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The Flood

Cassie’s boat was the comfiest. It had the pillows and the blankets on the now called floor. It had the soft jumpers that she saved. Typical Cassie to save her comfy clothes from a flood.

Whether it was intentional or not is unknown, but Brandon’s boat was the one with all the food. What was left anyway. It was rationed meticulously the extent and the duration of the flood unknown then. But nevertheless we had food and we had comfort in one place, pretty much.

Dylan’s was almost barren. It had one pillow and a onesie. Unfortunately for him he hadn’t been in a position to attempt to save anything when the flood hit. It didn’t matter though, he, like most of us, spent his time on Cassie or Brandon’s boats.

Luca’s had any board game you can imagine on there. Helpful for entertainment, although it did nearly end a few friendships. We never quite decided what it said about Luca that board games are what he saved.

Hayley’s was full of beauty products. Turned out to be hugely useful when it became apparent that we need SPF to become our best friend while we were stranded.

Sara, always the most practical, saved her camping gear. It meant that we ended up drinking clean water and staying warm with battery operated lamps and very well controlled fires. We did better than most in that respect.

Mine tied up our little collection of boats. Full of random trinkets and pictures that reminded us of an easier time so made us sad sometimes, But also reminded us that we were in this together, just like always. Made it a bit easier, knowing that we had a family in the seclusion.

Those boats were our home for nearly 6 months (Sara kept count). Then one day with no explanation we just started sinking until we hit something solid. None of us have ever loved being in the middle of the road more than that moment.

We all dispersed pretty quickly to see what the damage was.


Sara and Dylan didn’t have homes to go to. The flood had destroyed them completely. The rest of us had homes but they were  water logged messes. I retrieved a water damaged notebook from under what used to be a head board. It wasn’t mine, I will never know who’s it is. Part of life now I guess.

We are all back at the boats now. They are grounded this time obviously and morale is lower. Much lower. We don’t know what has become of the world now. There is just us. And our boats. And Cassie’s blankets that aren’t quite so comforting any more. Even less of Brandon’s food. Luca’s board games aren’t quite the same now we’ve played them so many times. Hayley’s beauty products are down to their final dregs. Sara is running out of matches and we don’t have an endless supply of water any more. And well all my trinkets and pictures are just a painful reminder of what we’ve lost forever.

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