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2016 Reading Challenge Book 10 – The Art of Being Normal

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By the time this posts I will be about to scuttle off for a 4 and a half day weekend, so this Thursday is the very definition of winning. Anyway, it’s time for another book review. And with this review I can officially say that I am a quarter of the way through my challenge. So only 3o books to go…

Today I have a review of this book:

The Art of Being Normal, Book 10, 2016 Reading Challenge
The Art of Being Normal, Book 10, 2016 Reading Challenge

Now initially I was going to read another book for number 10, but then I tried to read it and I was just not going anywhere with it and Candy Crush seemed like a better option to me every time I opened the book. So I took a little break, read Kindred Spirits and then decided to change tactics and pick a new book. So I picked this one.

The Art of Being Normal – Lisa Williamson

Unlike a lot of the books that I have picked up this year so far (and in life tbh) I actually went into this one knowing a little bit of what was in store for me. I knew roughly what David’s trajectory was going to be. Leo’s I had no clue.

First of all, this book was stunning. I blitzed through it so quickly (in total I think it was about 2-3 hours) because it was just so beautifully written and I was so absorbed in it from about two chapters in (it made remembering that I have to actually get off the train a background thought, not the best given that I need to pay some form of attention in order to actually get to work).

Williamson’s style of writing is so effective and beautiful. It conveys so many thoughts and emotions so effortlessly. It’s not ever trying to preach or anything like that. It’s just portraying a story of two people trying to navigate their way through being a teenager and figuring themselves out and trying to be their true selves.

I loved the way that David was characterised. He was such a fascinating character to see go on this journey (as it were) throughout the novel. And he was a character that you couldn’t help but root for. Watching his ups and falls and him finding his happiness as the book reached its ending was such a joy to read. The relationship that he had with his friends and with his parents. The internal struggles that he was facing and the way that it affected his world around him was so well developed and conveyed.

Leo was a curve ball. One in that I didn’t realise that half of the book was coming from his perspective and two because I didn’t know what to expect from him as a character. And he was kind of my fave. The pacing of his storyline was so great and effective and by the end I found myself so happy with the way his story ended.

The friendship between these two characters was so well developed and so naturally developed that made it so easy to read and get invested with them and their story. And that is totally, completely down to the way that Williamson writes. I kind of want more of them and to see where they are now and what they’re doing and to know how Leo and Alicia are. And to see more of the way the school reacts. Or how they exists outside of the school bubble.

I was basically left with wanting more and I think that is a pretty good thing to leave with. Would definitely recommend.

4/5 stars

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