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How are you all doing? It’s post 9 time, although not day 9 I know and also we are moving slightly out of order. Having said that this was what today’s post was supposed to be anyway… They’ll match up again soon, I think I’m making some headway with the bout of writer’s block I got attacked with last week but it’s still not enough to get me through Stay Alive and Ten Duel Commandments, but I’ll get there. Should I just maybe stop talking…?

Let this moment be the first chapter: where you decide to stay

Scott had a tendency to act like a 3 year old discovering the world for the first time even though he was fast approaching double figures. It led to many a panic as I frantically searched whichever open space he had decided to treat as his own personal playground. It usually ended with me finding him bothering some poor stranger that he had “confused for one of his parents”. Embarrassing for me, hilarious for him.

I spent a lot of time apologising to adults who looked at me with nothing but disdain at my apparent inability to control my children.

Sometimes he dragged Lydia along with him. The pair of them would run off and I’d find them sitting happily on the floor beside some tall stranger laughing at some non-joke. The part of me that was terrified that one day they would get kidnapped and I would be put in prison for negligent behaviour was overruled by the part of me that could see that 8 out of 10 times they never actually strayed out of my eye sight. The other two instances? Well one of us moved too fast and the other too slow.

Scott’s favourite place to passively pester people was this café not far from the house where I could get some work done and leave Scott and Lydia to fend for themselves in the play area. Mia would occasionally join us as well and I left Hayden with our aunt to try and keep the environment as distraction free as I could and maximise productivity.

This one time, on a rare occasion that Mia decided it was okay to be openly associated with me, Scott and Lydia were seeing who could swing higher. They kept running back excitedly to Mia and I demanding our intel as to who we thought had won each round. We always picked one each and declared it a tie, so they raced back and did it again.

After try four or five they made a detour and Scott ran straight into somebody’s leg and clung there like a koala. I assume it was intentional, but I wasn’t really paying much attention, I was finally reaching my stride with what I was working on and the words appearing on my screen were more attention grabbing then a competition I was only keeping a cursory glance on in which ultimately there was no winner.

It was only when I heard a voice say “hi there” at the same time Mia prodded my upper arm and said “Nix” that I looked up and noticed what was happening.

‘Scott let him go.’ I’d got the way to say that sentence down to a tee. Slightly fond, mostly stern. Scott however, as always, just looked at me and laughed, followed closely by Lydia joining in and Mia snorted once before falling back into her teenage indifference. Their laughter was my cue to look up further and apologise face to face to the poor person who had just momentarily acquired an 8 year old leg accessory.

Green eyes and dark hair.

That was what struck me about the man Scott had chosen as his next victim.

That and he was smiling at me. An actual smile, not the polite kind I was used to where the mouth was smiling but their eyes were screaming “get your child off me”.

‘I’m sorry about this. Scott let the dude go. Don’t you wanna know who won?’

‘You weren’t watching, you don’t know who won.’ He happily answered as he tightened his grip around the thigh he had his arms wrapped around.

‘Well still, you can’t hold on to his leg like that.’

‘Why not, he’s my friend.’ I could only stare up at the man’s face again and wonder if that was true. I, for one, had never seen him before in my life. One look over at Mia told me that she hadn’t either. Scott was lying now. Great.

‘Okay then. What’s your friend’s name?’

‘Donald.’ Duck, my brain replied. The TV had definitely been on something with that quack before we had left the house.

‘Oh, so close. It’s Josh.’ The man spoke. Deep voice, native to New York, something about the way he said his name gave that last part away (I turned out to be right about that).

‘Yeah Scott, you were close. So, how do you know Josh?’

‘We met at the castle.’ Disney castle, he meets everybody at the castle. It’s become a bit of an in-joke between Mia and I, although Scott has probably cottoned on to the fact that it makes us both smile every time he says it.

‘Yeah I’m one of the princes.’ Why this Josh person was playing along I didn’t know, but at that point Scott let go of his leg and stared up at Josh in something akin to awe.

‘Which prince?’ He asked and Josh, not missing a beat replied.

‘Belle’s.’ Scott’s favourite Disney princess (Eric was his favourite prince though, he was very conflicted about the whole thing).

‘Well it’s nice to meet you Prince Josh.’ He held his hand out to shake Josh’s, which he did, and then Scott walked over to the table and situated himself firmly on my lap humming Beauty and the Beast happily under his breath. Lydia quietly sat down on the seat opposite me and started picking at her earlier abandoned blueberry muffin.

I looked up to apologise to Josh again and he shook his head and said “don’t worry about it”, then walked out of the building.

‘You know he was checking you out right?’ Mia said when the door was closed and Scott and Lydia, although present at the table, retreated into their own little world together.

‘No he wasn’t.’ I replied as I tried to type around Scott.

‘Yeah Nix, he was. I noticed him because his eyes are ridiculously pretty and he’s tall so he makes an impression. And while you were zoning out in your work he was checking you out. Why else do you think he was so chill about Scott using his leg as a tree?’

‘He was being polite?’

‘Yeah sure, there’s that. There’s also the fact that it gave him a reason to talk to you for a bit.’

‘If you say so.’

‘Hey, you could have done worse. He was hot.’ I shrugged like I hadn’t noticed that fact, but Mia nudged me with her shoulder because she knew me, but we weren’t going to speak about it anymore. Scott and Lydia were back and we had to think about picking up Hayden soon.

(First of all this is an excerpt as it were from some other mini brain child that plagued me for about 2 weeks, and second of all, parentheses count: 3)

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