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So a couple of weeks ago I was just sort of minding my own business, drinking coffee and reading Neverwhere when all of a sudden I got hit by this crazy idea to start a bullet journal…

Now I basically spend a lot of my time thinking that I am going to get super organised. And I usually manage to do that for all of about 3 weeks and then I just sort of let everything collect in my head again. But I am determined to commit to this one, because I can also use it as a creative outlet, and I am all about getting as many of them as possible.

So after I had this strong burning passion to start one, I went out and bought yet another notebook and then some other bits and pieces and then on a Monday night after I had worked out my already slightly yoga tired muscles (post food though) I worked on getting the thing set up.

Now I am still very much in the process of setting it up and I haven’t quite made a habit of it yet and I am still doing way more reading about the subject then actually being practical about it but I have noticed slight changes. For one, because I can visualise it in my head from all the reading I’ve started kind of thinking in it. I keep filing things away and assigning them to pages, because I’ve got that far with it, and it is sort of mentally helping. That probably isn’t necessarily the best thing though because the whole point of me starting this thing was so that I could storing all this shit in my head and make it visual, because once it’s down on paper it’s kind of out of my head and then I get the satisfaction of crossing things off the list and that’s always fun.

There are definite other benefits that I can foresee as well to be honest, once I get into a routine that is. The main one being that if I make a conscious effort to make a to-do list and write down and events and key dates then I will eliminate a lot of the panic that descends on me when I remember that there was an email that I needed to send or that I have to be social later on in the day. The tiny things could maybe become so minuscule that they are not the thing that makes up about 75% of my anxiety and that can focus on the big things like failure…

I digress though.

My point is that this notebook and all the other probably slightly unnecessary stuff that comes with it, is slowly going to become something. And then maybe my head will be less of a mess.

The Bullet Journal
The Bullet Journal

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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  • iamjoycemacleod

    This is literally me!! I just started a bullet journal too for exactly the same reasons. It seems to take a while to get into it but I’m like you and can see the future benefits it could have. Look forward to hearing how you’re getting on with it!

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