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The Moment She Knew

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I am not prattling on about myself today but instead offer up this little thing was primarily inspired by this song randomly (because that happens sometimes, I just roll with it, I find that works best and ticks off a thing that could potentially keep me awake at night). On with the show…

‘Imagine that I am good enough and we can choose the one we love.’

A part of her wished that it had happened instantly. Wished that there was that moment where they locked eyes and everything froze for a split second because she knew that was it. She wanted fireworks and butterflies at the simplest of touches. A part of her wished she believed that love at first sight was possible and and that she had achieved it. Instead she was faced with this painful reality.

It happened slowly. Excruciatingly slowly. Four years of laughing and creating inside jokes. Of petty fights and tantrums. Of early morning pizza after messy nights complete with drunkness and sweaty dancing. Of throwing blankets over sleeping figures curled up on sofas like it was second nature. Of late night movie marathons, reassuring hugs and pep talks.

And then it all changed in a nanosecond.

There was still no frozen in time-this-is-it moment. He just pressed a kiss to her forehead and said he would see her later and then he left like he always did. And as he clicked the front door shot she felt strangely cold and noticed the area where his lips had been pressed tingled like his lips were still there. She shook it off and pushed it to the back of her mind but she didn’t forget about for long.

When they were all out with friends later that night she realised that her eyes always ended up settled on him. She was more aware of the way his hand wrapped around his glass, long fingers tracing considered patterns into the condensation. She noticed the curve of his neck as he tilted it back to take a drink and the gentle bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed. The way his eyelashes fanned across his face in a dark contrast to his softly flushed skin. The crinkles in his eyes when he really smiled and the way they gleamed with happiness. The slightly crooked smile that he hates but she found endearing.

As the night progressed and the group got smaller she found herself pressed against him. Then she noticed the way his body heat burned through her jeans and made her feel both comforted and too hot in her own skin. Felt the way his bicep flexed as he gesticulated his way through a story or picked up his glass. She relaxed into his side eventually and he warm press of his arm around her shoulders made her world become an unintentional haze as all she could focus on was the welcome weight that settled around her.

Later that night when she had cocooned herself in bed and found herself replaying the slurred but caring way he had said goodnight and the phantom touches they had shared pleasantly buzzed underneath her skin she had an inkling.

Five days later when he happily told her he had a date with a great girl and her stomach flipped it morphed into a feeling.

A month later when he dropped down across the end of her bed and giggled in disbelief before looking at her and saying they had made it official. She was his girlfriend. When the coy way his mouth wrapped its way around the word and he couldn’t say it without sounding awestruck caused her to let out a choked off exhale. When the way he rattled on about how well he thought they’d get on and the wild movement of his hands made her feel like she was having her heart clasped in a vice, that was when she knew.

She was in love.

Parentheses count: 1. See you on Sunday!

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