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    2019 Goals

    Hi, Hey, Hello! I cannot believe that I am already setting up my 2019 goals. Where did last year even go? Last year’s goals are now mostly habits which I consider to be something of a good thing, it means I no longer have to worry about them in the way that I did last year. With the exception of one…(if you guessed I’m talking about meditation, then congrats you win). This year’s are kind of going to be more focused, it’s not that last year’s weren’t, it’s just that what focus means for me has changed over the past year, and also the focus feels a little different. So…

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    Mid Month Update

    Hi, Hey, Hello! So let’s just get straight to it with this one shall we? It’s the middle of the month. It’s the middle of THE month. And so I guess an update is due. It’s Day 15, it is not looking great. I’m supposed to be at 25,000 words by this point. I think I can quite confidently say that I have not broken 5,000 words. This has been for a few reasons. One, I had to tidy up some shit from the 12,000 odd words I had already written and also familiarise myself with what I had already put down. Two, I have not yet properly planned this…

  • Letters to Autumn 22
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 22

    Dear Autumn, There has been something lacking in my life a little bit lately. And that something is using a damn pen and paper. The letters for the last week or so have all just come out of my head and made their way straight onto the screen. I honestly had no idea at any point where the hell any of them were going to go and to be honest I don’t ever really know where they are gonna go but they are way more controlled when I am writing them out because if I just go on a walkabout when writing by hand my hand cramps up, or I…

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    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn – 2018 Edition 1

    Dear Autumn, It feels almost unreal that I’m writing to you again. Mainly because I didn’t think I was in the headspace to do it this year. It’s amazing how one bad experience can kind of scar you in some way for a while whether you realise it or not. Last year’s did kind of break me. And I knw it as it was happening but it still kind of caught me off guard that it had done such a number on me to the point that I didn’t ever want to make that kind of commitment ever again. But I did. And I am. The beginning of this proves…

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    The Prelude

    Hi, Hey, Hello! I have been umming and ahhing about whether or not I was going to do Letters to Autumn this year. It’s a daily commitment at a time where I just dropped a daily posting schedule. I found last year’s kind of really hard for most of the month, that kind of showed looking back and I wasn’t really proud of it. so, I had kind of written it off as not happening. Then while I was waiting for my toast to pop last Thursday something clicked in my brain and it went ‘okay. so we’re doing this’. And I am. Doing it again. Because I felt some kind…