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Given that I did a two month and a four month update on this it seems only fitting that I would do a mid year check-in. Although it is totally insane that we are now at the halfway point of the year, did it not just start? With that in mind, here we go then…

1) Take Better Care of My Hair – I’m due another hair cut at the end of the month, which is progress given that generally speaking once I get a hair cut I then don’t go back for years on end. And in this year alone I’m due about 3 of them…so, it’s going well. I mean I say that, I have also not untied my hair in three days and it’s coming up to two weeks since I last washed it and it’s weirdly straight and so dry right now, but this is a blip and is mainly because I’ve been busy and it needs at least a couple of hours to so which I just haven’t had this week after work, but like I said, it’s a blip. Other than that, it’s going well. This is the healthiest my hair has been in a long while.

2) Take Better Care of My Skin –  I’ve added an SPF to my routine in the morning and Vitamin E facial oil at night, but honestly there’s not all that much I can really do. Except stop picking at my face when spots do appear. But yeah, I feel like just being consistent in what I’m doing is the best thing that I can do for it. I have also increased the frequency with which I exfoliate my skin, from once to twice and I’m gonna see where that leads me. But yeah, I am making progress with it I guess.

3) Tone The Hell Up – So, I’m still mostly off sugar, but that gets harder the hotter it gets because I want ice cream alll the time. I still tweaking with my diet in a general sense and I eat more fruit and veg than I used to, but there are parts of it that could definitely be better. I also dropped off cardio for the past 6 weeks (I started introducing it on Monday again) for a couple of reasons and switched to do more low impact exercises. So pilates, yoga and barre. It all burns. It all works. I feel stronger, I can get deeper into a push-up, my arms have some shape to them, there are hints of defined back muscles. I actually feel good in my body. Look, I can’t lift, I don’t do strength training and I don’t know if I want to, but I can hold solidly hold a plank for 60 seconds and I can finally touch the floor with straight legs. And currently my legs feel like a really heavy weight and my glutes burn and I still have a barre class to do this week which is going to make it worse (and yet also better…), but this is going well. It’s completely changed my attitude to myself and has helped with my mental health in a huge way that it didn’t before recently. And yeah, I don’t hate my body anymore, I had a breakthrough with it recently and came out the other side with an attitude that me 4/5 years ago would never even have dreamed of. I’m gonna up my cardio again at some point to two/three times a week again, but currently I’m mainly focused on low intensity, isometric workouts that really help me tone up and burn sooo much.

4) Start Saving Properly –  Can we not talk about this one please? It’s not gotten all that much better, I transfer money, sometimes I forget about, sometimes I need to transfer it back in. That plan that I was talking  about a couple of months ago will happen, I just don’t know when…

5) Get Better Organised – This comes and goes to be honest. Sometimes I get proper to-do listy and feel like I can conquer the world, but most of the time it is all just organised chaos in my head. I’m trying, probably not hard enough, but I’m trying nonetheless.

6) Try And Be More Creative/Just Write More – Again, I don’t really know how to assess this one. I’m going to try and rectify that this month, but I’ve made no progress with that so far, but I’m gonna have to for tomorrow and I’m almost excited for this.

And there we go. The halfway point update. To be honest, it’s kind of going the way that I thought it would go. Number 4 and 5 are proving grey areas of difficultly because I’m me. 6 is kind of following the same vein as before given that I put it on the list in the first place because it wasn’t happening all that much. The first 3 are going in directions that I didn’t necessarily think they would, I mean skincare is, the fact that I actually got a hair cut for the first time in years still surprises me and my new attitude to exercise has also caught me off guard. I mean I started doing it just to be a bit healthier, but now it’s almost paramount to keeping me sane these days.

Anyway, see you in September with the next update on this!

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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