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I literally had a whole different post written to go up today and then I talked to my brother for hours last night and it got thrown into a whole new light and I realised it was kind of bullshit and the fact that I was struggling all day to write the post in the first place should have been a damn sign. So this post is happening instead.

There are now 15 weeks left of the year. I know this because I counted and for some reason I keep seeing a countdown to Christmas on my Twitter and that’s indicating how much time is left of the year. The point is there’s 15 weeks left of the year and I’ve got myself an accidental 16 week plan (because this started last week), which is what this post will now be about.

1) Gain Weight

This was gonna be the post then the more I wrote it the more I realised I was borderline risking falling back into some old habits just for the opposite problem that I’ve had before. I’ve started tracking my food intake again, just so I can have a genuine understanding of my day to day food intake so that I know for sure that I’m hitting a surplus because that’s what I need. Hitting a surplus eating clean(ish) is fucking hard. I didn’t hit what I was supposed to be hitting once last week. Which is sign enough that I need to adapt my approach and go soooo slow and steady instead. It’s easier to do and means that I won’t fall back into some shitty old habits because I don’t actually have to do anything differently for the most part. I have my current weight, I have my goal weight, I know how much I need to gain over a certain period of time (this also came from that conversation that I mentioned earlier). I’m not weighing myself religiously in fact to be honest I’ll probably only do it once a month just as an FYI for myself. I’m not really making any huge changes with this, but I am going to focus it a bit more for the last part of the year.

2) Tweak my skincare

A little. I’ve said it beofre that for teh most part this is under control. And it is. However winter is coming and so some adaptation is needed. The funny art is that I’m adding a regular exfoliator to my skin care routine once a week, as well as a detoxifying something or other. Probably a mask. Just small things to really give my skin the best chance of living its best life. I’m in a really good place with my skin now, but just want it to be tad more.


I know that this is an overall goal of mine. However Novemeber is rather terrifyingly fast approaching and that can only mean one thing. Nanowrimo. Which I am kinda of gonna cheat with this year. I have The Thing. I’ve started The Thing. I’m feeling like I’ve got something going with The Thing. And so I’m going for that first draft. It should be roughly 70-80,000 words by the end of it. November especially seems like the best time to wrap that up, so then I have the rest of the year to take a damn break from it.

4) Other Writing Shit

This is ambiguous here, but to me this makes perfect sense.There is some other writing shit that I want to get done.

5) Self Care

I’m not bd at this. I have no choice but to be mostly on top of it. I’ve kind of let if slip a little bit and I’ve noticed the difference in myself My anxiety exists at about 2 usually these days, but the past couple of months it’s been at an 8 and I’ve just kind of stopped using the methods that I learned in therapy and instead have buried my head in the sand. But I need to buckle down with it and get it back under control. I know what I need and should do and I need to get better at doing it again.

And that’s my 16 (15) week plan that will work in conjunction with my other goals for the year (which are mostly under ‘control’). I feel oddly motivated right now for the first time in a while to actually kick my ass into gear and own the next few months.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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