The Books I Shouldn’t Have Bought

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I’m being bookish again because when all else fails I still have books to talk about.

Now I’ve mentioned once or twice that I am on a self imposed book buying ban. There are exceptions to this ban, for example for some reason I have decided that pre-orders don’t count (because you know that is future me’s problem). Actually that is the only exception really.

Except for the two binge book buying sessions I have been on this year, one in April and one in July. And the fact that I intentionally went into Waterstones on Sunday for the sole purpose of buying a book (and it was nearly more than that, but the other book had a dent in the cover and I need to be the only person who damages a book so that was put back where I found it).

The first time it happened in April I blame R almost entirely because she was with me when it happened. (I mean I also do not have a leg to stand on because I was the one who told her to meet me in Waterstones Piccadilly and nor did she actually make me buy anything, but we ended up mooching around the floors (and I think it was all the floors available to us, except the top one) together and well we both have book addictions and so we both left with books we really shouldn’t have bought.) The second time it happened, I was on my own and once I picked up one book I couldn’t stop and there was no one telling me to stop. And so I didn’t and I had a whole other haul of books in a bag that I dare not look in out of fear of all the books that I now own and shouldn’t have bought. This year at least.

And just to really share the shame (not really) here are all the books that I’ve bought this year whilst being on a supposed ‘book buying ban’, which is going well despite these slip ups…which are quite big slip ups because I’m very much a ‘go hard or go home’ kind of person (I’m really not). My general rule for the year is that pre-orders don’t count, regardless of when I made the pre-order (because I’ve done a lot of that this year…) so these are just the books that I currently have in my possession and am pretending that I don’t.

Ready Player One, Ernst Cline – I’m gonna start with the smallest binge. I bought this on Sunday intentionally because I watched the trailer for the film from Comic Con on Saturday night and I saw the Dolorean and some other pop culture references that intrigued me and reminded me that I really wanted to read this book but for whatever reason hadn’t done so yet. And then I just felt sort of compelled to go out and buy it? Why I do not know. The book is still gonna be there when I finish this year’s reading challenge and yet I felt like I needed it in my house so I could just jump straight to it if I get the chance. I don’t understand me either.

London Fields, Martin Amis – This book started the whole problem and is what first prompted me to break the damn ban in the first place. First of all I love Martin Amis and his writing style even though I was introduced to it in my final year at uni and had to analyse the hell out of him. And then secondly, this book is called London Fields. I work in London Fields. I felt compelled to buy it. I don’t even really know what it’s about, so that’s good.

The Girl of Ink and Stars, Kiran Millwood Hargrave  – I think this had just won a Waterstones award when I was there and so it felt a bit like I couldn’t escape it because it was so on display. I mean I’ve heard great things about this book, so that was also a deciding factor. But yeah, it’s omnipresence as I walked around is what really swayed me.

Fight Club, Chuch Palahniuk – Part of me thinks that the reason that I haven’t watched this film yet even though it’s on Netflix is because I haven’t read the book yet. I liked Choke and always wanted to read more Palahniuk but just hadn’t picked any up. Until this day in April. I think it was the only one that I saw of his, but it will do.

Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn – Give me anything by Gillian Flynn. Although I think with this book I now own everything she has written, which I’m not sure what to do with…

A Darker Shade of Magic, V.E Schwab – Does somebody want to explain to me why I thought it would be a good idea to buy the first book in yet another book series? Because that is what I did when I bought this. I knew as I stacked it into my left hand that it was a bad idea because it was a commitment and yet I did it anyway. Because I am a sucker for anything set in my home city.

Shockaholic, Carrie Fisher – So we have now moved onto my latest proper binge. I saw the Princess Leia on the cover, my heart panged a little in upset and then I picked it up and started something.

Postcards from the Edge, Carrie Fisher – I miss her and I want to have all of her work in my possession. This was also the last copy that Waterstones had. It was a sign. Plus the font on the cover is set like the beginning of every Star Wars film ever. I am weak. You can only expect so much of me.

Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty  – I watched the TV adaptation and loved it. It was so well done and the cast was stellar and the final few scenes were just something spectacular. And unlike my parents who do not see why I feel compelled to read the book, I do in fact need to now read the book. The cover is so calming to look at and I cannot wait to delve inside when that eventually happens.

the princess saves herself in this one, amanda lovelace – At some point last year I legit spent ages looking for this book in Waterstones Piccadilly and could. not. do. it. And then just as I was about to turn and pay for the other books that I should not be buying I saw this just nestled in a corner and it felt like I sign that I should snap it up while I still could. And so I did. (I then also had to refrain from picking up another Christina Henry book based on Peter Pan because that felt like a step too far…).

And these are the results of my book buying binges. And just because I’ve realised that my pre-orders haven’t been that bad so far (it’s gonna really hit the fan come September-October time). Now I Rise, Kiersten White, which seemed like a given considering how much I loved And I Darken All that She Can See, Carrie Hope Fletcher,  the opening chapters intrigued me. And finally, I bought a Hufflepuff 20th anniversary special edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because I am weak and will collect all things Potter related until the end of time.

13 books in 6 months is pretty measured for me I feel. It definitely could have been worse (and yes I am going to keep justifying this to myself like this…).

Parentheses count: 10. See you tomorrow!

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