with book 9 of the year down. There is a part of me that is aware that by this point last year I had read way more books than the 9 that I currently stand at (I was at 12/13) and for some reason that make that part of me panic because the amount of books that I have to read this year is bigger than last year. But I’m not stressing about that on the whole, one because that’s insane and two because these books are all within my wheelhouse of being able to read them in a week (roughly). Which is what I did with this one (it was 4 days if you want to get technical)

The next book in question is this one.

I mentioned in my original reading challenge post for this year that I wasn’t 100% sure on my opinion on Fletcher’s writing was. And annoyingly I still don’t. But I do feel like I am closer to figuring it out. And it’s not necessarily good.

I like her writing style because it’s easy. I can blitz through so many pages in my half hour journey to and from work with ease and not even really notice that I am doing it. And I like elements of the plot, but for the most part I just wasn’t a fan. Which is slightly annoying as I wanted to like this one. I had higher hopes for it then I did her previous one. And that is where I was let down I guess. I try to go into books with no expectations because that is safer, but I didn’t with this and I was let down.

The first 50/60 pages of this book felt really repetitive. In fact a couple of things were repeated verbatim. And then it got a bit silly when I was supposed to believe that a 24 year old had never had any interaction with the internet, social media and a phone. It just made no sense and from that point onward I carried reading it with an element of skepticism that this is just not going to my cup of tea.

Which was proven further by the whole second half of the book. I am fully aware that this is a magical realism kind of book but the second half of the book seemed like a totally different book the first half. I could deal with a sort of baked goods/cocktails turf war with a  hatred turned love relationship thing. That is not what I got.

Not even close.

I don’t even really know how to describe what the second half of this book was. But it was so random. It felt like it was trying to make a point about feelings and how important they are but it just got a bit too far fetched.

Actually calling it far fetched doesn’t make sense, this is fiction, if you can justify it then it makes sense. But this didn’t feel like that. I get that Chase and Cherry didn’t know anything about there being other people like them and I guess it would make sense for there to be some kind of government for that but this just didn’t make sense. Because there was nothing to suggest that this was coming. With the exception of mentioning Peter at the beginning and linking him to her childhood.

Another issue that I had with this book was that none of the characters felt fully fleshed out. They all fell a bit flat. Chase was a dick but the nuances of that were never explored. I really want an explanation as to how Cherry managed to live such a sheltered life and not know what the Facebook was…I feel like I was supposed to care about the Shura/Peter thing but Shura practically didn’t exist so I didn’t get why I was supposed to care. I had no investment but I didn’t care. He carried a lot of hatred, which made sense but also wasn’t explained. The people of Plymouth (or the small area that they occupied) were all just there. They had the potential to be something but then the book took a turn and nothing really happened. Happy was just ironic but that was it. There was just a lot of underdeveloped characters in a weird clunky plot.

This is the thing that really got me is that the start of this book kind of felt like it was beginning at the end. It felt warm and fuzzy and all that jazz. But it didn’t start at the end. The end felt weird. It felt clunky. Really clunky. I finished it just thinking what the hell. And I get the message that we give our feelings the power over what they do to us but it just felt clunky.

Yeah. That’s where I’m at with this book. I didn’t hate it. But I really did not like it.

2/5 stars

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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 8 – The Girl of Ink and Stars

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This is a slightly tangential start to this book review, but I realised a few weeks back while I was trying to figure some stuff about what books were gonna make my little mini reading lists that I only have one book that’s over 700 pages, and that is Donna Tartt’s book. The rest, for the most part, all kind of hover just underneath 400 or so pages which makes the whole thing seem less terrifying a feat to try and achieve.

Proved by the fact that I’ve finished three books since last Monday, two books in full I was just finishing one up before that.

The next book:

2018 Reading Challenge, Book 8, The Girl of Ink and Stars
2018 Reading Challenge, Book 8, The Girl of Ink and Stars

Words can’t really do justice to how beautiful this book actually is. The details on the pages of this book are just stunning. The cover is gorgeous and the designs of the maps that are dotted throughout are true pieces of art.

As I’ve mentioned before, I bought this book because when I was in Waterstones it had just won an award for best Children’s Book of 2017 and well I’m a sucker for advertising it would seem. And it also followed me fucking everywhere before I finally relented.

Okay, so this book felt a little bit Rebel of the Sands in some way. I don’t even really know what it was about it that felt like that. Maybe it’s just because it was a fantasy world and it was a female heroine and I was still a little bit fucked up over the trilogy. And I thought that that residual feeling was the reason that I didn’t quite mesh with this book, and I do think it was that in part, but also I just didn’t quite mesh with it.

I don’t even really know what it was about it. It’s well written and I liked Isabella and the story itself was fine. But I just found myself moving through the whole thing and not really giving a shit…

Something about it felt a bit too rushed. I got to the last 30/40 pages and was just like how is this going to resolve itself in that few amount of pages. And it was resolved, but it felt sooo rushed. And then it all came to an end and I was like ‘oh’.

The things that I did like was the slightly mythical, magical element to it. I liked how complicated the friendship between Lupe and Isabella was. They had that kind of relationship that felt full of unconditional love but also felt so teenaged in the way that it moved. But it also felt kind of undeveloped in some way. I dunno, come the end when Lupe died to save Isabella so that she could continue on the journey to save the island, I didn’t care that it had happened. I also didn’t really care about her father and what he had done…I didn’t really feel like the importance of it was really made clear because the second it was said things had moved on already.

That’s the thing that I didn’t really get on with when it came to this book. Things were said and then moved on really quickly and it just felt like it was go, go, go but it didn’t really go anywhere. It was never really explained why the Banished were the Banished, or why the Governor was so totalitarian, Yote seemed to come out of nowhere and then was suddenly super important and the myths didn’t really feel fully fleshed out so they didn’t really mean anything to me. And I could honestly go on.

There a couple of reasons why this might have happened, one I’m not in the target demographic so maybe that affected it? And two, I was kinda tired and so maybe some things just didn’t land with me and went over my head. Or maybe I just didn’t like it.

That seems the most likely.

I don’t think this book is bad, I know that it sounds like I thought that it was, but it wasn’t. It just wasn’t for me and as such I can kind of pick it apart with ease. Like I said, aesthetically this book is stunning and it does have some beautiful images in it, but it just wasn’t for me. I finished the book so confused as to whether I liked it or not and usually if I finish a book like that, it’s more likely that I didn’t.

3/5 stars

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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 6 – Hero at the Fall

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I finished the damn series. It stressed me out and I was worried for a good 500 out of the 506 pages but I got through the thing and the sadness I felt when I finished it was real. And weirdly it was only once I had finished this book and was just thinking about the series as a whole, and the end of book two really hit me as everything was tied up in a semi neat bow.

I will say, starting at the end, that I loved the way this series ended. It tied together and went back to this idea of tales being told and stories being the thing that carried legacies. That was something that plays throughout the whole of the trilogy but this was really hammered home in the final chapter of this. It was really cleverly done as there were just so many elements to the final chapter that I couldn’t help but just sit in awe when I had finished the book because the ending was just so damn clever. I wasn’t left jaded by it. I felt throughly satisfied by it.

Which was a total contrast to the book itself which as I mentioned, stressed me out to no end.

The deaths. Oh my gosh the deaths. Characters that I didn’t even think I was all that attached to were suddenly in jeopardy and I didn’t know how to cope with it. I kept just looking up from the pages and staring into space as I tried to process what the hell happened.

What struck me about them the most (the death that is) is that while they did all serve the greater cause of the rebellion they also felt like on some level that they served Amani to make sure that she could do what she needed to do in order to make sure that the rebellion was successful. It was interesting to me because when I started the trilogy Amani was not in a position for people to basically be dying for her to make sure that she could succeed. Nor was she in a position to be able lead them in the absence of both Ahmed and Shazad. And yet, there she was leading them to try and retrieve those that have been taken so far.

Also on this before I move on, it for some reason slipped my mind that Navid would also have been affected by the end of Traitor and then I mourned that whole thing all over again whilst reading (and then a third time when I finished)

Right, moving on, I realised as I moved through this book and there were more and more little third person short stories being dotted throughout the story and because I was left hella jaded by They Both Die that I no longer trust 1st person narratives. And as Amani moved through and there were more obstacles that seemed to be put in her way I just felt more and more like the back end of this book was going to be told in 3rd person.

The way that her relationship with Jin progressed through this story was beautiful. It felt so natural and organic and it reminded me of what I had loved about them in the first book as they had moved through that. That moment when I thought that he was  gone and then remembered that Amani had basically tied herself to him, which I had noticed on some level when I was reading it but was focused on what was actually going on in that scene of the book and not the fact that Amani had basically married him, was super stressful. Made all the more stressful by the fact that my train journey had chosen that point to then come to an end and so I had to stop reading and just wait for 8/9 hour before I could continue with.

That whole scene that lead up to that was so well written had such a great build up and really highlighted just how powerful the Djinn were and the ways in which they used that power. The way that the Djinn were written and the way their story arced and how it impacted the Rebellion and Ahmed was one of my favourite parts of the whole story. It never felt like an info dump and they were kind of talked about in that voice of stories, I guess because to Amani they kind of always were even when they became real to her.

The thing that really epitomised that was the introduction of The Sin Maker. He reminded me a little bit of Loki in that he was so much like a trickster and continued to be one throughout. He really threw a spanner in the works and made the lead up to the war that was building even more complicated. I both love and hated it. I loved it because it raised the stakes and made things even more interesting, if not also significantly more stressful. And I loved it because it really highlighted just how conflicted Amani was as a character whether she was conscious of it or not. She was selfish but this proved that that wasn’t always a bad thing, but it had the potential to be a dangerous thing. It also almost cost Amani things multiple times. I including her life. Which was why I also hated it. It made for good storytelling but my stress levels were not okay hon.

But I ended up okay because Amani’s father provided in a big way and it was so nice to find out what her mother’s wish had been.

The actual battle itself felt a tad underwhelming,  I dunno I think because the build up lasted 3 books basically and the second one took place in such close quarters to where the Sultan was and you got so much access to it and then it was just kind of over in about 5 pages because Amani is a good shot. It’s not that that was a bad thing or anything, it’s just that it started and then ended just as quickly.

Things I also enjoyed that I have to mention, but I am aware that this has gone on for over 1,000 words now and I could honestly just keep on going and not even be bothered but it would be lengthy, the relationship between Amani and Shazad remains my ultimate fave and, also didn’t realise until I was reading it and as I realised that it would be anything but practical, but I could quite happily read a whole thing about Shazad and Jin’s relationship. Also I enjoyed Amani and Ahmed’s relationship, the way that it was kind of quiet but also quite impactful in the grand scheme of things and again how it was a friendship that couldn’t have been what it was in this book at the beginning. Not even close. Amani really grew into herself throughout the books and it was a quiet kind of change but it was an immense one nonetheless.

I’m, thankfully, not quite done with this world yet and still have some short stories that I got in my goodie bag at the book launch so I can still hold onto this in some way. Because I love this world that was created. A lot. And I’m not fully ready to leave it behind completely, even though for the most part, I have said goodbye to.

I would recommend this trilogy so hard. It’s got everything that you could ask for and more in terms of action, love, adventure and great characters that only get better and better. It will also break your heart. In waves. But it’s so worth it.

4/5 stars

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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 7, Shockaholic

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So I finished another book. It was barely a 160 pages and it was Carrie Fisher. This is the second autobiography of hers that I have devoured in a couple of hours and it still hurt like the first one did. But I knew this one was going to hurt just a little bit more because it opened with this:

2018 Reading Challenge, Book 7, Shockaholic
2018 Reading Challenge, Book 7, Shockaholic

In fact this one hurt even more because there is a whole chapter that is about death. In fact the whole second half of it has a lot of talk about death and it just made me feel some kind of way. Especially because she remains so self aware of how she is perceived and how she will always just be Princess Leia in that gold bikini looking slightly uncomfortable in front of a giant slug.

The thing that I was reminded about instantly when I opened this book and read the first page was just how damn funny she was. I laughed so much throughout this whole book and it wasn’t even that long. But she just has such a great way with words that I am so envious of. She’s witty and knows how to tell a tale even while she tells you that she has lost parts of her memory. She insightful and concise (like I said, this book is 162 but it packs a lot of punches) and I love her so much that as I sped through the pages I kept wishing that I wasn’t such a fast reader so that it could last a bit longer.

The final chapter dealt primarily with her relationship with her father and it felt like a full circle moment in some way because at the beginning of the book she was talking about her relationship with her daughter and how her addictions affected that and it all just took on a different meaning, as most things that relate to Fisher seem to do know (I did almost cry my way through The Last Jedi not gonna lie, for a couple of reasons, but mostly for her). The way that she talked about it and how it changed from being pretty much non-existent to her almost becoming his mother at a time where she wasn’t necessarily being a mother. It all felt a little tragic and that final line was just a little gut wrenching.

The whole Ted Kennedy story got me. I laughed pretty much the entire time and I could just hear her saying it the image was so evocative.

If you love Carrie Fisher then I would for sure recommend this book. And even if you’re not I would recommend it as well because it’s hilarious.

4/5 stars

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