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Something else I have learned over the past week is that there are several posts on here that unintentionally have the same title. In fact two of them fall into the same genre and everything. I accidentally fell into the use of this title, but like, it’s pretty much always applicable to be honest and so here we are.

Clearly I’m talking about sleep again now.

Story time, I got a Fitbit in October 2016 and it has served me well over the years, but well I’m Apple trash and so on Friday I got my hands on an Apple Watch and to be honest I regret nothing. But here’s the thing currently that is proving to be a bit of a learning curve, I just got used to what my Fitbit did for me with great ease. I could track my steps, my calories burned, total distance covered, minutes of exercise, what workouts I did and my water intake all in one handy place. Oh and it also tracked my sleep.

Now it was flawed for sure mainly because it didn’t really indicate quality of sleep. I mean it would tell me that I slept for 5 hours when really all I did was lay there with my eyes closed in the lightest of sleeps for that long, if not longer, I was just very still whilst I did it. But it gave me a general idea. And I kind of liked that. It gave me an indicator of how well I was going to fare for the day because I knew how much sleep I was roughly working with. It meant that a lot of the time I always ended up surprising myself because I found myself surprisingly chipper when all I was running off was 5 hours sleep. I quite enjoyed having that knowledge.

My new toy doesn’t do that for me automatically. And so now I am frantically searching for an app that will help do that for me because I am apparently accustomed to having that knowledge in my brain. I’m not even really asking for it to do much, I just want a general idea of how long I’ve slept for. Since Friday I’ve tried two. One was Pillow, it requires both your phone and your watch to be opened to the app. The time that I used it they didn’t sync together but the app stayed open on my phone and it drained half my battery. It wasn’t a major thing because I could just charge during the day but I don’t charge my phone overnight so it had the potential to be disastrous. I don’t even really know why they didn’t sync together but they didn’t. I’m not about to risk trying it again and draining my battery like that when I need it for an alarm.

So then I tried a second one, Sleep++, which you just need the watch for and I’ve only used it once, but it’s super basic. Not that my Fitbit was super informative or anything, but on first impression it seems to offer the bare minimum info. And also you need to turn it on and off. The turning off part is fine, but the turning on one seems like it might get annoying. Like I’ve said I’ve only used it once so I guess I have to give it a little bit of time before I can make a proper decision on it.

But I am honestly one of those people right now that seems to need to have their sleep tracked for some reason. I’m like researching it and everything trying to figure out the best app for me whether that be on the watch or on my phone. I am just obsessed with analysis of this for some reason.

I say for some reason, I know why it is. I am a bad sleeper. I’ve mentioned this many a time. I’m currently not doing all that badly with it at the moment, but for the most part I’m a bad sleeper. And so I find knowing this information on some level kind of interesting to know. It just makes other areas of my life easier to track, like my mood or my energy levels, and I’ve been tracking it for well over a year now. It’s a habit.

So this was a slightly different Insomniac Chronicles today, mainly just me talking about how I apparently need to be the kind of person who needs to sleep track now. At this point there is very little that I don’t track, but more on that later.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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