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Remember how on Monday I said things were getting a tad weird on here in terms of prompts and shit? Yeah, well this is the beginning of that (and actually looking at my plan for the next couple of weeks, this is as weird as it is going to get). Honestly this is the prompt for today: Which cartoon character best represents your personality? That’s it.

So let’s get to it shall we?

Now there will definitely be a theme when it comes the cartoon characters that for some reason scream ‘me!’ In my mind. It also won’t take long for that theme to become apparent.

Scar– Let’s just start at the top shall we. I was about 21 when I was just casually watching the lion king for the umpteenth time and was suddenly hit with the realisation that I am in actual fact in some capacity Scar. Not in the killing my brother and blaming my nephew so that I can become king kind of sense but in the overall general I honestly have no time for you people kind of sense. There is a certain level of sarcasm and snark that oozes out of this character that if you know me well enough is very easy to identify. In Scar. A fictitious lion based on a Shakespeare character voiced by Jeremy Irons…

Hades– See where this going? Hades speaks to the part of me that is just riddled with anxiety (which is most of me let’s be real, although it’s calmed down this last week, probably something to do with the year winding down). To be honest that is solely down to that one part where he blows up and then tells himself it will all be fine. His also general doneness with the world around him is very me. Plus in a general Greek mythology sense Hades is for some reason my favourite to read about. Way better than Zeus.

Ursula– I just really love her okay? I mean she’s horrible and ruthless and problematic as hell, but I spend a large margin of my life just thinking about the way that she says ‘body language’ which is also one of the best Disney songs on my opinion (and I definitely have her levels of sass at times). 

Megara– Yeah I’ve gone back to Hercules, it’s incredibly underrated if you ask me (which I know you didn’t). ‘I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I’ve got this’, come on.  Me. And also ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ is one of my favourite Disney songs to ever be sung into existence.

To be honest with you that is kind of it. I mean there are the stray few that crop up in the TV shows that I used to watch growing up that I somehow absorbed something from, but for the most part I am just a straight up Disney villain. Just totally and completely a Disney villain.

And I ain’t mad at it.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow (yes tomorrow)!

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