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Happy Monday (those exist right…of course they do…). Last week Tabby over at Orange Owl Diaries tagged me in the ‘I Love Winter Tag’. Now I am a winter baby (seriously, my birthday is on Friday) and in all honesty it’s my second favourite season (and sometimes also feels like the longest). You know where you stand with winter. It’s all knitwear and heavy coats and scarves and all that other stuff, and I love me some knitwear. I really do (my favourite season had a whole month dedicated to it, just in case you were wondering). Anyway, I’ll get on to questions:

  • Favourite Lip Product: Vaseline…how boring. I love a good lipstick though, but for the every day I will always go back to Vaseline
  • Favourite Drink: Coffee. In all/most guises. Recently I have reached a point where I say more words then I get coffee, but hey it’s real good and I love a good coffee.
  • Favourite Nail Polish: I mean, I own a lot of nail varnish. Like a lot a lot. I love a good red. But I am all about a classic black nail (on the odd occasion that all my nails are the same colour).
  • Favourite Candle: Here’s the thing. I think I might be a candle person, but I don’t get to use candles all the much for various reasons so I don’t really have a favourite candle. However I am partial to the smell of Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt, like there is a reason that it’s Lizzy’s favourite candle.
  • Favourite Attraction: In what context?? Because I am all about the London skyline, like I have seen it a lot in my life given that I have lived just outside the city my whole life, but I still get a thrill of joy seeing Big Ben and the London Eye appearing in front me. And well, that’s an attraction to some (including me on  occasion).
  • Favourite Accessory: Sunglasses.
  • Favourite Candy: M&M’s in any guise.
  • Favourite Movie: What ever? The Departed. One that makes me feel like it’s distinctly winter? The Holiday.
  • Favourite Blush: Not a blush kind of girl. Or maybe I haven’t found the one for me yet.
  • Favourite Thing: Raindrops on roses…no in all seriousness people completely losing their shit laughing.

And that’s this tag done. I hereby declare this an open invitation to all lovers of winter (and even those who prefer sunnier climes).

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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