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So, yeah I kind of disappeared for a little while. There was a reason. Time escaped me in all honesty.

I made the decision to start up this blog again at what was probably quite a bad time in terms of the things that were going on in my life. I mentioned it briefly and well the intentions I had to take solace in just writing was short lived as it became apparent that my good old friend procrastination was determined to be a force to be reckoned with and I just couldn’t justify carving time out my days to write when I could tell that it would just be added to the list of things that I would procrastinate on. And I didn’t need that, so I took a break for a few weeks for that reason.

Then I had a week of nothing just in Liverpool spending it with friends and just basking in the fact that I had nothing to do and no real responsibilities for the first time in a while. Then I was packing my uni room and moving back home and thrown into a week that was filled with celebrating my best friend’s 21st birthday and then preparing to go on holiday with aforementioned best friend. Then I was on holiday for two weeks and on my return home just felt a little bit like I needed to get my bearings again which then brought me to the end of the month and I figured I might as well wait until a new month to start things afresh…again (I told you I was good at finding reasons to not do something and making excuses).

But I am back, on a more regular basis because I have nothing left to distract me anymore really (except the job search).

The good news is that all the hard work and relatively crappy time I had to experience briefly about a year ago for various reasons all paid off in the end and I am graduating uni with a 2:1. The relief that I feel is immense to say the least because I spent a lot of the last few weeks of my uni life averaging and doing math to try and figure out what I needed from my final two marks to achieve that, and then after one my least confident exams ever I was fully convinced that I wouldn’t have done enough. And the worse part of that all was that I knew exactly where I went wrong with it all and had I done things a little bit differently (mainly stopped being so damn stubborn) then I would have done better and not been in that stress-y position come the end of my final year. But then on the flip side of that I spent a lot of time being proud of myself for not letting the way that I felt during that time being so all consuming that I fell off the ball completely because clearly that helped me in the long run and aided me in the achievement of a 2:1. My graduation ceremony is in just over a week and now that the pressure of what my degree classification was going to be is gone, my main focus has been turned to what the hell I am going to wear, because that was a more common question in my life than anything else has been recently. I still don’t have an answer and now apparently I need one.

Moving away from academia, and something that I mentioned earlier, I also went on holiday in the not so distant past. My best friend and I had always talked abstractly about going to America one day, because it was on the list of places we wished to go one day. Then one day over summer last year she mentioned actually saving up for it and the idea became a little bit more of a reality. Come January the flights and hotels were booked and we were heading to New York and Orlando shortly after her 21st birthday. Even after that it still seemed like a distant event in out futures and even when tickets were bought for Universal Studios a couple of weeks before we left it still didn’t seem like it was actually going to happen. And yet on June 8th we were watching Shrek and planning to get to bed at a reasonable time because we were finally going on holiday.

After a departure lounge breakfast and cocktails in the sky and a passing of time with eyes closed and awkward body positions in minimal space and a too long wait on the other side waiting for a car to pick us up and take us to our hotel we had arrived. The first day was just spent trying to make it to a reasonable time of night before we could conk out and sleep for a bit, with a first night dinner at Red Lobster where we devoured too much bread and salad and filled up before our actual food got there. But because my best friend had ordered something with the word feast in the description so she soldiered on and I called it quits and got a doggy bag (which I never actually got around to ever eating).

Our second proper day after we had slept for I can’t quite remember how long (it was enough to kick the jet lag out of our system it appeared) involved getting our grounding with the Subway and locating the American Museum of Natural History. Getting to grips with a new museum is always a fascinating thing to get to do and it was nice to wander through the many halls of the museum over an afternoon. After that we found ourselves in Tiffany’s and walking down streets that we had only ever seen on a screen. It was surreal to say the least, made even more so by the fact that we sort of unintentionally ended up in Times Square which was still bustling with people and noise despite it being past 11. Guess the city really does never sleep.

Empire State Building came next and I pretended that my fear of heights doesn’t actually exist so as to make it all the way to the 86th floor. Once you get past the fact that your ears pop as you go up (and down), it’s actually quite easy to forget that you are several billion feet off the ground (I will continual to exaggerate that, me getting up there was a big deal). Just as long as you don’t look directly down at all the itty bitty yellow cabs and forget that the street is down there with said cars. It was stunning up there and also reminded me heavily of when we went up the Eiffel Tower on holiday last summer. We had tickets that meant we could also go there again at night and looking at a city all lit up and the way the landscape changes from day to night in a subtle and yet significantly different way. And also the rain hits you upwards when you are that high in the air. It’s weird and I don’t like it (makes the pretending you’re not several billion feet in the air harder to forget).

Over our last two days in the city, dinner was had at Macy’s, we had our Gossip Girl moment on the steps of the Met and we finished up with a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Throwing in a sight of New York in the rain, a final dinner at Olive Garden and dessert from the Cake Boss Café (which meant that I fulfilled the one thing that my dad insisted I do and sorta kinda visited Cake Boss, it’s the least I could do since I failed to visit the Catacombs that he kept banging on about before I went to Paris last year). Then suddenly our time in New York was up and we were packing things into a suitcase at half 12 in the morning and actually planning to adhere to an alarm that went off so that we could make our connections to the airport.

And then skip forward a bit and we are at another airport and this one has a water feature slap bang in the middle of it, and that means that is alright with me because I love a good water feature and have embarrassed my best friend many a time with my exclamations of glee when we come across them. We were also greeted by a mass of humid air and rain. Our hotel however was opposite both a Denny’s and an IHop and we utilised that IHop to its fullest capabilities during our stay in Orlando, having our first and last meal there and obviously indulging in pancakes (I am still desperately craving their blueberry pancakes because my gosh were they good). In a rather usual state of affairs we found a place that was near to our hotel and went there a fair amount to have dinner. In Paris it was this Tex Mex place around the corner, and in Orlando it was Applebee’s (we frequented it to the extent that we had the same waiter twice and he recognised us, it was mildly amusing). Back to the point I was apparently trying to make, the convenient placement of these restaurants (and also a 7eleven) meant that we didn’t have to travel very far in the notorious Orlando heat to get the things we needed. Which was a good thing because neither of us do very well with the whole humidity thing.

A super lazy day went down on our first day which went some way into preparing ourselves for two days at Universal Studios. The Harry Potter section at Islands of Adventure was one of our main draws for going to Orlando (as well as Disneyworld, but that is for another holiday) and that was the first place that we made our way to when we arrived. It involved a superficial walk through of Suess Landing which was an onslaught of colour and noise that took some getting used to (which we did when we ended up back there later in the day, but hey they rides suited our style more than a lot of the other ones because we are not about loop de loops or fast descents from great heights), but once you left that Hogwarts was in sight and both of us made a slightly audible noise in public (but we weren’t alone, it was fine). Entering Hogsmeade was just as magical and surreal (mainly because the roofs were snow dusted but we were surrounded by blue skies, sun and hot air the whole time) as we had imagined and the whole experience was and it was amazing to finally get to experience that finally where he had before always seemed like an unattainable dream. So that was great (as was buying a Thing 1 t-shirt while my best friend got a Thing 2 one and walking around wearing more co-ordinated outfits then we had intended on our adventures in the actual Studios section of Universal). The whole thing was great.

I mean after two pretty intense days of walking and queuing and the sun, we had a pretty chilled out rest of the week, in fact with the exception of us taking a two hour long round trip to Hooters we didn’t really leave our hotel room unless it was to get coffee, water or dinner. So sleep and a version of relaxation is how we rounded off our holiday before our night flight back home (which we were so done with after a couple of hours and neither of us had any chance of falling asleep at any point so we were just sort of stuck).

Right so with this lengthy, lengthy post (sorry it just kinda got away from me while I was writing) I hereby declare myself back, with the intention to actually stick around for longer than a month this time. One it will help add some structure to my life and give me something to work on each week in addition to the whole job hunt thing, and two it will encourage me to do the thing I love which is write. Oh, and I changed the update day to Sunday (because I procrastinated so hard that this was when this one was ready by and because it seems to make more sense to do it at the end/beginning (whichever you think it is, I say end but ho hey) of the week than mid-week for reasons that I can’t quite pinpoint but in my head it makes the most sense).

So see you next week!


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  • celticjewelr

    Your photos are amazing, and I really enjoyed reading all about your holiday! Gossip girl references = <3 😉 Looking forward to reading more of your stuff! xx

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